Running a marathon inside Magic Kingdom
Cool video of a dude running a marathon inside Magic Kingdom for no particular reason

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After Aaron Beaver & Tyler Dancy attempted to ride all 47 rides at the Walt Disney world parks in one day, as they were walking out of the Magic Kingdom Tyler told Aaron he should attempt his 1st marathon inside the Magic Kingdom. With only a few days left on Aaron's Disney annual pass, they booked a flight on Friday, arrive in Florida on Monday at 11pm and Aaron started running at 9:04am Tuesday morning. What will happen? Will the Disney staff ask him to not run? Will they ask him to leave? Can Aaron even run a marathon? We are about to find out. Check out our friends over at the Marvelously Goofy Dads : Links: Run Disney : Disney Rules : Gear: GoPro : GoPro Camera Karma Grip : Sony RX100 V4 :


Brad Rooks : Awesome job dude!