The Optimal Team Comp

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Comments from Youtube

unexpired1 : Tbh whoever made that deathmatch clearly underestimated rats. 10k? Really?

coolbanana165 : There are WAY too many rats for a fair match up.

atm 487 : Literally the best use of a Zoology degree ever.

FlatThree : *10000 rats in a mound over myself* "I am the rat king"

Straight White Male : I wouldnt do the rats cuz they would lag my game .-.

thorn jo : when quantity has its own quality

Theodore Yamada-Dessert : I'm so impressed with your ability to plug your sponsors haha

burnerdaughter : And then you can reward your eagles with the 10,000 rats

L.O.A.F : the best team comp is 7 billlion humans They can literally destroy anything

AlternateHistoryHub : I didn't know I needed this till now

Omar Miller : Lmao, its hilarious how much thought goes into this

An Account : Before watching I’d say eagles and rats Edit: holy shit got the s tiers! Edit 2: my thought process for anyone questioning me, eagles are kind of obvious, the have good damage and are the only aerial build, and my reasoning for the rats was simple, there’s so many that you do much! No chance of killing them fast enough due to numbers, and once they get to you there’s a quick mobility rebuff that can stop you from doing much along with passive damage of nips. In conjunction you can’t take either of them down fast without taking heavy damage.

qeq : Tierzoo's guide to getting a #1 Victory Royale.

BonJoviFanboy : Everyone is assuming this would be a fight out in a specific location. It's not. The meme just says the rest are coming to kill you. Most people live in urban environments with roofs over their heads, doors, etc... Depending on where you live, crocs are the WORST pick due to no water. Lions lose their stealth ability and, honestly, are quite weak with just 4. Bears are too few in number to matter, as are gorillas. Staying indoors would protect you from the eagles, and pretty much everything on this list, save the rats. Not to mention, people are REALLY underestimating the number 10,000. it seems most people have no idea just how many this is. For the reasons explained above, the 2 options you MUST pick are the rats and the human. The rats must be picked for the simple fact that their numbers are overwhelming. They can get into urban environments in stealthy ways, and there is not a single group on this list that could engage them in battle and win, not with those numbers. The human must be picked because, again, look at the environment. In the meme, the human is in shadow. You don't know what they look like. You would have to be cautious against every single human you interacted with for the rest of your life, since they could EASILY assassinate you at any given time. This is impossible; they'd get you. If you pick the human, he can consistently bring down the other animals slowly but surely, with the rats providing an impenetrable barrier. If he stays inside, the eagles also can't do much. For these reasons, the rats and the human are the true top tier picks.

First Last : The choices are too obvious, this meme needs balancing.

Ethan Hall : Wow. Finally somebody that can logic.( P.S. Great Job You should do this more often!)

Bryce McKenzie : Great Strat. Thanks Man.

Cromwell Castaneda : TZ: Next, we have the bull--- (gets bashed) Bull: *u w0t m8*

Yotam Pinhas : I think penguins are hard counters for rats.

Carlos : I'd put the bulls higher if you don't stand there. Just take the bulls + hawks and run and outpace the attackers, the rats can't keep up with you and when the lions + wolves close in on you the bulls can attack them, bulls used to devastate lions in arenas. Also as deadly as the rats are, a speeding bear or lion might get you before the rats can swarm them since they're extremely fast.

Jack Maid : Oh damn I was right! I guess I am not as stupid as I thought

Christopher Williams : So, the Lions would use guerrilla warfare against the gorillas

omae wa mou shindeiru NANI!! : But the problem is... *_The Best teammates_* Doesn’t exist..

2YOUNG4YT : It's on 999k views

RTP : Men and wolf is the only match really tested, and succeeded, on this list... and still, somehow, time proof. Simple the best! Cheers!

Brio Brio : Rats death by a million paper cuts....

vapormissile : Can the players spawn offspring? If the eagles can carry the rats up into treetops or other inaccessible regions, then players could train their characters into airmobile combined units. An eagle could transports several rats, and the rat players could EASILY use their intellect to transfer the buff to the eagle players. Thousands of rats training, guarding the eagles' roosts, & digging earthworks while observing might confound the other player. A rat rides an eagle, scouts the approaching hordes. The eagles move the rats away from the other players. Send a kamikaze unit against the sniper. This puzzle is scary.

RoboLamp : The UI has gotten ridiculously fantastic over the episodes! The way the lines open up and stats rise doesn't go unnoticed!

Doodle Stank : Before watching past 1:00, I say #1.) Rats #2.)Human/Eagles

BioMatic2 : the fact that i got the right answer means that i've spended a lot time watching this videos.

lazerbeam134 : This challenge was designed by someone who plays the Relentless Rats deck in M:TG

TheHotSalad : I choose dog meat...

Edouard Dubois : Damn Skaven swarm tactics.


giantWario : I'm gonna have to disagree for one simple reason, absolutely nothing in the rules says that the VIP can't run away. It says ''the rest is coming to kill you'' but nothing about you having to stand your ground and fight. Sure 10 000 rats would swarm anything on this list in a straight up fight but with their fairly low mobility and also with their low stamina, it can't catch up to anything on this list in a chase. You gave them more mobility in the stats then what they should have by the way, they are pretty damn slow, their max speed is 13 km per hour (or 8 miles per hour). And thats them sprinting which they can only do for a few seconds! They just look fast because they are so small. They really shoudn't have 50 mobility on the stat chart as far as I'm concerned, the gorillas are nearly four time faster then the rats and yet they are just 10 units above the rats in mobility in your chart. The rats are a fake threat because absolutely nothing in the rules says that the VIP or its defenders have to just watch the rats coming at them and try to fight them, they can just run. And its the same thing if they are defenders, the attackers don't have to go straight into the swarm. If the swarm of rats go out to kill the attackers, any attackers on this list except the crocodiles can just avoid the rats easely and come at you instead. They're not gonna kill anyone because they can't catch up to anyone. If the swarm is all around you protecting you instead of on the attack, then they can just slowly dwindle their numbers by taking out a few then falling back before they get swarmed without ever risking themselves. Or hell, they could charge through with the bulls. Sure the bulls would die eventually but definitly not before you do, not with their thick skin. Either way, they woudn't really protect you. I'm sorry but in your scenario with your picks, you die. The attackers will just run past the rats and come straight for you. Even dividing the swarm won't really help you, not against the pack hunters or the smart ape builds anyway. The real combo is Eagles and Wolves. Eagles, like you said, are a must to take down the Sniper, can blind most of the other animals AND can take out the rats. If the rats are all running at a target in an open field, 50 eagles could take out 10 000 of them without any risk. It would take a while of course but the rats have really no counter against the Eagles. Their numbers doesn't matter against an aerial attack. And wolves, like you said, are incredibly good at crowd control, pack hunting, chasing and dodging. With their agility, stamina and intelligence, only the Lions have a real chance at hitting and killing them but there only 4 lions against 15 wolves. They can easely harass and dodge the bulls and bears (they do it all the time after all except bisons instead of bulls) and gorilla definitly won't fare better on that front. They will have a really hard time getting through the wolves and not getting picked off one by one thanks to the wolves high intelligence and stamina, especially if the Eagles harass and blind them during this. The Crocodiles are probably too tough to be killed by the wolves bite but they are a non-issue if you're on land for the same reason as the rats, they're just too slow. And with the Eagles vision and the Wolves smell and hearing, the attackers woudn't be able to slip past them unnoticed to get to you. So yeah, the rats are just picked by everyone because everyone is thinking about the wrong thing, namely who would win a straight up fight. Yeah the rats would win. But you don't have to fight them. None of your defenders have to fight them. You could litterally just walk away from them as a human build and they'd die of exhaustion chasing you. They are just too slow and too low on stamina to ever catch up to the VIP and its defenders and too vulnerable to the Eagles who can easely pick them off one by one without any danger to themselves. So yeah, if you're the VIP, just start running at the start of the fight and let the wolves and the eagles do their things. Hell, the Wolves, Eagles and the Human (who will be the main target of the Eagles and therefore will be blinded no matter what) are the only builds on this list who are good at tracking so even if the defenders fail they'll still slow them down enough for the VIP to escape and the surviving attackers are unlikely to ever find him again.

BennySavage - Tom Hillman : I picked rats and eagles as well come on

Xyon : *When sheer numbers overpower the skilled*

Terraraptor1 : For a potential future video, if you had to pick a team of D and F tiers to take on a team of A and S tiers, which builds would you pick and why?

Auxified : I'd like to propose a different team comp. I would select select Eagles + Human. Of course this is largely arena dependent, but many here are being distracted by the massive volume of rat players in their assessment. The critical flaw in the rat class is their low intellect, and low mobility. Maxing out at 8mph, and with too low of an intellect for players to coordinate an assault I believe the rats are a null factor on either offense or defense, as they can simply be avoided (especially by eagles who are immune to rat class, in the same way earthquake doesn't hit skarmory unless it uses roost that turn). Discounting the rats, there are 44 potential threats to the VP, and 50 eagle players. The objective of the eagles will be to threaten, stall, and potentially eliminate any of these 44 players. The objective of the human player will be to use his hunting rifle to eliminate any of the 44 that slip past the eagles, and get too close to the VP, while the two run away from the rats. In summation, it is difficult to understate how overpowered the human class is. It probably deserves its own tier of SS or even SSS at this point. EDIT: I'd also like to mention that the rats could be a detriment to the aggressor team because the other 44 players need to run around them unless they get a head start.

WuzNab : Alligators and crocodiles are actually decently fast on land.

Alan Choi Chang : the best option is the eagles... specifically, hotel california.

Reaction Face : Are you gonna talk about the parasite meta?

BlackStar : Well Magic: The Gathering taught me one thing: The more rats you control, the more damage the individual rat can cause. With that in mind this decision is truly not hard, in fact I wouldn't even need to pick a second animal, because the rats would just one shot everything before it gets to me (maybe not the birdos, but I can just lay on the ground and let the rats attack as soon as the eagles want to attack me). And some people say playing MTG and other games is "a waste of time" xd

Joel Kennedy : If the rats did whatever you wanted, you could probably use them to piranha (shred the flesh off of) most of the low-defense armor.

Wolf Lordy : *giant eagles come to save the day* God damn it Gandolf why didn't you do this sooner?!?!

Reece A : Man and the wolves are the best combo. Hands down. Anyone who says otherwise is stupid. Edit: btw I didn’t watch the vid before commenting

da fairei : wait.... when tf did you reach 800k, last time i remember 200k or something

阿卡萨斯 : Ummmmm I choosed human and eagle, still A and S

djkfjf dkfkkf : I also always picked eagles and mice