Super Heavy New Plane Capable of Almost Vertical Take Off Airbus A400M Atlas

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Jared Ambrose : Trolls

John Hall : The A400M does not perform all what it was intended to do and is still out of specifications concerning several of its requirements. It costs much more than early planned, getting closer to a C-17 and the production is late with too many customers still waiting for their planes. Both the French and German air forces had to order C-130J in order to fulfill some of the missions the A400M could not do and there are still issues with the propulsion, which are not yet fully under control. In the meantime, AIRBUS is blackmailing European governments and asking for more money for covering the costs to completion of the A400M. This aircraft is simply a symbol for the current status of the EU – highly expensive, not working, entirely overrated, and more symbolic than practical.