Young Sheldon 1x11 'To have a smart son is a great joy'

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Daniel Ying : listen to your wife man, those are wise words

Pym100 McpeMelon : Tam is one of the reasons I watch young Sheldon, since I am vietnamese

Tiffany Wang : I like Tam's family.

Huy Nguyen : Their Viet accent is Southern, but more like Vietnamese-American way. I’m still glad they made another good episode though.

Drash A : Tam needs to make an appearance on TBBT!

Selene Nguyen : Now this is Vietnamese language Finally!!!

Prithhviraaj Chattopadhyay : Hey , he acts well!

Marvin G. : who does she think Sheldon is? he is just the smartest kid in the block

Sy A : I wonder what happened to Sheldon’s friend. Apparently we will meet his brother Georgie when old Sheldon has his wedding.

Ishaq Moutanabi Benaissa : "Thanks for not talking about Islam " Talk about freedom lmao

Hy Goh : Tam has a wise wife

Hasufel y Arod : 0:45 callnme rude but I say "screw you". just let them have fun. they sure aren't harming others.

Daisy Ngô : I got so excited whenever i heard Vietnamese in American movies cuz I’m also Vietnamese

c sh : This vietman chars put in the ground the shit of american first ideology. The same ideas that lead to 60s and 70s politicians to send farm boys to vietnam to "stop communism".

karl jonson : I know she wants to be a good mom but this is so wrong.

tpsu129 : Finally, a little truth about Communism. I bet Tam's parents won't be wearing a Che shirt any time soon.

Joshua Lui : 0:15 My dad whenever he meets his friends kids.

Kayla T : Stern slap in the face about problems. Enjoyed this immensely.

Tae Park : Classic! The conversation between the Vietnamese parents is too accurate.

Chris Quinteros : Nice parents Tam

Joe Duke : Goes to show the Vietnamese are holding a grudge and probably raising their prices for payback.

Sheldon Cooper : I hope the Medford Mart survived long enough to reach November 1992. That's when the 1st Texas lottery was introduced. If you're not aware, a lot of convenience stores would go out of business without the lottery.

Hufflepufflez :3 : milk: it can't be beat

Elis : asiatic people are all nice. never.met a bad one

Fr. Alejandro : I do not have that joy 😒😅

Viet Kathy : Uh, I’m Vietnamese and the language usage was, in a sense, rough.

Jin YuanZhe : And yet you give me so little HAHAHA

ashley19 : first world problems..

Lord Misery : I’m Vietnamese and I love how they are promoting Vietnam characters. I also love their accent. ❤️

Michael Asta : Shitting on Commies makes me like this show just a little more.

Michelle Le Music : When you don’t need subtitles.

The Ultimate Show : what a dumb ass

Alex Nguyen : Example of when people bring 1st world problems to 3rd world people.

DEMIAN Zarnoski : the only problem in this whole thing is that hysterical, religious fanatics see problems wherether Free thinking is evolved.