Ray Charles talks about his blindness

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Karlee Craziness : Jamiee Foxx really got down the roll of Ray Charles the way he speaks looks walks straight down to the mannerisms.

Tony Rivera : His smile though. It gives me hope

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : Blind people come across as so weird, probably because they don't know what all those facial expressions and body movements look like.

EsotericOccultist : Now that's a smile! What a beautiful human being and an inspiration!

Alberto Viray : His smile makes my day.

Kazama Clan : You have any idea how fast u go blind and still be afraid of the dark and every night u pray for a little light and get nothing cause god don't listen to people like me - Ray Charles

Virginia Johnson : 0:39 Ray:OAA OOOHHHH OHhhh!! Me:HAHAHA!

HughJass : if we all went blind suddenly. racism would end.

Jim Dandy : They hear more than we see. Difference between watching a shitty movie that is based on a good book. His mind never goes to sleep nor takes breaks. His imagination would destroy a normal person's.

Mr Blue : Ray Charles was one of the best singers who ever lived. He is my childhood favourite

Bev Jones : Who is the loser, who put a thumbs down?

Thamer Hamad : nowdays My best friend is a blind .. actuly he taught me the life in a different way ..my feelings have reformed as well as I become more patient than before

Raoul Duke : Its awesome the hability of human beings to get used to something, even if that something is bad or wrong.

Peter Fountotos : Him and Stevie Wonder, incredible class-act musicians.

Elle Panda : Such an infectious smile 😊 RIP King Charles 🤴🏾

Theomite : I like that Dick Cavett is such a non-threatening and laid-back personality that he can ask sensitive questions and not bother people. Great way to get these kinds of conversations out of the way so people don't have to bother the person with the questions later.

Love Life : seeing makes us blind to things. I wish I hadnt seen allot of things

Reahlene Roberts : Ray never denied any of his kids even though he was blind

JACK THE DRAGON O KEEFFE : We should get Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder to have a Charity boxing match, with the proceeds going to help Deaf people.

Marques Williams : Ray Charles musical genius

Mya Hollandia : Amazing man respect !!!!!

George Martinez : Ray Charles has developed keen senses as well as his music and mentality/intelligence.

lumyai9 : God has Colored  Charles Black.But in fact, he is the color of an intense rainbow, with a beautiful black cloud as a background.

Shriaz Hennessey : Lol Ray Charles tricked America, he can see better than most humans 😀

leftyfourguns : Ray Charles was the original Daredevil? I never knew!

Arionna rhome : Ray charles is not blind he is looking at a piece of paper🐣💦🐁

kabelo makgoba : " I hear you Baby" got me cramps in my tummy from Lmao😅😅😅😄😄

uknow who : Amazing how people are so afraid of change even if they would be the better for it.

Darrell S. Moore : That was absolutely fascinating. I wish that conversation was much longer. Thumbs up and thanks for posting!

JohnRinNoHo : There's a video of Tommy Chong driving through Burbank where he pointed out a studio that was once owned by Ray Charles, he said they brought him there one time to let him touch it and tell him that " this is all yours".

Erik Orehek : I think everyone needs to experience a little blindness because we take life for granted, this generation calls it Birdbox Challenge SMH

Matthew Hampshire : True legend

Dary Kinnaman : Ray was a great Man. He wasn't perfect, no one is, but he was amazing. His musical talent was off the charts.

Jon Murdock : Imagine going blind that's crazy I can't even fathom it... It makes me anxious as hell.For him to explain it how he did and maybe not wanting to see again is deep.I could go on with this but just those things alone are very interesting.

China Doll : Awwweee seeing him smile is soooooooo warming.

Donald Fife : Wow. What a great way to embrace what we would call a handicap. Beautiful

Vandal Savage : Ray Charles looks so cool, so happy. Love that guy.

Ben white : Would of like to have seen the full interview.

WeRightNow : The host of the show is getting tired of the fake acting and it's kind of uncomfortable to watch towards the end

Bubba Hazelitt : ray is a legend💯💯💯

lestorhaslam : What a Gentleman.

Dan V : Wow that’s amazing how a blind man only wants to see something for a day and give it back up cause he’s so used to it. When most of us can’t even imagine living like that. To be so comfortable and have the amazing outlook on life this man is inspiring me to be grateful and keep working hard smiling through it all. His imagination is probly on a whole other level , we focus too much on sight but Ray has abandoned his sight and developed his other senses , he can probly tell so much just from the tone of someone’s voice. The crazy part is he would give up his sight again cause his mind is already programmed a certain way

Jamie Kennedy : guys brilliant what a legend

Jack smith : Remarkable talent.

adam hiltz : COCAINE

War Eagle : Dick Cavett was such a great interviewer, because he was genuinely interested in his guests and there was no producer pre-writing dialogue to set guests up for pre-written answers. As for Ray Charles, who doesn't love Ray Charles? He's one of the few artists I will never get tired of hearing.

Black Lightyear : Jesus I can litteraly see jamie foxx moving. He N-A-I-L-E-D the role and totally deserved that oscar. RIP Ray

Tommy Arnold : Gotta be on that H that day ...

Josiah Osborne : I have never seen a person born blind look so happy and content. Ray Charles, ladies and gentlemen. RIP, Ray. We love you

Elitedevil : Amazing interview and amazing interviewer