Rose Tico in other movies - Independence Day
Rose Tico in other movies Independence Day

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Rose Tico from Star Wars the Last Jedi just wants to save everyone she loves and not fight what she hates. But she fails. This time she believes the aliens from Independence day shouldn't be killed.


WarriorofLight : "If we all die, then we win! Oh wait, that's what the enemy wants, you say? Oh well, who cares? We have to win them over with love!" -Rose Tico

Matt B : Maybe next time she can stop the Iron Giant, Spock and Boromir.

WarriorofLight : I wish that this masterpiece had more views.

Josh Triplett : Lol, thank you for this.

banido : lol this is brilliant

Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME! : "Worst Star Wars character ever!" ~ comic book nerd

OMEGA LUL : thats ma ROSE ma baby grill

lambiri1107 : Lmfao

Dead Purple : 100% accurate

Karmagheden : L O L

Byron Lovelace : This is the most underrated channel on YouTube...

Jean Roch : LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

Revan : The worst character ever

Commander Starstrider : hahahahahaha

Axel Foley : Yup, she's the worst