Ray Charles talks about his blindness

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Karlee Craziness : Jamiee Foxx really got down the roll of Ray Charles the way he speaks looks walks straight down to the mannerisms.

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : Blind people come across as so weird, probably because they don't know what all those facial expressions and body movements look like.

Tony Rivera : His smile though. It gives me hope

Thamer Hamad : nowdays My best friend is a blind .. actuly he taught me the life in a different way ..my feelings have reformed as well as I become more patient than before

Raoul Duke : Its awesome the hability of human beings to get used to something, even if that something is bad or wrong.

Mishima Clan : You have any idea how fast u go blind and still be afraid of the dark and every night u pray for a little light and get nothing cause god don't listen to people like me - Ray Charles

Marques Williams : Ray Charles musical genius

Arionna rhome : Ray charles is not blind he is looking at a piece of paper🐣💦🐁

Mya Hollandia : Amazing man respect !!!!!

Virginia Johnson : 0:39 Ray:OAA OOOHHHH OHhhh!! Me:HAHAHA!

The Ace of Spades : His smile makes my day.

EsotericOccultist : Now that's a smile! What a beautiful human being and an inspiration!

kabelo makgoba : " I hear you Baby" got me cramps in my tummy from Lmao😅😅😅😄😄

Love Life : seeing makes us blind to things. I wish I hadnt seen allot of things

Elitedevil : Amazing interview and amazing interviewer

Matthew Trivits : What a spirit

Qd133 Og : sup

HughJass : if we all went blind suddenly. racism would end.

Ben white : Would of like to have seen the full interview.

Vee K. : Incredible man

Jim Dandy : They hear more than we see. Difference between watching a shitty movie that is based on a good book. His mind never goes to sleep nor takes breaks. His imagination would destroy a normal person's.

Mr Blue : Ray Charles was one of the best singers who ever lived. He is my childhood favourite

JohnRinNoHo : There's a video of Tommy Chong driving through Burbank where he pointed out a studio that was once owned by Ray Charles, he said they brought him there one time to let him touch it and tell him that " this is all yours".

Mythagoras : People that say you ‘smile with your eyes’ are definitely wrong