the rosalina fanfiction conspiracy

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Hex : you joke with the fancy music and fancy plates, but your videos are actual class

Daida / Saruman : But the biggest question of all is: Why has this beautiful human being so few subscribers?

Jake Demes : The man has returned and with him comes more glorious bullshit. This is definitely not something I ever thought would be this interesting.

Patrick Murphy : So this started as a rosalina meme and became a downtherabbithole episode? Not that I'm complaining, that's just quite the journey to take.

Napk1ns77 wow : yo dude just keep doing what your doing and grow your content is interesting and always fun to watch

Jhon jhon Martin gaiza : I wouldn't mind this to be a series. Not at all.

Gay Beaver : Back at it again with a waifu video

KanesTheName : always a glorious day when doojinshingee uploads a vibeo

DeadPixel : All your videos are amazing! I hope your channel gets the attention it deserves in the future.

TAP : Rosalina, i dont feel so good...

n4zztl3 : r/rosalinagate??

Sunday Cultist : You're a true detective. And you're awesome. You deserve so much more attention ! Keep it up ! (And that was true grande cuisine at the start of the video, absolutely wonderful)

applepi : Some more good shit, this video made me laugh. I pray that you and Rosalina get back together

Killua Zoldyck : Wow this video was awesome

MrMcKraut : This was certainly something. Cannons are just not the same after this

Just your average writer : Hey just found your channel today man, the fire emblem one being the one i started on (imagine that right?) but this video was actually super fun and enjoyable man. I try not to sub to channels unless they provide content i am actually willing to watch consistently but you definitely made the cut after this one lol. Hope you keep making videos or hell if you have any other creative products down the road, even if they aren't videos i'd love to see em. You are worth keeping an eye on, imho. Anyways that's enough fellatio for your ego lol. bye!

That Shadow Guy : There's a lot of things to admire about this video. First, that you would willingly venture into one of those deep, dark corners of the internet abandoned by God, simply to sate your own curiousity. Second, that the text-to-speech voice you use for Heavier-Lobster somehow perfectly conveys who they are as a person. And finally, this moment at 22:07. You didn't have to admit that you made a typo. You didn't have to mispronounce it out loud like I'm pretty sure you did with the other typos in this video. But you did it anyways, presumably because you have a very bizarre set of standards to live up to. Godspeed, you absolute madman.

Zombie Zeke : a treat of only the classiest gentleman

Punkitt : This was actually, genuinely interesting. I don't think anyone in the world would notice this, but the fact that you went down the rabbit hole AND chronicled the whole thing made this a really entertaining and fascinating video. Wouldn't mind more of this weird internet detective work, tbh

MarkyJoe : Wow. What a nutty tale.

Kaelmic : Getting some serious RedLetterMedia vibes from the opening segment (BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS that was a MASTERPIECE)

Plop HD : I can't tell whats better those fancy af plates or this video both are good anyway

Jewish Banana : One question to you Shinji: how did you originally find out about this trend? I mean, people typically don't search for random fanfics on a day to day basis.

Tsunami! : Huh,interesting.

Kirbles : did you try spitting down that rabbit hole you went through to see if you could hear the spit reach the bottom?

Ray : i cannot BELIEVE you didn’t use Phoenix Right stuff in the final questioning of the suspect

A very sexually deviant orange : Dixie paper plates are great, good choice.

Sponsie1000 : l loved this. Thank you

Dena Beloved : Thank you.

Joseph Marcell : Nice hands loser

chippy ь : Woke up in a daze today, went on youtube and found your shit from autoplay on a different vid. I feel incredibly blessed, you are fantastic By the way, I love your choice of Ace Attorney music

MsMeowners : O gosh I've just found your channel and I absolutely love your detective work on this video! Nice job!

MBRZ : This video is way toooo underrated. Some good stuff man.

Carpediem Chin : Didn't realize my sister was Kermit the Frog...

Robbie Gib : I don't know how I ended up here, but after watching the whole video, gotta say; this is some top notch content mate.

Alan Ho : Your content is great but I'll have you know I only subscribed for the 10/10 username.

pan oan : This is good documentary video showcasing love, betrayal and cannons.

Cubelarooso : mariotehplumber was right

fluffy_tail : this was weirdly entertaining somehow

Emberli Silver Flame : Holy moly your videos are great

Candace Deschane : Wtf

glgina6 : You are the greatest youtuber that has ever lived.

vasdklwje : What is this, a Plinkett video!?

Anaklumos12 : this was deep

Lugs : A couple months ago a friend of mine got a very odd fan fiction request, this reminded me of it. It was for a Gravity Falls fic (I think), and was oddly specific. I can't remember the exact details, but it was some sort of circus scenario, where a (female) character had a fancy cigarette holder that they used to light a firework. Could this be related??

Just your average writer : Man I love this video lmao.

Sooper : theres a snail on that gravestone lmao

furgus herder : why

I. : I wish I could forget what I watched, so I could rediscover this video again. It was intense until the end. I feel like I now understand the secrets of the universe

_Clae : this is good