Porky the Pig says Son of a bitch!

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Abel Thomas : This was never aired. It was meant only for the staff as humor.

ElectroBlastLuigi : I remember seeing this like three years ago... Who's watching this on the last day of 2017 or during 2018?

Morgan Lemons : Lol xD

Cole Perry : this is my new favorite vid

MAX 777 : Tha Tha Tha Tha that's all fokes

DKazers 13 : You thought I was gonna say asilla-Son-Of-A-BITCH Didn't ya? HA HA!

Kayden Davis : Porky! Watch your mouth! XD

PabloR Does Stuff : I broke my replay button

Cheese In The Oven : Kind of an ironic ending since he tried avoiding saying Bitch and at the end just says it like there's no tomorrow

Jermaine Parallon : For without bad language: Son of a beach!

Camron Tucker : and aldult swim came out

David Farley : This was made for the 1938 Warner Bros blooper reel BREAKDOWNS OF 1938.. It was not shown theatrically. Good sense ought to tell everyone that. Years later the blooper reels were obtained and made available for home viewing in Super 8, 16mm and home video formats. Clips from it aired on USA Network"s late night show NIGHT FLIGHT.

Gabe Reviews : holy shit!

David Farley : This was prepared for Warner Bros annual studio blooper reel, not audiences. And, pre-code, the screen heard the occasional "damn" and "hell", like WC Fields' "Aw, to hell with her!" in THE DENTIST and Flip the Frog snapping "DAMN!"in the cartoon ROOM RUNNERS.

Chahine latreche : Somebody toucha my spaghet 2.0

Harrison Sweeney : WTF 😲

Combine Elite Games : I am from Argentina, and I can not believe that the North Americans have this I love them more than the hair of Donald Trump :v

SceptileTheReptile : Thug Life. Good ol Porky

ugandan knuckles : This is the way

ScopeDog : Classic

THAT UNDERGROUND FLAVOR! : Bear in mind that these cartoons were not directed towards children at the time.

CARDBOARD CREATIONS : This was funny. It made every one laugh that i showed it to

Albert Frosch : Porkrind <3

Bobby F : In his defense : He just explaining it

Nate Doggo : Well he kinda already said it


Aboody Waheed : hahahah

OGxFinesseGaming PS4 : Was this edited or it's real show episode?

Brandon The Epic Gamer : Porky:You thought I was gonna say son of a bitch! Me:Now you said it

Anthony Conrad Paradero : This video was just edited by someone

Jase Smith : Who else is here from jake Paul's video? Edit: really guys only 1 like!

KittyKatJack : That's me around teachers.

Owen Orsini : honestly my favorite loony toons bit, even if it was never aired

AlexDuplex 71 : SON OF A B-B-B-B.. GUN

Shamsul Fadhil : This is going to be an important video in 2018

Jordan Jacob : That camera point was dope lol

LucasGaming : This is my ringtone for my dad. XD

TheLoneLoony : 1930s Robot Chicken

sleepyash : Everybody stop saying you saw it when it "aired". It didn't air, stop lying for attention.

Arianna Bledsoe : Savage

Brandon Dessources : Don't judge a book by its cover challenge 😂😂😂

Dr. josh : Noooooooooo

박강현 : Eventually he said it..

Nathan Clayton : OMG pause at 7 seconds right when he Squints his eyes and point his finger crop it and make it a meme somebody please😂😂

CoatlessEskimo9 : HORRY SHIEET

Morgan Montz : Adult Swim before Adult Swim was Adult Swim.

Kamarion Nelson : Lol creepy

Its_ Jun_boy : When your in a Minecraft Christian server

Arron•The Donut Muncher• : When you relize the teacher was behind you

LLAMA Uchiha : Well this is cozy🤣🎸. 🤤👩🏻🐷👉👌