Rose Tico in other movies - Independence Day

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Valentin Ward : Perfection! Why doesn't this have millions of views??

Matt B : Maybe next time she can stop the Iron Giant, Spock and Boromir.

WarriorofLight : "If we all die, then we win! Oh wait, that's what the enemy wants, you say? Oh well, who cares? We have to win them over with love!" -Rose Tico

Axel Foley : Yup, she's the worst

banido : lol this is brilliant

WarriorofLight : I wish that this masterpiece had more views.

Josh Triplett : Lol, thank you for this.

lambiri1107 : Lmfao

Pierré : The worst character ever

Dead Purple : 100% accurate

Karmagheden : L O L

OMEGA LUL : thats ma ROSE ma baby grill

Byron Lovelace : This is the most underrated channel on YouTube...

Jean Roch : LMAO 🤣🤣🤣