Sustaining Stupidity - Why CinemaSins is Terrible

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SwedginSanFrancisco : Hey Bob, I DMed you the CinemaSins Jeremy video of him ranting in the car about Winnie the Pooh. I don't know if that's how you found it or if you were already aware of it since you never responded. I'm not asking for credit or anything, but I'd just like to know if I played a small part in this 35 minute CinemaSins massacre.

Jordan Rodriguez : I just stopped watching them after a while cause the stick got old....i get the problems but it seems easy to ignore

Matteus Silvestre : So... how do y'all feel about CinemaWins?

Helljumper425 : I find it funny that there's some 16K people trying desperately to dislike this.

Samara Morgan : Hi there, I actually came here through sidebar recommendation while watching a cineamsins video, so while I wouldn't call myself an avid fan, I never really thought that critically about their videos. They are not a source f genuine reviews for me, but rather a way of killing time. The only thing that already irked me was the lack of distinction between terrible movies being sinned and rather good ones (e.g. Cabin in the woods). Anyway, what I wanted to say is, you really make some compelling points (especially liked the part about sarcasm that is mixed with serious critism being indisiguishable) and while I haven't decided yet wether to stop watching or not, I really wanted to thank you for your input. Definitely have some food for thought now.

Boat Bomber : I stopped watching after awhile because of the dings.

GrandMelon : I kinda like their videos but you're so right dude

PCM Reviews : CinemaWins is 1000x better than CinemaSins. The guy actually talks about all the best aspects of movies rather than nitpicking all the little problems

Timothy Greeley : Oh man... his holier than thou rant seems extra douchey after this. Nice video. Their content isn't funny or enlightening.

Steven Cochrane : I’m a big fan of cinemasins and I’m not going to stop watching them. Though ever point you e made makes a lot of sense and I totally respect your opinion and I did stick around for the whole video. You have earned a subscriber but I still like cinemasins. I’ll just watch out to make sure I’m not tricked into disliking a movie that’s good.

Jakob Sanchez : Why YMS though? In recent years, he's been showing a lot of parallels to CinemaSins, with counting nitpicks as legitimate flaws, and having a bit of an "I'm better than you" attitude. Great vid, though.

Annie the Queer : Cinema wins is a much better channel

Berend Konings : THANK YOU!!! After watching the CinemaSins Blade Runner 2049 it's was so painfully obvious to see that they just don't get it: the symbolism, the metaphors, technical workings within the story, stylish choices, etc. They just get off, in an unhealthy way, on ignorant ranting for money.

Clara Romano : I never saw Cinema Sins as a satire, more like watching one of your favorite films with a guy who chimes in every now and again with funny jokes and points out things I hadn't noticed before. I can see your point about how it ruins movies since it creates this almost unachievable standard of perfection, however, I don't think it takes away from my overall enjoyment of a movie.

Terry D. Smith II, MBA : I didn't think people took him seriously as an actual critic until now.

FOX DIE : "If I'm wrong online then it was on purpose as a joke" cliche! Ding!

AlexTheAnt : The dislike bar shows how far humanity has fallen and how doomed we are as a species.

Questman : So rather than growing as people and owning it up- they "create personas" and blame it all on them. Yeah. No wonder they're a stagnation.

Ms.Queue : Thank you for bringing up MST3K, seriously, thank you so much. CinemaSins falls to pieces immediately upon watching when you've seen real, genuine riffing being done by people who, even when the film is bad, still love cinema as a whole. CS tries to coast on its contempt and mask itself with "i'm so clever" sarcasm like a 14 year old. It's so trite.

Sushi Speaks : Jesus this comment section is horrid

Denis Yeremuk : This dude triggered 😂😂😂

Smokydogy : The smily on mars in Watchmen is also thematic in that every time the Comedian's philosophy in the film, "it's all a joke" shows up, we see a smily somewhere. Lauri's revelation is tied to Comedian's joke, so we see a smily. The smily on mars being real is crazy, Gibbons was right when he said it's too good to be true.

SpaceDaddy : I'm glad i took a moment to view this video. I'm not a huge fan of cinemasins, but I'm def not going to support them again. I don't need misrepresentation to discourage me to watch movies I see potential in.

Pusher Love Man : I would recommend watching Movies With Mikey, Lindsay Ellis, and Cinema Wins if you're looking for someone funnier and better than CinemaSins. Oh, and ScreenRant's Pitch Meeting series!

M1RANDA : I literally thought this was going to be a 35 minute car rant. Very glad I'm wrong.

virusguy5611 : Well.. now I know why I felt something off/annoyed by Everything Wrong With videos. Thank you.

Eino Rajanen : This video made unsubscribe the CinemaSins channel. I need to give filmmakers another chance. This was a very informative video. Thank you.

Joshua O'pry : sat·ire the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and CRITICISE people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. You can do satire and it be legitimate criticism. Just because he made the channel to criticize Hollywood does not mean that its not satire.

Alex Doroff : I stopped watching CinemaSins long ago because their nitpicky criticism got old after a while. After watching your video I know for a fact that I will never watch them again.

Adrian : CinemaSins is pretty much me during English all of senior year. I just try and make my essays as long as possible, look up a couple basic facts, put a few family friendly jokes, and hope they think I'm smarter than I really am and give me a C-.

Neko Fu : I don’t understand this why have an issue with a channel that’s NOT meant to be taken as SERIOUS criticism it’s not a movie review it’s just entertainment. All tho I guess you could say the same about this channel

Gersub Denis : Wow. The ending was actually the best part. Where jeremy talks about disney but could be applied to cinemasins. Quite astounding

Matthias Powerbomb : "We also make a shitton of other stuff." -Jeremy Scott. Yea. I had a look at his IMDB. There's literally nothing under writing credits other than 'Everything Wrong With.' They should just be honest that they're talentless hacks who make their living shitting on actual artists. Love or hate people like Michael Bay, at least he's done things. These two can't even make toast, let alone a movie or anything else creative.

Charles Campbell : You probably made a solid chunk of ad revenue from this video, and me and probably a pretty large percent of people watching this video are here because we saw it in the suggested section of a CinemaSins video. Also this is by far the most viewed video you've ever made so I don't think you can talk about CinemaSins using other peoples work for their benefit.

Nathan Higgins : I tried imitating cinemasins when watching movies with my parents, it doesn't work. Most of these nitpicks can be ignored with a few seconds of thought.

TooLegit ToQuit : Still better than you .... 🙄

Charles Campbell : You forgot to mention that Jeremy takes off sins if he likes something a lot

Madkatz Productionz : It's pretty clear that you're making this video because you're taking them seriously. If memory serves you're the same guy who said that 'Fallout 3' sucks in an hour long video which could be summed up as saying 'it's not at all like Fallout 1 or 2 and that means it's shit because I refuse to judge it by it's own merits and would rather compare it to something drastically different' To whit: if you haven't realised this yet, I'll make it clear for you, CinemaSins is an entertainment channel. They don't claim to be experts on movies, they nitpick films famous and unknown because it's funny to do it. You want proof they aren't serious about what they do? Look at any time something sexist is said, they'll refer to it as 'racist'. It's a running joke in their videos that anything offensive is labelled 'racist'. If they were hellbent on proving every film is flawed inherently then they'd be accurately pointing out what the problems were, as opposed to just making jokes about them. To sum up: stop taking everything so goddam seriously for the sake of views, and try making some quality content instead like other channels do, such as CinemaSins

lolli pop : It's kind of sad how obsessed and upset you are with cinemasins

Erin Johnson : Lol I still watch cinemasins and still love and appreciate movies. Like “narration” lol i know it has to happen for us to get exposition. Or the logo it makes me look at movies deeper. I didn’t start looking at screenwriters and screenplay until after I watched them to see what went into the movie. I’m literally going to school for Film..thanks to people like cinemasins and other YouTube pages where we dissect movies

James Dankenheimer : I disagree with a lot of your points but I can see how you would come to feeling how you feel about the channel. I don’t necessarily disagree in the defense of CS though even though I do watch their videos.

Fede Sandford : You failed at everything if you think Cinemasins isn't satire and is an actual reviews channel

EvilRickMaster : What a terrible video, I disagree with Conemasins 80% of the time but unlike people like you, I can still get a laugh at the hilarious commentary, which is the real point of videos like the ones from cinemasins. But hey, this is the time and date we live in, everything now days just has to be "correct" it has to be "positive", no more room for a bit of laughing at the wrong stuff. Also, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that every moron on the commentaries prizing how "CinemaWins is so much better because it's positive!" must be the exact same group of people who gets offended by everything on twitter. This world has become so dense, even something as simple as a joke can't afford to just be that; a joke, no, apparently it MUST have a positive point, if not, then it must be wrong.

Jane Ross : "Which lowers the bar for art, and for garbage fires." Damn that's some spicy sauce right there. Brutal. Also lovely.

chronictimebomb : I don’t get why you care

Great Detective Furudo Erika : I only read the comments on this video since I knew before watching that I would take nothing of value from it, and I'm glad I had that hindsight.

WalkthroughHorde : I have to disagree with some points, I mean, just because something is valid criticism you would rationally make doesn't mean you can also include it in a satirical video. I mean they're already laughing about the fact the movie is doing these things (it is laughable that an astronaut would have to explain a concept like that to another astronaut), so how could you not also do it as comedy. Also, the "they shouldn't care if they make mistakes because it's satire", that's kind of a lame excuse for making mistakes. I mean, he said the right Final Fantasy game, but the subtitles did the wrong Roman numerals (or maybe switch those). Not really any way to go like "oh that's just satire man". And just because he says "I'm a hyper-observant nitpicking jerk" doesn't mean he can't play a hyper-observant nitpicking jerk for comedy. Several actors basically play themselves in almost every movie they are in. Does that mean they can't accurately play those characters and get valid laughs? Not at all. And he said specifically he was criticizing Hollywood itself and cliches they repeat. Not necessarily the films themselves, but targeting the people behind them. Considering you said that assholes who don't care if they do stuff wrong, is it not valid to say that when they seemingly "don't care enough" to differentiate between real criticism and satire, that they're just playing that role? And I mean, I understand the criticism of them, I really do, but I think there are fans of their work who can differentiate between the real criticism and the "haha this funny" stuff But some of this criticism is valid, and not liking them is not problem. I have to admit that while it's obvious that a lot of what he points out are jokes, there is also a lot of personal opinion/criticism of the film thrown in there. Props to ya for listing other channels, such as hbomberguy, Every Frame a Painting, Lessons from the Screenplay, Nerdwriter, and Now You See It.

Elz Robinson : "CinemaSins/Everything wrong with", "HonestTrailers/Screen junkies", all those sites/channels are horrible!! You enjoy them? That's cool. But they are horrible!

The G-Wing : the salt is strong in this comment section.

Thomas ohanashaun : I respect your opinion, and won't even insinuate it's wrong or right, but I would hope you find(or found) a better use of your mixing and editing skills than tearing apart a fairly small pop culture phenomenon. It's subjective comedy channel on youtube, and fairly innocuous as far as the consequences that come from it. Why not use your deduction and reasoning skills on something a little more important, for instance, why are we here, or that "Don't hug me I'm scared" is actually a plot to undermine intelligent thought and action by propagating negative children's programming? Clearly a better use of time and thought.