The Optimal Team Comp

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AlternateHistoryHub : I didn't know I needed this till now

Bose-Einstein : I heard there is a new build on the way that will be on a tier all its own, completely changing the meta. In fact, it may make all other builds obsolete. Do us organic builds need to worry about this upcoming 'AI' build?

Hyurno : Ok but what if the rats go afk

Mango : *10000 rats in a mound over myself* "I am the rat king"

coolbanana165 : There are WAY too many rats for a fair match up.

Dextruider : *When sheer numbers overpower the skilled*

atm 487 : Literally the best use of a Zoology degree ever.

Hamr97 : I wouldnt do the rats cuz they would lag my game .-.

thorn jo : when quantity has its own quality

L.O.A.F : the best team comp is 7 billlion humans They can literally destroy anything

Omar Miller : Lmao, its hilarious how much thought goes into this

Toby Quach : Give the human an m134 and a PUBG pan and they'll win 100%

An Account : Before watching I’d say eagles and rats Edit: holy shit got the s tiers!

BonJoviFanboy : Everyone is assuming this would be a fight out in a specific location. It's not. The meme just says the rest are coming to kill you. Most people live in urban environments with roofs over their heads, doors, etc... Depending on where you live, crocs are the WORST pick due to no water. Lions lose their stealth ability and, honestly, are quite weak with just 4. Bears are too few in number to matter, as are gorillas. Staying indoors would protect you from the eagles, and pretty much everything on this list, save the rats. Not to mention, people are REALLY underestimating the number 10,000. it seems most people have no idea just how many this is. For the reasons explained above, the 2 options you MUST pick are the rats and the human. The rats must be picked for the simple fact that their numbers are overwhelming. They can get into urban environments in stealthy ways, and there is not a single group on this list that could engage them in battle and win, not with those numbers. The human must be picked because, again, look at the environment. In the meme, the human is in shadow. You don't know what they look like. You would have to be cautious against every single human you interacted with for the rest of your life, since they could EASILY assassinate you at any given time. This is impossible; they'd get you. If you pick the human, he can consistently bring down the other animals slowly but surely, with the rats providing an impenetrable barrier. If he stays inside, the eagles also can't do much. For these reasons, the rats and the human are the true top tier picks.

Neon Peon : You are wrong about the gorillas. A silverback gorilla could EASILY kill a lion. It's not even a contest.

youseng lay : How much ammo does the human have?

Bryce McKenzie : Great Strat. Thanks Man.

giantWario : I'm gonna have to disagree for one simple reason, absolutely nothing in the rules says that the VIP can't run away. It says ''the rest is coming to kill you'' but nothing about you having to stand your ground and fight. Sure 10 000 rats would swarm anything on this list in a straight up fight but with their fairly low mobility and also with their low stamina, it can't catch up to anything on this list in a chase. You gave them more mobility in the stats then what they should have by the way, they are pretty damn slow, their max speed is 13 km per hour (or 8 miles per hour). And thats them sprinting which they can only do for a few seconds! They just look fast because they are so small. They really shoudn't have 50 mobility on the stat chart as far as I'm concerned, the gorillas are nearly four time faster then the rats and yet they are just 10 units above the rats in mobility in your chart. The rats are a fake threat because absolutely nothing in the rules says that the VIP or its defenders have to just watch the rats coming at them and try to fight them, they can just run. And its the same thing if they are defenders, the attackers don't have to go straight into the swarm. If the swarm of rats go out to kill the attackers, any attackers on this list except the crocodiles can just avoid the rats easely and come at you instead. They're not gonna kill anyone because they can't catch up to anyone. If the swarm is all around you protecting you instead of on the attack, then they can just slowly dwindle their numbers by taking out a few then falling back before they get swarmed without ever risking themselves. Or hell, they could charge through with the bulls. Sure the bulls would die eventually but definitly not before you do, not with their thick skin. Either way, they woudn't really protect you. I'm sorry but in your scenario with your picks, you die. The attackers will just run past the rats and come straight for you. Even dividing the swarm won't really help you, not against the pack hunters or the smart ape builds anyway. The real combo is Eagles and Wolves. Eagles, like you said, are a must to take down the Sniper, can blind most of the other animals AND can take out the rats. If the rats are all running at a target in an open field, 50 eagles could take out 10 000 of them without any risk. It would take a while of course but the rats have really no counter against the Eagles. Their numbers doesn't matter against an aerial attack. And wolves, like you said, are incredibly good at crowd control, pack hunting, chasing and dodging. With their agility, stamina and intelligence, only the Lions have a real chance at hitting and killing them but there only 4 lions against 15 wolves. They can easely harass and dodge the bulls and bears (they do it all the time after all except bisons instead of bulls) and gorilla definitly won't fare better on that front. They will have a really hard time getting through the wolves and not getting picked off one by one thanks to the wolves high intelligence and stamina, especially if the Eagles harass and blind them during this. The Crocodiles are probably too tough to be killed by the wolves bite but they are a non-issue if you're on land for the same reason as the rats, they're just too slow. And with the Eagles vision and the Wolves smell and hearing, the attackers woudn't be able to slip past them unnoticed to get to you. So yeah, the rats are just picked by everyone because everyone is thinking about the wrong thing, namely who would win a straight up fight. Yeah the rats would win. But you don't have to fight them. None of your defenders have to fight them. You could litterally just walk away from them as a human build and they'd die of exhaustion chasing you. They are just too slow and too low on stamina to ever catch up to the VIP and its defenders and too vulnerable to the Eagles who can easely pick them off one by one without any danger to themselves. So yeah, if you're the VIP, just start running at the start of the fight and let the wolves and the eagles do their things. Hell, the Wolves, Eagles and the Human (who will be the main target of the Eagles and therefore will be blinded no matter what) are the only builds on this list who are good at tracking so even if the defenders fail they'll still slow them down enough for the VIP to escape and the surviving attackers are unlikely to ever find him again.

ColeTrain316 : I sort of underestimated how many rats 10,000 rats actually is. That many rats could strip any combination of the others down to the bones in minutes.

Auxified : I'd like to propose a different team comp. I would select select Eagles + Human. Of course this is largely arena dependent, but many here are being distracted by the massive volume of rat players in their assessment. The critical flaw in the rat class is their low intellect, and low mobility. Maxing out at 8mph, and with too low of an intellect for players to coordinate an assault I believe the rats are a null factor on either offense or defense, as they can simply be avoided (especially by eagles who are immune to rat class, in the same way earthquake doesn't hit skarmory unless it uses roost that turn). Discounting the rats, there are 44 potential threats to the VP, and 50 eagle players. The objective of the eagles will be to threaten, stall, and potentially eliminate any of these 44 players. The objective of the human player will be to use his hunting rifle to eliminate any of the 44 that slip past the eagles, and get too close to the VP, while the two run away from the rats. In summation, it is difficult to understate how overpowered the human class is. It probably deserves its own tier of SS or even SSS at this point. EDIT: I'd also like to mention that the rats could be a detriment to the aggressor team because the other 44 players need to run around them unless they get a head start.

Ethan Hall : Wow. Finally somebody that can logic.( P.S. Great Job You should do this more often!)

a singular marijuana : How do you know it's a bolt action rifle you can't really tell from the picture like it could be a shotgun

qeq : Tierzoo's guide to getting a #1 Victory Royale.

No this is patrick : All of my teamates are noobs

Supur Gogetuh : I actually chose the Eagle and Rats. Eagle: can scout the area and with numbers are very fast and effective counter against alot of things Rats: they can kill a whole civilization, with 10k rats they can swarm any animal no one will survive that.

Carlos : I'd put the bulls higher if you don't stand there. Just take the bulls + hawks and run and outpace the attackers, the rats can't keep up with you and when the lions + wolves close in on you the bulls can attack them, bulls used to devastate lions in arenas. Also as deadly as the rats are, a speeding bear or lion might get you before the rats can swarm them since they're extremely fast.

William Wolf : Rats and Human = the only possibilty. It takes time to kill 10000 Rats. Every opponent would be busy for ages. Dmg Defender like human or gorilla will have time to Deal dmg while rats do their mass Attack. In Case enemies decide to ignore the rats to kill the dmg dealers, the dmg over time from 10000 Rats would be massive. Bleeding dmg is going to be insane. So Rats do Tank or massive over time dmg. The question is who should be the dmg Dealer? I think the human even only with a rifle because of 2 reasons: 1: oneshot one after the other. 2: U dont want another human to fight U as a leader of 6 packs. Traps, inventions, tactics, etc. would make way more Trouble than raw Stats. Thats why human is dominant species. Since none of the races could stand alone vs all it would be U (a human) and 2 animal Packs vs. a human and 6 packs of animals. Which would be pretty unfair for u. As a conclusion take 10000 Rats for tank or massive over time dmg and another human to oneshot and outsmart with u. So youre 2 Humans and 10000 rats vs a bunch of animals. This avoids the Situation of 1 human(U) and 2 animal Teams vs 1 human and 6 animal teams. Which would obviously end bad for u. Edit: watched the Tier list after my comment. Eagle Argumentation is valid.

Phillip Bell : I would argue that the the human is the top tier because every competent hunter has access to some source of fire ignition which can be used to nullify everything else. He dosen't even need a gun. Give me the red flower and a every animal will bow to me.

Just Write : How long until someone else makes another "pick two" meme to spam you with? :P Great video though!

Yotam Pinhas : I think penguins are hard counters for rats.

N Sphere : Nope... Rats and eagles have NO ability to stop aggressors from blitzing the VIP. The bulls, bears, and wolves would just put their heads down and blitz straight through that paper-thin defense of your comp and take out the VIP and then retreat, which is something that predators understand, and herd animals understand also (males will break ranks to beat down an over-extended predator and then retreat back into ranks to break the resolve of team attack predators). Nor do the rats or eagles have the int stat to know to pick out the human with the rifle to stop them from sniping the VIP from a position that the rats and eagles would simply be incapable of understanding as a threat. Birds understand protecting something like a VIP target like a their eggs in a nest against predators trying to reach a nest, but they don't understand a prone human hiding in a bush at long range setting up a range attack is a threat to the VIP, especially when bears, bulls, and wolves are charging a VIP target like a baby animal that has no body blockers between them and it. Eagles don't have the human levels of int needed to defend against a human using their int stat to exploit the lower int of animals they are engaging. Bulls and the human is the clear answer. Bulls form a defensive line like herd animals do to protect vulnerable herd members that simply can't be blitzed past, because that is literally what predators try to do against their babies, and the human has the int stat to play into that strat for maximum effect. The horns and raw power of the bulls are too damaging for large attackers to rush into because that is literally the defensive strat that bulls have evolved into, and each attacker that executes the risky finesse play to get past the horns to latch on to a herd tank will get instantly removed from the fight by the human before they can inflict any real damage. Predators trying to take down tanks have to work in groups to create openings for team attacks, and humans are BRUTALLY efficient at using their int to recognize when that is happening and a firearm lets instantly counter attack to shut that situation down to force multiply the bull's strat. Bulls also don't burn much stamina in a static herd defense wall, and any large predator in range to threaten a bull will be removed instantly by a stupidly easy short range rifle shot as soon as it stops moving to conserve stamina. That is a lot of rats, but they don't have the int or instincts for effective team attacks or vital spot take downs on larger targets, especially those that wouldn't present their faces when threatening a rat. Rat are also simply not a high stamina build, and can't stand up to human stamina for sure, and likely would be hard pressed to stand up to bull stamina, at which point the rats will likely be evaded until they disperse since rats don't stalk or hunt in packs. The only threat to the human not inherently strongly defended against by the herd defense tactics of the bulls are the eagles, but the human is wearing a jacket and billed hat, and heavy clothing is extremely effective against slashing attacks like talons, and attacks against the face would be extremely difficult if the human used their int stat to place the hood of their jacket over their hat and cinch it down to secure the hat, and the human has the int stat to defend their face with their jacketed left arm. The human can easily deal the blunt force trauma needed to remove an eagle from the fight on a failed attack. Especially since the human can use their bipedal ability and their int stat to crouch below the level of the bulls to hide from the eagles only to pop up to use their rifle to shut down a threat to the defensive line of the bulls, and human blunt attacks are powerful enough to deal severe damage to a bird build. The human could also vastly upgrade their defensive ability within even minutes, or even mid-battle if the defensive line of the bulls buys them time. Simply placing a small bush over their head and securing it in the top of their jacket, and stuffing their jacket with grass or brush would upgrade their armor to the point of virtually negating the eagles. Give the human even an hour or two to prepare, and basic human equipment like a machete and rope or string (if they've got a few rolls of duct tape the opposition is straight F-ed), and the human could easily use their int stat to up-armor the neck and fore limbs of the bulls with branches or brush, especially if the bulls were under the influence of tame. Lions, wolves, and bears would simply bounce off a bull with a wreath of brush secured around their neck. You also have to account for the fact that the human is the only animal with the int stat capable of selecting their defensive position for truly devastating force multipliers. If there is a choke point like a cliff face or thick trees that force multiply a defensive line based strat that limits air and ground access, then the human can use that terrain to devastating effect, or will outright make the perfect defensive position if you give them any time. The human int stat is super OP because their int stat passed a break point where they understand the concept of exponential force multiplication from using their int stat.

Jonadab the Unsightly One : I'd pick the human if he were better armed, but yeah, the sniper rifle is an inadequate counter for several of the things on the list. An assault rifle would be a LOT better. But you're right, the main reason to pick him is to avoid having him shoot you. If I could find some halfway decent cover (a good stand of trees, for example), I probably wouldn't pick the eagles. Actually I'd be sorely tempted to take the bears; I think you underestimate them. I think there are several options on the list that could counter the rats. Most obviously, I am almost certain the bears could deal with them in short order. I know ten thousand to three sounds like bad odds, but the bears aren't just bigger and stronger and tankier than the rats: they're also a lot faster and an order of magnitude more intelligent (rats are intelligent _for their size_; that's an important qualifier here), and bears can be LOUD when they get mad, in the deep bass range. Unless intimidate attacks are completely disabled, I don't think the bears would have any problem running off ten thousand rats, or a hundred thousand rats, or a million. Rats aren't optimized for group attacks against much larger enemies; they're not accustomed to doing that, and I don't think they'd have the nerve for it. Maybe if they were rabid, but that isn't specified. The lions also have more than enough intimidate ability to chase off the rats. The gorillas also might. I also think the bears would be able to run off the cattle quite quickly, run off the wolves with a bit of effort, and either run off or kill the lions. (They'd probably have to kill one to run off the others.) Bears work very effectively in groups, have a quite solid intimidation move, and have a lot of experience dealing with (and stealing kills from) wolves. As for the lions, they just don't have enough numerical advantage, at four-to-three, to make up for the difference in weight class. If the four of them could pull one of the bears away from the others... but that would not be easy to do, because bears are generally smarter than that. (Yes, they have solitary behavior, especially when foraging. But they consistently work together when facing down wolves, and I imagine lions would evoke a similar response.) If the lions and wolves cooperated with each other... but that would be unprecedented. The crocs are only a problem if there's water terrain involved. On land, their sustainable movement rate, if they have to go more than a few yards, is less than half that of anything else on the list except maybe the rats. Not so sure about the gorillas, though. Those could be an issue. I suppose you could take the bears and the gorillas, but then the human sniper is a big problem. Might be better to take the bears and the sniper. Tell the sniper to shoot the gorillas before they get close. Let the bears deal with the riff-raff. (I'm assuming the attack isn't coordinated so that all opponents regardless of build type arrive exactly at once, because that would be highly abnormal behavior for almost everything on the list, and because if the attack _is_ coordinated like that, you're just going to die.)

RobotomV2 : When will you get to the high tier human gear?

Justin Y. : 10,000 rats can basically devour anything in its path, it's like a wave of pain.

Quinn Lin : Oh damn I was right! I guess I am not as stupid as I thought

Erik Hedman : 1:33 i mean it has 50% of the strongest unarmed meele and if it can sharpen its nails it goes upto 70% making it strong even without the weapon

The Joy Of Painting : Thats a shotgun not a bolt action rifle

Rann : Someone please make this a real game

Agsma, Just Agsma : The rats have a special attack no one else has: Bubonic Plague.

Octav19 san : Just pick human.if the target is woman it will be man and vice versa.before they killed,the man/woman says "i will defend you till die" and stand in front of it. Just like a film,the man sacrifice to his wife.then all the animals who want to kill him/her stop and sad, emitting tears and not want to kill him/her. From here we know, the power of love can beat anything in this world,except god.

Legenden Noah 4.A : But the problem is... *_The Best teammates_* Doesn’t exist..

AntSwift1 : For me it depends what gear the human has, do they have guns? Or maybe a bullet proof mask.

djkfjf dkfkkf : I also always picked eagles and mice

NaturesTemper : So glad you didn't over state the strength of gorillas, that build is put on a pedistall but as you've stated are easily outclassed by animals such as crocodiles bears and lions.

ToxicCrocAttack Gaming : You could make some argument for almost any of the options, but not picking the 10,000 rats would be the last mistake you ever made.

WuzNab : But you see, humans can’t craft high tier ammo, only low tier like arrows. Only when using there co-op ability is when they unlock the better crafting recipes.

WuzNab : Alligators and crocodiles are actually decently fast on land.

Bleach : So, I imagine that my team and I have time to make our (like gather around in a circle or some shit). I also expect my team to listen to exactly what I say to them. My picks: Eagles and rats. Because I would tell 10 of the eagles to directly attack the human. The human would be too busy attacking me. But let's say, that the human will try to kill me no matter what, THEN I would tell 15 of the eagles, to make some kind of wall, so the human couldn't shoot me and attack the human at the same time. Get me? After the 15 eagles reached the destination, they would finish him up in under 20 seconds. After they finished him up, they would return and protect me. But then you probably ask "Who tf is going to protect you, while the other animals attack." Well, we would clap their cheeks. The rats are the distraction, so the eagles have no trouble attacking the others. I also imagine the environment to take place in a place where all animals have their advantage. If anyone disagrees, I would like to hear, why you are braindead (jk, but just tell me why)

VirtualBoyX : the Choose 2 puzzle is a lie. You made it up