The Optimal Team Comp

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TierZoo : Hey everyone, I finally made some merch! TierZoo pins, mugs, and t-shirts are now available at The pins turned out INSANELY well, check them out!

AlternateHistoryHub : I didn't know I needed this till now

Mango : *10000 rats in a mound over myself* "I am the rat king"

Bryce Mckenzie : Great Strat. Thanks Man.

S1gmus : S tier video


No this is Patrick : All of my teamates are noobs

Toby Quach : Give the human an m134 and a PUBG pan and they'll win 100%

Brody Krzysiak : I think Tierzoo should cover the bacteria class, an overlooked yet powerful class.

Omar Miller : Lmao, its hilarious how much thought goes into this

NotGorilla : I thought about this picture alot but I never realized the birds can ruin eyesight. But I think you should've mentioned the fact that a bull can charge through 200 rats and not get killed, but hey, if they are blinded it doesn't matter

Dean Natuno : *When sheer numbers overpower the skilled*

coolbanana165 : There are WAY too many rats for a fair match up.

Ian Wilson : It would be cool if you did a video on various invasive species and what makes them overpowered on other servers.

Benjamin Anderson : I chose rats and eagles based on the information given. Human would be a great choice if they can use their intelligence to create some sort of fortress but if we assume the human only has the rifle there is no way the human can protect you against 50 eagles. The human has a great offense but not that great of defense.

Oof : New game mode idea: Playing as an adult male human with the current meta, how many human 5 year olds can you take if they came in waves of 5 per wave, and every 5th wave was a human 8 year old boss with a bat.

Just Write : How long until someone else makes another "pick two" meme to spam you with? :P Great video though!

youseng lay : How much ammo does the human have?

Ethan Hall : Wow. Finally somebody that can logic.( P.S. Great Job You should do this more often!)

omnesilere : Human and eagles is the correct choice.


Business Casual : Rotating team comps when?? Also thanks for the shoutout! :3

Nelaryn : Idk if you've made one (or just the title was different) what about the 3 worst builds in each category?

Cryptic Gaming : Tierzoo. Can you tell us when the Despacito 2 DLC for the game is coming out?

Professor Dalton? : Oh damn I was right! I guess I am not as stupid as I thought

Daniel Geer : Man / Dog comp is op

Bronze : My teams are always just dps mains.

Cicopath : We still need to talk about some god-tiers. Used to or still exist, while acting like a legend or myth. Also, compare some S-tiers to see which will win in a fight. I definitely want to see spiders and wasps against humans or other things. Also, why not talk about natures, such as hostile or docile? Or does that not count?

DrakeMarvell : What are the best stealth builds and how would you rank them?

melphieowns : How did the devs experiment in alpha and beta?

Veni U : This spin-off "defend the VIP" from the game of life is my favourite.

NaturesTemper : So glad you didn't over state the strength of gorillas, that build is put on a pedistall but as you've stated are easily outclassed by animals such as crocodiles bears and lions.

Lars Aarton : You should make a video about mosquitoes.

Davis Nelson : When I first saw this meme (which was not here btw) I said I would pick the rats and the eagles just because they'd be the most painful way to go

Kreimer : Depends of what does the human have.

lightpro7 : If only the human wasn't limited to the rifle xd

ColeTrain316 : I sort of underestimated how many rats 10,000 rats actually is. That many rats could strip any combination of the others down to the bones in minutes.

Phillip Bell : I would argue that the the human is the top tier because every competent hunter has access to some source of fire ignition which can be used to nullify everything else. He dosen't even need a gun. Give me the red flower and a every animal will bow to me.

Todor Nenov : I choose 🐀

Thegamerboy 488 : Hey tierzoo i am a new player and i wanted to ask whats the best animal/plant is for newbies and also a quick question,is the human with a tank the most op thing? Please respond

xDolphin : i wish this was an actual video game, i wouldnt care about the graphics or price. I get it is real life, but itd be really fun to have this many options in a video game

The Derp Chaos : They maybe enemies in the wild, but they sure make one hell of a team.

Ƭerratomere : What if the human equips a B2 Bomber mount?

Querty Beighteen : I said Human and Eagles, no rugratz

Mushroom The Meals of Destruction : Can you make a guide for the April Fool meta, I really want to play the Cthulhu build but I don’t know how to properly use the build.

GilvaSinner aka: Captain NorthJahn : I’m a human build, what stat should I buff, also I have a dog for support if that helps.

Uriah Siner : Lion has better stealth than Crocodile? Wouldnt have guessed that.

RobotomV2 : When will you get to the high tier human gear?

The Nukian : inb4 new nerf renders more bacteria classes obsolete

Providence : Stop asking what if questions, they ruin the point of the exercise. Based on info given by the pic alone, TZ made the question answerable.