Elon Musk King Of Sarcasm

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Comments from Youtube

Corrie Nye : He's awkwardly funny

Farhana Babs : he isnt the king of sarcasm. He is just a rich af successful guy who doesn't have the same ego as the other rich afs and is actually humble and should be an example to all

Pyro Ultimate Hunter : The new Iron Man movie looks good.

SigmaTV : "They say SpaceX has some big balls... And it's true"

Valyrial : For someone who wants to go into space so bad, he's really down to Earth

DoSo : He is an entrepeneur, businessman, planet-saver, engineer, computer designer, and now he’s a comedian!!??!?!??!!!!??!??!??!???!!??!!?

Yash Jain : Elon Musk should start making smart phones.

charlie : He can whistle, too.

Amy Truong : Im oddly attracted to him....but not in like a "he's daddy" way but like he seems like a passionate nerd and he's kinda awkward, its cute.

Pranav Ahuja : Elon Musk for president?

Pew Pew : Jeff Who? -: Elon Musk 2017

Classical Potato : "I hope to die on Mars. Just not on impact."

Queen Beyoncé : $400M in cash?! I am beyond shook

Non-Binary Eugene : Its funny how Elon’s mouth moves like a 2004 videogame character yet words are coming out. I feel like he moves his mouth twice and 2 sentences just happen.

im getting a vasectomy : hes a nerd, a multi millionare one

Thomas Randall : He protecc He attacc But most importantly... He whistlez.

TheRoadToEnlightenment : How to destroy your competitors by one liners: 1. "Have u seen their car?" 2. "Jeff who?" 3. "They safe spaceX has big balls, and its true." Epic bosslike Musk. A real genius!

MindDrift : He's not sarcastic. He's innocently blunt.

Johny Ray : “Well you already got the S and the X might as well make up the E in there” Model S Model 3 Model X S3X

OMH Plays : 5:28 Talk about the fakest laugh ever lmao

Filthy Connoisseur : "I just stabbed you" Cracks up 😂

Clorox Bleach : My boy whistling to fly me to the moon

anfi : who ever made this video is a true authority in spotting hidden sarcasm

Ada Blane : "Well, I do have an issue with punctuality." Ahhaahaa omg, story of my life!

Zachary Ostrand : His hairline restored itself out of pure respect. This is the man I aspire to be.

BURGER KING G59 : Seeing this only makes me think that elon is actually our real tony stark

rainebong : "Model X is now over two years late. What went wrong?" Elon: Well... I do have an issue in punctuality. 02:33 SAVAGE!!!

Husl Wusl : His fiancee worried about them becoming one of those that don't cherish the small things in life. Now Elon is a living meme and has fun being a meme

FuZe : You just gotta love Elon. An incredible man from the inside and out. His one and only goal is to drive mankind forwards. If everyone could be humble like him.

SVD Camper : I think he's the main character in our game

KHRN Star : For Elon....getting older makes you more handsome.... and yes it does...

Wheel Deals : Elon has the most impressive hairline recovery of all time

NewGuy Gaming : Wish I could meet this guy and buy him a beer. DOn't care how much money he has. I would just like to talk to him like any other person over a beer..... or two...

Masterofpuppets : He’s got such a Tommy Wiseau-kinda laugh

Hen Halpert : "Have you seen their car?" SAVAGE.

No Speed Wobblez : "Raising 50 million dollars is a matter of just a series of phone calls..." That's a serious Rolodex

himynameisjc91 : 0:10 evil laugh confirmed

myprofilepicisdoge : that gold digger tho

big papa : Elon like *can't relate*

duck : Next time on Elons Sarcasm: Elon: haaaaaa Reporter: why do you laugh? Elon: have you seen their rockets?

Apptor : My Mam always told me that sarcasm was the lowest form of wit... Boy was she wrong

NPC #7048164 : Damn daddy thicc

beautifulcrazy : Love Musk's dry humour. We'd have a great braai!

Unimornnbr1 : Finaly a billionare with a sence of humor

Ding Dong : He's not being sarcastic in like 80% of these clips if not more, he just has this amazing dry humor

reduce cotwo : Don't smoke weed kids, you just might end up a billionaire rocket scientist who has his own car company, lol

Libertarian Izzy : I'm surprised that he has a personality. He seemed like a sad alien on Joe Rogan

Krunk Sounds : oh hes quite a cool guy

Exalaxy X : Best CEO of all time: 1) Steve jobs 2) Elon Musk .. .. .. .. .. 1858) Tim Cook.