Sustaining Stupidity - Why CinemaSins is Terrible

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SwedginSanFrancisco : Hey Bob, I DMed you the CinemaSins Jeremy video of him ranting in the car about Winnie the Pooh. I don't know if that's how you found it or if you were already aware of it since you never responded. I'm not asking for credit or anything, but I'd just like to know if I played a small part in this 35 minute CinemaSins massacre.

StupidMarioBros1Fan : Unsubscribed years ago when great movies like Toy Story 2 were well over ten minutes with most of the "sins" being the typical gag ones meaning the video could've been like 3 or 4 minutes but "We've got to have...MONEY!!", as well as the videos just feeling so repetitive and factory-like in humor. Then whenever I go back to a video after actually watching the movie I'd notice lots of "well this was explained in an earlier/later scene" which on rare occasions they'd retract a sin, but a lot were just completely ignored for the sake of "comedy" Then I found CinemaWins who puts in time, effort and actual research into each video making them feel more personalized and unique. Even when he defends something that most people say are bad, he'll do the research needed to backup any claims that he has about it not being as bad as everyone says it is, might go overboard but at least he researched into it! Yes he has way, _way_ less videos and subs compared to CinemaSins, but *Quality over Quantity.*

CharismaticOutcast : I thought cinemasins lost it's novelty awhile go. The problem is that their content doesn't evolve, so it has gotten boring. Sure, the movie is different, but the jokes are the same.

cyanmanta : Personally, I don't watch a CinemaSins video about any movie unless A) I've already seen it, or B) I have no intention of seeing it. If you can be dissuaded from seeing a movie just because of CinemaSins, that says more about you than it says about them.

Phoebe J : To the people saying “wow I didn’t know anyone took cinemasins seriously,” he’s not taking them seriously. He’s taking the fact that people are using those videos as legit reviews to decide wether or not to watch it seriously.

txmoney : I've long since abandoned CinemaSins's brand of fluff content. CinemaSins is manipulative and formulaic and takes pot shots for the sake of views. Red Letter Media does it right interspersing genuine film critique with humor. Btw, I love your channel. Your series of "Everything Wrong with 'Everything Wrong With...' " mocks the CinemaSins creators by taking their own "critique" and critiques them. Kinda, meta. Thank you and please keep it up.

Mr.47 : I stopped watching cinemasins at the "the room" video, thats also where I started

Christian Marra : If cinema sins is damaging to critical thinking and intellectual honesty, as you said, the only people they'd be damaging are those that already lack the ability to think critically, because anyone that watches CinemaSins that can think critically knows to distance themselves from the video and take the movie and the video as two entirely separate entities. Personally, when I watch a CinemaSins video, I take what Jeremy says and sins and then use it to gauge his actual opinion of the movie, without letting it affect my own. Say a movie only gets 79 sins (Get Out), when another movie gets over 3 billion sins (The Room), that's how I base his opinion, but my own opinion is derived from my own experience with the movie, and the people that use CinemaSins to form opinions on movies are probably total idiots who can't critically think to begin with

Dafawfulizer : Honestly, a lot of what you said about cinemasins also applies to game theory

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : I get that you're not supposed to take the videos that seriously, especially compared to CinemaWins' analysis and review of material. I just can't stand hearing the dinging noise for something simple like "oh that person shouldn't be standing there."

Sassy Somers : I love the comments here. Butthurt Cinemasins fans trying to defend their awful tastes and smear your video. Fantastic.

Victor Crowe : I hear you. At the same time, anyone who watches CinemaSins for anything more than a cheap laugh or decides not to watch a movie after watching CinemaSins probably isn't into thoughtful reflection in the first place. I do think it's messed up that a CinemaSins video can ruin potential sales for a movie. I also think that people who take CinemaSins videos too seriously should not reproduce or be allowed to participate in civilized society where currency is a thing. Just saying. Also, see that one commenters' Burger King / fat people argument. Also, reading.

Hurricane Emily : The satire/sarcasm/parody-whatever claim frustrates me because I never got the sense that the videos were supposed to be funny. In fact it seemed pretty obvious that they were making incredibly lazy criticisms. It's unfortunate that so many people's movie-watching decisions are being affected by their videos.

Ray Rivera : Critic: "Your piece of art sucks man! That's not how you were supposed to do it!" Creator: "Actually is represents the......" Critic: "Well it was just a joke bro, chillax!"

Humorous LOL : All the angry CS fanboys lmao Just admit that this guy is right. Period. CS isn't even vaguely entertaining. It's a pile of garbage that thinks it's funny.

Smaakjeks K : My reaction to this video: -You started a 35min video with a car cam. I thought this was going to be a pure, unscripted car rant in some parking lot, which would not be fun. I'm glad it turned out to be levelheaded and fair criticism. -CinemaSins (CS) makes videos which are sometimes amusing and often wrong. I do get a bit annoyed when they make obvious mistakes. That is the extent of my relationship with CS. At the beginning of this video, part of me thought that if you don't like CS, don't watch it. However, upon reflection, that is a rule of thumb for purely comedic content; not content which is supposed to provide real opinions. You have a point in critiquing them. -I'm glad someone is taking the time to correct them (assuming the corrections are indeed correct, and open to further correction). I will give those videos a watch :-) -I had no idea CS were rationalising their mistakes by juggling "satire" and "intentional assholes" around at their convenience. That's quite immature and intellectually dishonest. It also sucks that some people take those videos as real reviews (!?) -Poisoning the well is a logical fallacy. If your video was created with the goal to promote critical thinking, then attacking the character of the creators of CS leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But, I'm just one dude who came across your video, of course. I suffer no delusions about the importance you do, or should, put on my point of view. But, I am writing this in good faith and without a dog in the race. -I will subscribe to your channel. Also, we like a lot of the same movie channels: cool.

Venom _ : Don’t take them seriously, they are technically a COMEDY channel, not an actual movie review channel.

Ian Salinas : Wrong. Watchmojo is the purest form of clickbait

L B : I totally agree, i'm not sure why this video has so many dislikes.

Ibn Cosme : Who watches cinemasins for actual criticism on movies. I mean. Even if they were serious why would you care enough to make a 35 min video on why they are terrible. If people like them just let them like them man.

Xiang Yu : started watching this as a cinemasins fan. finished it and im not anymore

PlannedStupidity : TLDR... Your main issue seems like your holding comedy in too high of a regard, that it can't be anything but art, it can also be a product. cinema sins is clearly the latter for better or worse. The first five minutes if this video aren't the best. The point you made about satire made it seem like you think someones actual personality shouldn't bleed into their comedy and if it does it's not satire, which isn't true. Cinemasins is obviously made for comedy, they obviously don't make it to be substitutes for reviews. Your last point on this in particular had balls to make because you showed the clip in the video, then changed his phrasing. he said the point was to point out and criticize cliches in film not films themselves, which in my opinion is a huge difference. Also you went from claiming cinemasins is not satire, to just calling them bad satire which wouldn't be an issue if you just started the video around when you were comparing them to the onion.

Georjean Moore : Ok... you are a grown man ranting about a youtube channel in your car that a little sad ... Don't you have a job or something.

Soup : “Skip”

The Courier : You just managed to out nitpick cinemasins congratulations

That One Slayer Fan : So wait, your main complaint in the second part is that they... want money? Hm. What a terrible, terrible sin, to have a job AND expect to be paid for it.The rest of the video is meh, i get it, they’re not great, but they’re entertaining. People who are dense enough to be influenced negatively by them probably wouldn’t get that much out of the movie anyway. Honestly, you just come out as unnecessarily salty about a personal issue. Good video quality though.

Jazz Daddy Criticisms : You can like or dislike Cinemasins, but I will bring up the fact that what they're essentially doing is called "Movie Riffing." Movie riffing is where you take any movie (good or bad) and make fun of it or make comments upon it. This formula was perfected by Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, and plenty of internet critics. Most internet critics (i.e. Nostalgia Critic, Brutal Moose, and Cinemasins alike) do something to fit into this "movie riffing" category. Now, frankly, if you're complaining about it tearing apart movies with joke sins, keep in mind that's like watching a whole MST3K episode and saying, "they talked throughout the whole movie and cracked jokes. That's a waste of our time." That's just one point I'd like to make. Not saying it to persuade someone to like or dislike the brand, I'm just bringing up an argument that's kind of valid? I encourage anyone to counter my point if they think differently. I can have a friendly discussion here.

SpiderStar345 : Okay so let me reference a cinemasins video where they critiqued themselves. "We're not movie reviewers, we're assholes." So the fact you people take it so seriously means more about you than them. Case Closed.

MarginWalker : A nitpicking asshole nitpicking a nitpicking asshole. Saved you 35+ minutes of nonsense.

Thomasdl131 : Ironic. He could save others from clickbait, but not himself

Ashanti Cooper : I thought some of Cinemasins older videos were hilarious. They pointed out flaws I myself saw in certain movies. But lately I’ve definitely noticed all the things pointed out in this video. They don’t seem to understand how stories are told or how character development and intentions work and so the jokes aren’t funny anymore they’re just dumb. Oh, well.

T!TO : Eh, I watch it for some laughs.

seyfersnake : You know while i fully agree with the points you raised at the begining of the video, and i had a few criticism of my own about Cinema Sins, especially when it comes to certain movies where their "satire" comes off as mean spirited comments, i was willing to give them a pass simply because of how they destroy some objectively bad movies (as in The Last Airbender). However that changed when you went on about how they are mixing serious criticism with "satire" and wrongful facts (justified as jokes or intentional mistakes) without making a clear distinction between each, and thus diluting the message of the video. The whole part about they clickbait, following trends, and the lenghts of their videos is what finaly made up my mind. I'll take your advice and stop watching their content, not like i was watching EWW that much lately in any case, i simply dont care enought to sit for 20 minutes to watch a nitpicking video where half of the jokes are not funny (gone are the days of the Last Airbender i guess). I'll stick with my actual usual reviewers. Great video dude, keep up the good work.

Tom D : I'm more dismayed that you're apparently pedantic enough to post a 35 minute-long video just critiquing another YouTube channel. I've got spare time on my hands, sure, but I'd honestly rather sit and watch paint dry than listen to this.

The StarCrafters : Cinemasins is a funny film critic essentially if you don't enjoy it keep it to yourself because most people don't care, now time to watch everything wrong with the fast and the furious 402

jaqen h'ghar : I don't understand why you have a problem with a channel that is causing zero harm and is just allowing people (such as me) to enjoy humour and unintelligent criticism.

Squeak Stevens : I think the best thing to come out of Cinema Sins was their polar opposite: Cinema Wins. That guy has so much optimism and gives constructive and, generally, insightful feedback to films. His videos tend to be longer but I can't help but see things as a little bit brighter afterwards, if only for a short time.

Krill Games : It's really unfair to keep only using these unflattering pictures/videos where they look like disheveled messes. Oh wait, that's just their aesthetic. Asshats in hats.

Brennan Mercker : "On the plus side, you get to leech off the work of others" -Guy who pulls in hundreds of thousands of views by criticizing the work of CinemaSins

Alma Martinez : People on Tumblr were trying (and succeeded) to encourage CinemaSins to make a video on the Ninjago Movie. Gosh, it was such a bad idea. People already dislike the Ninjago movie just for not doing the same thing the previous two movies did, now we've got a new wave of assholes who are going to shit on the movie despite not giving it a chance. Hurts to be a fan of the movie right now.

angry kitten face : 11:40 this reminds me of a twitter video of someone angrily yelling at a joke on the big bang theory saying "they just named a bunch of shit!" and i feel like that encapsulates some of cinemasins' writing perfectly. why write an actual good joke when you can just throw a bunch of names of Things People Recognise in there and call it comedy

John Cyckowski : if CinemaSins is terrible for things like YouTube then what are you? lol 😂 you’re over here criticizing CinemaSins the same way they criticize movies the only difference is that CinemaSins isn’t trying to be serious that’s why they openly admit to being unprofessional and don’t bother trying to hide anything that could create controversy the only way you could take the content of CinemaSins and say that it is not satire at all is if A) you take their shit seriously which means you clearly missed the point or B) you’ve never sat down and actually WATCHED their videos to understand what is going on

GREENFROG STUDIO FOREST : Hey man just cause you hate these types of videos doesn't mean you have to go on some long biased rant and stop saying that these videos are "crammed" down a viewers throat they appear under the most watched category and are displayed on the home page

Carter Brockman : Is this video a joke? I feel like CinemaSins is behind this. Conspiracy

Jake Tibbs : When you called that movie the original mummy, you were wrong. The original mummy came out in 1932 and starred one of my fav actors, Boris Karloff.

Mocha J : Is this guy really serious? It is comedy pure and simple! What fun is comedy if you are analyzing the joke? This is not to be taking serious it is for fun.

Anthony Wyrobek : It’s not like a political movement or something. It’s literally just a joke. If you don’t like cinemasins then don’t watch it. I watch for the humor but still watch the movies on my own and enjoy them regardless of what CinemaSins

MstrChamberlain5 : I like CinemaSins because, after I watch a movie, I can watch it again and see some of the stupid things again. I don’t take him seriously at all and I kind of think that’s the point.

Jacob Hop : Thank you for making this.

nexus 742 : Cinema Wins is pretty great. he does the opposite of Cinema Sins and is genuinely passionate about movies