Sustaining Stupidity - Why CinemaSins is Terrible

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SwedginSanFrancisco : Hey Bob, I DMed you the CinemaSins Jeremy video of him ranting in the car about Winnie the Pooh. I don't know if that's how you found it or if you were already aware of it since you never responded. I'm not asking for credit or anything, but I'd just like to know if I played a small part in this 35 minute CinemaSins massacre.

ChardBotham : I don't agree with all of your criticisms--or, more accurately, I don't agree with how significant you make some of them out to be. That being said, I certainly don't think CinemaSins' content is anything spectacular, and you did a pretty solid job of explaining why. It's all very well-reasoned and level-headed.

MrDeltoric : bobvids is the type of dude to see a meme and analyze it to make a 40 minute rant about how it doesn't make sense and it's dumbing down America.

AFastidiousCuber : So many comments from people who ether didn't watch the video, or weren't paying attention if they did.

Wesley Sloan : You're nitpicking like fuck, just as bad, if not worse than Cinema Sins. Most of your criticisms are blown out of proportion. Is it so wrong for Cinema Sins to play a character and still have some things criticisms of a movie in common with that character? Is it so wrong for Cinema Sins to care about correcting a pretty stupid mistake or would you have rather they defended that, to be honest, pretty idiotic 'no gravity in space, how does Iron Man fall down to Earth' comment because they're supposed to be playing a know it all asshole character? Cinema Sins is just a channel and they're not for everyone. Get over it.

Drew Allen : This is an incredibly well-planned and well thought-out video of the most petulant argument. It's a standup criticizing another standup because some of the jokes are observational and some are sarcastic. Oh well. You don't like it. Good to know. But to posture your opinion as an alarmist documentary demanding activism, is WAY WAY WAY too far. And there a hundred other things that are more strongly contributing to the dumbing down of society than CinemaSins. Go passionately argue against them.

et 37 : Incoming shitstorm of Biblical proportions

ShampooHater : Wow, you just completely decimated the apologists of this crap channel. Their only response now is "UUH... WOW SO SALTY, SO TRIGGERED!!". I am impressed and amused, good job bobvids.

The Matrix Uploaded : I love how these people are just saying things about Cinemasins when they've already admitted all these things about themselves.

Anon Omous : I watched the whole thing. And all I've got to say is this: Oh boo hoo. Cinema Sins has a successful channel and idiots get convinced to not watch movies because they think it's 100% real criticism. And oh no they don't "care" about their audience. Somebody call the wahmbulance. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. I could have watched a few Cinema Sins videos in that time! That would have been a WAY more enjoyable use of my time!

MarginWalker : A nitpicking asshole nitpicking a nitpicking asshole. Saved you 35+ minutes of nonsense.

Chen G : Red letter media is one of the few YouTube channels that was able to maintain their integrity after runaway success. It is also one of the largest YouTube channels I still subscribe to. Youtubers are living examples of the old saying, that you either die a hero....

OfLanceTheLonginus : 2800+ Crying Children who are upset about hearing the truth.

Spiral TTV : But his sexy.....

jacked films : CinemaSins is just stupid movies with a stupid guy talking through it for double the stupid.

ikswortp : lol why do u even care??

Bedhead Bernie : Holy shit

Sergio : All these flavors, and you chose to be salty.

The Helpful Pug : 3K people took "CinemaSins is dumbing people down" personally....and probably should have. I actually stopped watching CinemaSins months ago because of how nonsense they were, and just found this channel today and learned I'm not alone!

Áilleacht Crúba : What did cinemasins do to you? XD

Mcp2powers : Not gonna lie, I wasn't gonna watch this video because I was one of those "omg it's satire, they're nitpicking for the lols, stop being so serious" but I made myself watch. And I can honestly say, you've changed my point of view. I didn't notice how many "sins" were just things that they couldn't comprehend. I never had a problem with the sins like "roll credits" or the "ex machina"s , but almost every sin is wrong. I just watched your Everything wrong with everything wrong with civil war, literally over 100 sins were either wrong or explained at some point and they just missed it because they were either too sin hungry or too ignorant to catch them. Bravo to you good sir. New sub here

Deebo Molina : I️ love these vids and Shaun’s vids on CS

Paul Ko : Anyone heard of CinemaWINS??

Jon MH : (Text wall incoming) Whew, the monotone is real in this 30min+ video, but I got through it. Also, you say they use marketing to their advantage...well duh have you ever turned on a T.V. before? Or even walked outside?! That's like getting upset with college students for using their degrees to get farther in life. I get what you're saying, but honestly, they must have some sort of draw for even you to be following the channel so religously (even for critisisms), while this will be the only video I'll ever watch of yours because it was unfortunately so bland. You should take some notes from their videos, you've clearly watched enough of them...Perhaps you fell for their ploy?! P.s. Now you've got me critizing the criticizer of criticizers, how dare you. Taking a nap now. P.p.s. Also, several of your corrections about there corrections were wrong. Taking a nap now for realz this time. Peace!

Chris M : You're just salty that some marketing geniuses found a way to make a good living out of your shitty "profession". Anyone who is an actual citic is a loser. People don't watch reviews to tell them what to see/play etc.. in fact the audience ratings on sites like rotten tomatoes would be a great example of that. People generally watch reviews after they have already seen the film. Either they are the type of person looking for confirmation bias, finding reviews that agree with how much they liked or disliked the movie. Or they watch them for fun.

Carlos Hernandez : Can’t anyone just shutup and enjoy a movie for once we’d be living in a boring world if everything had to be perfect, then again one must be pretty boring to find entrainment in other people mistakes within their great success.

Caleb Rumsey : WHY DO YOU CARE

Herp Derp : Oof. This is a master class in how to take a jokey, sarcastic series WAAAAAAAY too seriously. Sure, Jeremy gets passionate about pointing out certain flaws in movies (turns out, I do too. Because I'm also a nitpicky movie nerd). That doesn't mean Cinema Sins can't also be jokey and sarcastic. Cool your tits dude it's just a YouTube channel. Unless the root of the problem is that you're butt hurt you didn't think it up first. Which, I'm gonna guess in more then a small part of the problem here.

UnitZER0 : So. Much. This. How is this not at the top of trending?

Mark Kelly : Just going to randomly post at times when you are flat-out wrong and are not, yourself, being intellectually honest, seeing as you said they aren't at the start. @6:02 nope, he isn't saying "that's what Cinema Sins is now" he said that's why it was created. Look at their first videos vs videos now. There was a definite shift. I'm not disagreeing with the point that it's not all satire (but some of it is, if you can't see that you just have a stick up your ass, some of the sins are literal piss-takes). But, for your video to succeed here, you have to be above the flaws you said they have. You aren't.

Slade Wilson : It’s your own problem if you take cinemasins seriously or try to use it for film criticism. Don’t get salty just because some people don’t understand that it’s not serious and get offended by it

David Zhang : i think the real issue here is that some people take jeremy seriously, either that people seriously rely on him on movie rating, or that when he sins, we are like, "no, that's where u're wrong" and elaborate the points where he's wrong (not that it's wrong to do). sure he's terrible, but to begin with, there's nothing to be regarded important from his EWW series, even though its core is criticism not that i spport him. i'm just saying that in its essence, taking him seriously is unnecessary, i know that some people listen to him before watching a certain movie, and that's bloody absurd

CutThroatNin3 : RLM fucking destroys CinemaSins.

Jay HM : I don't necessarily agree with the opinion that assholes "don't care about being wrong" - if they are playing the role of the hyper-obsessive nitpicking asshole, those are often the guys that say "HEY THIS MOVIE IN NOT BELIEVABLE BECAUSE X,Y,Z FACT." If you've ever gone to film school you know those guys are pretentious assholes.

lettuceshredder : their videos being shared and posted on sites with the "You wouldnt believe all things wrong with _____!" is not CInemaSins being misleading or spreading misinformation. but rather those "news" outlets that were lazy enough to post the video rather than writing their own review. At the end of the day CinemaSins exists solely to be the nickpicking assholes for movies. Why? because they can, and they do it in an entertaining way, and no else has done it in such a way before them. anyone who takes their reviews and channel seriously is a fucking idiot and you are the biggest of them all and take them WAY too seriously.

Knoxville Nuggins : You're right. I thought anyone with common sense knew that CinemaSins was lazy and crappy with their videos and I never got how it came to be such a popular channel because the criticisms aren't even fucking funny and are the most basic, unoriginal and overused of jokes that only the lowest common denominator of people and 12 year olds who haven't heard them a million times would find funny, and yes, I know their critiques are supposed to be ironic/sarcastic/comedic but they just...aren't. Their content is on the same tier as content as those Cracked videos about how certain children's movies are "sooooo messed up".

cheezemonkeyeater : CinemaSins, at the end of the day, is a group that does not understand the basic elements of film-making.  They do not understand how the visual medium works and how it needs to be framed in order to be engaging.  Straight example: they at one point ding a movie because two guys talk about something while walking to their office instead of in the car.  The reason that doesn't work is because if you dump all the exposition in the car, there are a very limited number of ways to keep the audience engaged because the setting of inside a car has so many limitations on how you can direct it.  You need to have the car driving up for an establishing shot, but then, you do the exposition in the hall because you can dump the exposition in a setting that is easier to make engaging while also being able to provide visual information about the location where they work in a way that doesn't require you to talk directly to the audience in an on-the-nose kind of way.  For the sake of the visual medium, strict logic of human behavior sometimes has to be bent in order to make the movie flow properly and be engaging.  Now, if you were writing a book, you'd probably have the exposition dump in the car because books are a different medium and, by their nature, you are telling what's going on.  You don't have to worry about the visual set-up to engage your audience because there is no visual set-up. Another example, he dings the twist ending of Sixth Sense (as so many people do).  But the fact that Bruce Willis is dead is not a plot hole.  It's a thing you have to let slide in order for the movie to have its plot.  And it's not the twist that makes Sixth Sense really good, it's that the script is so aware of all the tropes of horror and how the audience suspends its own disbelief that it actually shows you all the signs that Willis is dead at the start throughout the movie in obvious ways, but you don't notice them because films have subtly trained you to ignore things like that for the sake of the visual medium.  The film is not only an interesting film on its face, it's also a very careful discussion of the nature of suspension of disbelief.  And if you just discount the ending because you can nitpick the internal logic of the ending, you lose the discussion in its entirety, along with everything that makes the movie worth watching.

Jason Wheneger : Where is his voice from?

Jeremy Pierce : Really? In today's world this is what's wrong with America? Actually no, to be more truthful YOU are more likely what's wrong. Why can't you just let people have a laugh without stepping forward to voice your obviously unpopular opinion? Right, because the same reason you complain about CinemaSins, you yourself are doing. Only it's not funny. If you have nothing better to do with your life than this well, well I feel kind of sorry for you sir.

Vali Tyr : Watched 2 CS videos on 2 diffrent ocasions. I remember both times i couldnt make it to the end. Alot of lazy nitpicking with little or lazy humour. It was like noisy crap bombarding my ears. Talking fast gimmick can only entertain for so long if you have nothing to say. Good video and nicely edited.

_ Drake : Does anyone (other than this guy) take Cinema Sins seriously either as a review or a comedy channel? It's just light entertainment for fucks sake who cares.

Jane Ross : "Which lowers the bar for art, and for garbage fires." Damn that's some spicy sauce right there. Brutal. Also lovely.

Pixel : it's like ocd but about movies.

Cerebrustus Bordungolski : You don't have to fit a specific formula to be either critical, informative or just entertaining, nothing keeps them from throwing these things together in the occasion for variety's sake. They can't be held accountable for the way people react to their content, the audience is responsible for their own reaction. I liked the part where you talk about video marketing and trend surfing. I doubt they are bad for Youtube, at least more than Youtube is bad for itself. I predict critical thinking is able to sustain itself, if the average audiences become more or less critical over time, it would be more out of inevitability than anything else. You have some good points, the other channels you promote are also good, kudos for the quality of this video.

Kai Barber : Major points as listed at 1:49- CinemaSins is bad for film criticism. for Youtube. and for critical thinking. Points i have gathered over the duration of this video- They are formulaic, quite literally. Clickbait and longer videos. Inaccuracies and overlooking to do with the film. They are a bit invested and are self projecting their thoughts onto something that is meant to be a joke. People use their content as basic reviews to essentially preview a film. Their content is repetitive. People might beleive that what they say is true. People might not realise the facade and assume them as an accurate source of film criticism. They have worked with a marketing website that taught them methods to be successful in the online entertainment market. Nitpicking.

Max Kanaszka : Uh oh. I can hear the chubby fingers of 12 year olds typing out how this is just "a nitpicky asshole video" just so they feel right and "prove themselves." Awesome work man, you got a new sub.

CapLag : that guy is grabbing his dick

HereticFox : I don't really watch Cinema Sins, personal preference mostly, and clicked this video, watched the whole thing, and can generally agree with bob's points, but do think that it could be because he's *looking* for these points, so it's easy to find and generate arguments for and counter-arguments against. It's clear that there is bias in this video, and no real middle ground points are considered, just refuted. This is a discussion that could very easily go both ways, but what I find truly funny about this video is that the entirety of the comment section is literally fans vs. fans arguing, badly I might add, over their criticisms of cinema sins, and fans of CS screaming that it's parody/satire over and over again, and everyone becoming completely salty; people who are also using the term 'strawman argument' over and over wrongly, people attacking each other ad-hominem instead of trying to refute the points that they are making, and practically no where people just saying 'well that's your opinion, man.'

Theo Mize : To long didnt watch, cinema sins is a fucking youtube channel calm down

Deathklok13420 : Cinemasins tries to "teach" people how to think. Being a cynical asshat is not a skill. I will never understand how these people make money doing this. Everything is subjective and your opinion alone. Think for yourself people!!! You're just as qualified as cinemasins to criticize movies\media.