Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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The Nocturnal Alchemist : Jackie is my hero

Two Face : "Grabs cloth" Look This is a weapon too "destroys MacBook"

ShowTube : Just realized I watch all of Jackie's videos with a smile on.

Rebekka : I think jackie chan is honestly such a great person

DodgeWatt : Not sure if true or not but i heard Jackie Chan pays the full expense for everyone he works with stunt wise for health insurance. Because insurance company's try to charge a massive rate on him and anything he is in. Dunno if its true but it sounds like some thing Jackie Chan would do.

Strykzone : Jackie is so lovable, bless this man :D

Daniel Fisher : At the start, you could see that Jackie broke the board and not her. He broke the board with his hands and arm. EXPOSED!

chuchuchuchia : Omg that outfit Olivia please you're making me weak

Jura Kez : even zlatan ibrahimovic has a black belt in taekwondo wow

Ανδρέας Π : Instructions not clear I tried to fight a guy with a knife while tying my taekwondo belt around my head Rambo style and shouting "Help, a fly with chopsticks is trying to get me"

imicca : jackie Chan is the sweetest actor ever

Sam Carney : One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible - Genghis khan

Mike Lovecchio : She should sue that doctor.

Lorac : Jacket chan

-_-_-__-_-_- : 1:48 First he protecc, then he attacc

Batman Jr. : Why was everybody Kung fu fighting?

FatherDingo : I hate what Olivia did to her beautiful face, it doesnt look as naturally cute anymore with that botox etc.

Prince Perv : finished 200 jackie chan movies. am ninja master now


James Anthony : Bianca: "Wait but I really don't understand how karate people break through cement and shit with their hands?" It's easy to break through shit with your hand since shit is generally soft and squishy. Just be sure to thoroughly wash the hand afterwards.

DnK 55 : Jackie Chan is true inspiration !

OVO Caedmon : All I did was look at olivia 😩🤤😍

yeah right... : I wonder how old Jackie Chan has to get before I am confident I could kick his ass? Not that I have an active Jackie Chan problem! Just curious *

Mr LoL : I miss her in a slave-Leia outfit, only person to could ever pull it off since original. AOTS!!!!!

Nickonthepc : She's very... weird

Aslan _ : i well teach you some skill Savage 101%

NorthSea0il : Best advice ever at the end.

Naruto Hunter : Jackie chan and Bruce lee is like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Diego Quijano : Fun fact that I didn't know before. At 0:36 Jackie breaks the board first before her head makes contact to make it look like she broke it with her head. And thats probably what he did in the one before. Therefore, have someone break it before you do. The magic of props XD

Kizmizz : 4:22 And Jackie Chan reply: MANS NOT HOT

Amar AM7 : I had a bad day but just watching this video gave me a smile. Jackie is awesome

nuberiffic : "How many Kung Fu movies do I need to watch to be a Ninja master?" Probably the same amount of Golf movies you need to watch to be a Basketball master

Satan Himself : Olivia looks so wierd here

SlowMotion : Jackie chan the only dude i know that can use everything as a weapon lol

brendan sibanda : *Jackie smashed* 😭😂

Anik Alam : Still young, humble and probably worth a shit ton of money. Much respect for the guy.

Jorge Masvidal’s Hairline : That woman was very awkward.

Ahmed Ibrahim : The botox is fresh on olivia, her lower lip is basically immobile

Я_Царь_ ДеТка : Thank you for the wonderful childhood Jackie!!!

Orochi Rossi : TITS

TheMovieMyLife : My favourite Jackie Chan lines are all from Rush Hour 2... 😊  You go that way, I go this way You never touch a Chinese Man's radio I will b**** slap you back to Africa

Black : 'First i protect my self, then... Then you gone' *shakes head*

Nerulon Skyven : Did any1 become a ninja master yet ? Pls reply if u do and I start watching Jackie movies :D

MVD240sx : OMG Jackie Chan just touch Olivia Munn's hair. Sexual assault is 20 years.

Han Dinh : Did she break the wood with her head or he broke it and then the video skip to when the wood break????😏😏🤔🤔🤔

Adam : srsly ppl if someone has a knife, unless he is close enough to stab you, just run and gtfo

Brendon Phillips : Jackie Chan is my hero! But, on behalf of all martial artists doing demos, we don't all do breaks with prebroken-and-glued-back-together "demo boards" as in this video. That's how Jackie Chan was able to break the board before Olivia Munn's head hit it. We still use one-inch thick 12" x 12" pine boards.

Yitzhak / Isaac : FAKE!!! Do 0.25 speed on 00:35! You can see the wood is broken before she hits it!! I cant believe it im so pissed -_-

cuddler : She really makes one feel awkward watching this...

HoraDePizza YT : lol idk if i’m right but watching at :29 with the board breaking with her head, when they cut, it looks like they pre snapped the board and then jackie just bent it so it wouldn’t hurt her. still a legend anyways