Sustaining Stupidity - Why CinemaSins is Terrible

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SwedginSanFrancisco : Hey Bob, I DMed you the CinemaSins Jeremy video of him ranting in the car about Winnie the Pooh. I don't know if that's how you found it or if you were already aware of it since you never responded. I'm not asking for credit or anything, but I'd just like to know if I played a small part in this 35 minute CinemaSins massacre.

Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau : I myself enjoy CinemaSins. I never take their "sins" or "criticisms" seriously. I just find them hilarious and the narrator's voice is funny too. If I want to watch criticism videos, I'd go and watch Chris Stuckmann, CinemaWins, I Hate Everything, Nostalgia Critic, and other stuff like that. I watch CinemaSins for entertainment purposes.

leech : i didn’t know what jeremy looked like but his voice doesn’t match his face

Thomas Driscoll : I just watched it CinemaSins, and thought "This was great, now let's watch bobvids to realize all the shit I missed" aaand here I am. Thanks dude.

Vinnis Vidya : Everything Wrong With CinemaSins In 36 Minutes Or Less

Shenaldrac : I think the thing I dislike the most about them isn't the nitpicking. Like, for instance they will sometimes edit footage to actively make things not make sense so that they can ding a movie for a "sin" that doesn't even really exist. For example, in the original animated Ghost in the Shell movie, there's a scene where the protagonist, a cyborg with lots of heavy parts, is floating on her back in the water. They give that bit a sin for her being able to float. Except... they cut out the part where it's shown that she's putting on a flotation pack on her back that would let her float. They just straight up cut that out. That's not nitpicking, that's.... fuck, I'm not sure what the technical term for it is. I know my personal layman's term for it would be "being a total cunt" but somehow I don't think that would be allowed in Merriam-Webster.

Dr Shaym : In their video about _Alien,_ they complained about a spaceship not being aerodynamic. A _spaceship_ which flies through _space._

Meteora : Wow, you actually have changed my mind! I never really paid attention to their critiques, I always took it at face value and never watched their video unless I already watched the movie first and formed my own opinion on it, but after watching your video, I'm even more disinterested in their videos; time to unsubscribe from them.

Josephine Silver : I remember being in junior year and watching cinemasins and laughing with friends. I turn 21 in two weeks and now i'm just so tired of them and their content. it just genuinely isn't funny. it's grating and draining and as repetitive as the Hollywood tropes they like to mock. I am legitimately uncertain how they have fans when all they do is upload the same video with a different skin a few times a week.

Matt Shanahan : Holy shit, at the beginning I thought that was you speaking to the camera. It's incredible how perfectly those words fit himself.

Arielina : If it was a film I disliked when I first watched it I used to enjoy watching the EWW of it, but I stopped that as soon as I started watching ones of films I really enjoyed. It wasn't the stupid jokes that put me off, it was the blatant ignorance of characters and major plot points (as mentioned in this video) and then scrolling to the comments and seeing people either change their previously positive opinion of the film or decide to not watch the film in the future as a result of the misinformation. It actually made me angry to see their incorrect 'jokes' influencing people not to watch what was actually a great film.

Christopher Leavitt : CinemaWins is great. It’s an antithesis to CinemaSins but goes into detail about great things in films. Highly recommend it.

Rich Sherman : I think CinemaSins used to be alright. It seemed as though they did actually nitpick at things that needed to be. Or at parts/scenes that didn't make sense. But that was years ago.. it was never particularly funny though. It was just kinda intersting to see faults in film. Now they don't actually point at faults.. they will do a really good film.. look at a good scene, make a crappy joke and give it a sin. And a near perfect film has like 100 sins. It makes no sense.

Lumbo Bingle : Something I noticed the last time I watched CinemaSins for entertainment was how I didn't laugh once. Or smile. It then occurred to me that I didn't remember laughing at any CinemaSins video I had ever seen.

deniz batu : Lol cinemasins formula is so shit that there is no way it can be entertaining. Someone drinks water 'omg so cliche I ve seen someone drink water like in every other movie'

Pixie Panda Plush : I stopped watching Cinema Sins because I got bored of the repetition.

HoustonProductions1 : The world needed this video, man. I've met too many normal people who are convinced that CinemaSins is valid critique. Your arguments here are articulate, logical, and well thought-out, and I hope this blows up in a huge way!

Willem le Duc : Wow... this is absolutely NOT what I thought the channel was going to be about. Trippy. Not one I'd watch.

Outsider : Content Cop - CinemaSins _What we do here is we go back, back, back, back..._

M Benson : This video speaks to a larger trend in popular criticism for all types of entertainment...It's getting to the point where the "average"everyday fan is posing as honest and brutal critique, that "sees" through the low-quality cash grab everyone is "blindly accepting" ...All while having monetized videos, that leech from the, ultimately, subjective enjoyment fans get from whatever they are watching and listening to...It's some dystopian hive mind shit.On the level of pure joy sucking..It might literally be pure evil. I think I'll love this video more and more as the days go by.

Andres Rios : I've felt the same way but never new how to put it. Thank you for the clarity. Unsubscribed to CinemaSins, subscribed to your channel 👌

Matteus Silvestre : So... how do y'all feel about CinemaWins?

Kevin Accetta : I enjoyed CinemaSins for a short while, until I realized they just made the same jokes for every movie, regardless of whether or not whatever they were sinning made sense or not in context. I just ignore their videos now.

Alex : I literally went from "this was something fun to listen to half-assedly at work" to "subscribe" because you did the one most important thing every critic should be doing: suggesting something better. Thanks for the recommendations.

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : You ever had a class where there was an "Uhm *adjusts actually* kid", and then one day someone "Uhm actually"-ed the "Uhm actually" kid? Watching this video is like that.

TheCaptionrex1 : i had no idea that cinema sins was so inaccurate in their videos. i just mindlessly consumed their videos without questioning it. this was an well crafted and informative video, thank you.

Jordan Rodriguez : I just stopped watching them after a while cause the stick got old....i get the problems but it seems easy to ignore

Joe Mtz : Damn, I was going to hit the dislike button since I like CinemaSins, but you have a very good argument.

Linda Coan : Also Screen Junkies, Lindsey Ellis and CinemaWins! (I know this last is also very simple, but dang, at least the guy is positive.)

MrJoshVJT : To be fair, the extended length of Youtube videos these days is Youtube's fault. So many videos now are completely bloated to 10+ minutes for the sake of extra ads. It's ruining the quality of video on so many channels.

Lakerdas Pastos : I despise the whole notion of being a blind fan of anything. And even though i enjoyed CinemaSins when i first caught wind of them, years ago, i quickly realized they are just making shit up... especially when they started "reviewing" masterpieces like The Fury Road. Once you notice their stupidity it then emerges in every other video you watch, even their oldest ones.

Narek Avetisyan : I never liked them in the first place. I had to tell YouTube to specifically not show me their garbage videos and thankfully I don't see them anymore.

Abhishek Mondal : Cinema Sins is like porn films. They are bad for film criticism, bad for youtube and bad for critical thinking.

Riedy : I used to love CinemaSins, purely because I couldn't watch all these movies myself and just wanted to be in the know. But the few movies I did watch, I noticed how uninformed and ignorant these videos truly are. I ignored it for a long time, but this video made me realise that CinemaSins is not a channel I want to support further. I watch most of the channels you linked, but this is my first video of yours - so I'mma subscribe, catch up on the EWWEWW videos and be delighted about the intelligence in them. :)

confusecian : i never really enjoy cinemasins. they are not helpful in any meaningful way to me to enjoy movies more. everything a painting however and lessons from the screenplays now those are the ones i religiously watch. if i want funny reviews i watch honest trailers instead

RaidenFreeman : I've stopped watching their videos for a few months now, because it got boring / too derivative of itself. You actually have some excellent points. Way back when I watched their Get Out video (and some others) I was kinda angry when they missed things of HUGE importance from the plot, but used to say "ok they are doing this just so that they can make jokes"; but if you think about it, if you need to falsify something, or misinterpret it just to lower the bar of making jokes, you're not such a good comedian, or you need to find a better subject. I really liked the fact that you also proposed other film criticism + entertainment channels as alternatives. It's rare that someone criticizes something and provides alternatives. 👍

Vic Boss : I'm gonna recommend Chris Stuckmann also, usually his spoiler-free reviews are short but he also does in depth reviews with spoilers and he's one of the best reviewers i've seen out there in my opinion. He also tends to give underrated movies a shot when no one else does and examine whether he liked them or not and why. For example, when james bond spectre came out and some reviewers out there lambasted it, he gave it a fair shot, ended up liking it and explained why, helping the movie reach a brand new audience who wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

Thaís Braga : I used to watch and like some of their videos a few years ago, but now I'm unsubscribed because of how their humour relies so much on sexist and offensive jokes.

AbbieGirl46 : wtf is the point of putting an intentionally wrong sin in the video that makes no sense.

Sergeant Methcake : If you take CinemaSins as seriously as you seem to be, you're as bad as you claim they are.

Άλκης Δ. : I started watching CinemaSins because I loved all the little observations and the calling out of tropes. After getting used to the running gags and catchphrases, I loved watching their videos about as much as the movies themselves, and I never watched an EWW of a movie I hadn't already seen. I stopped watching CinemaSins years ago because it seemed to me that the longer the videos became, the more and more indefensible mistakes they made. If any of the mistakes I'm talking about were intentional, then that's even worse. It's like doing stand up and telling your audience a joke about how hideous Neil Patrick Harris looks with that ginormous mole sticking out of his left temple. Even if your joke contains the sickest of burns, no one who actually knows what NPH looks like is going to laugh.

Jacob Beaudway : While I enjoyed this video and found that much of it is quite accurate and compelling, the fact of the matter is, most films don’t have 100+ different sinable, especially pretty good movies so they make shit up and essentially shitpost movies. I find the videos funny and relaxing so I watch them every once in a while and if people like the videos I really don’t see the need to get so mad. I actually agree with its many of the points in this video particularly that cinemasins tends to pump out repeatable and similar videos. But my overarching feeling is just that I don’t really give a shit if the videos are objective poor because I still enjoy a lot of them. And if that makes me part of the problem, then I guess fine but I think that the best scenario is one where both mindless and endless content for binging exists alongside thoughtful high quality content like this and everyone accepts that both can coexist and be respectfully viewed simultaneously.

Koyin Productions : I love how cinema sins says he calls out bs from Hollywood yet he said that Bvs was gonna be better than civil war before it came out and nobody liked captain America.... Satire and Criticism everybody!

Alex Moudgil : dude, it’s serious, it’s not serious, it’s satire, it’s a character - I don’t care, it’s entertainment and most everyone deep down likes to criticize stuff, even if the facts are a little off. No where in the video does he say he doesn’t like the film (usually). He even states that he loves some films he’s criticized on EWW. It’s just the job. He made a few videos where he may have genuinely found flaws, they got popular, he makes more because people like watching them and he perpetuates whatever he thinks the audience enjoyed about them, whether that be a character, satire, or sometimes even genuine dislike or hatred. Not worth a 35+ minute rant. He’s not causing that big of a disruption in the movie industry.

Disasterous Masterson : Never really thought about delving into cinema sins this much, but this is quite a fascinating video. Great stuff man. I would’ve loved a cinema sins style edit at the end where you point out things they could fix. That would’ve been epic.

Ian Salinas : Wrong. Watchmojo is the purest form of clickbait

Rtistic : I used to watch their videos but it got so nitpicky and negative but then I found cinemawins and I genuinely enjoy it you should check it out btw I also like weight of cinema 😆😆

Beckett : I'd recommend I Hate Everything's "Search for the Worst" series. Despite the name they're very well thought out and IHE doesn't hesitate to bring up the positives of the movie he's reviewing. They're also pretty funny.

ThePaintingBanjo : CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS, CinemaWINS - I cannot recommend this dude enough. He makes bad movies pretty entertaining if you look through his cheerful perspective and reasoning, while also making you enjoy good movies you've seen before for things you might have missed on screen. And he goes beyond being a CS clone, since he goes back and explain parts in detail and gives praise where it's deserved.

TheAlmightyCastform : Bobvids, have you seen the channel CinemaSinsSins?