Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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qdp612 : If you go at .25 speed, you can clearly see Jackie snapping the board before Olivia even hits it with her head.

Kellie Montgomery : the knife gave me anxiety

spoder man : the day Jackie Chan dies is the day i'm killing myself

Keys : I love this man.

AirmaqzTV : What happened to Olivia Munn's face? Her expression seems so off.. Almost as if she's sad. Or had botox.

Kryptonian Saiyan : Olivia still looks sexy as she did in her G4 days.

orangeflip : Is it just me or did his accent get heavier lol

Tora Chan : That fake, cleavage showing whore doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as Jackie Chan

Christian Sosa : I would've died of happiness if I saw Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker answering these questions. Still happy af seeing my hero again

Jimmy Blonde : Did she ever give childish gambino some?

MIKE LI : Dat way 2:52

Si56 : At :35 it breaks before she hits it in .25x speed

Alex Lipinski : Did his English get worse?

マクドナルドカイル : Similar video should be: "Eminem and Miley Cyrus answer common rap questions"

Nik Murphy : Jackie Chan is my spirit animal.

goodguyaus : Run Fu™ is the best Kung Fu.

Picka4y : Где субтитры???

Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro : *Watch them break the wood in slow motion, I head a feeling about this and watched, and I was correct*

RobinToTheBatCave : he broke the wood before her head hit... a true gentleman :D respect

Michelle Lam : Everyone here is praising Jackie Chan but honestly he’s not a great guy. Look into his patriotism for communism in China and you’ll be shocked.

Wong Jefx : Jackie is awesome and she is cute... sometimes she looks OK, and other times hot... she is a weird one...

Jeremiah Carlos : Olivia munn will be in the new season 6 very intrigued.. Jackie always a joy to see

Raz G : Do tits help distract the enemy?

Luz Maria Torres II Garcia : I LOVE JACKIE CHAN SO MUCH!!!!!!! PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!

Tom : What happened to her face?

NachoChote1 : just found out jackie chan had add


Jeff Beresford : What's she done to her mouth?

fiqipraramadhan : That clothes cover is actually a good idea.

Sirius V : Question: How do you meditate? Jackie: I'm ADD, I don't meditate.

kevin smith : Olivia is such a beautiful bitch..

Felix Kolodziej : 0:35 You can see, that Jackie Break the wood on his own, before she touch it with her head. Just play in 0,25 Speed

Dazz Arias : Awesome. Jackie Chan is a great guy. What Interesting answers. I have learned so much more. Thank you.

Yannik Adam : I know your a black belt and everything, but don't bully the old man. Lol just sayin'.

Dileep kr : At 0:35 the board breaks even before she hits her head, watch in slow mo and thank me later.

kelvin kong : the more i look at jackie chan the more he looks like my father. God i miss him so much!

Jay Ng : Jackie chan doesn't really have to introduce himself people just say "oh it's that Guy from rush hour!!"

UndeadSlayer5 : Wow I wonder if Jackie knows that Olivia's boobs are showing?

TheGoldenFigo : damn jackie be doing media like crazy to promote the foreigner movie

I Told ya : You could see Jackie breaking the wood with his hands.

Funtoycollection Surprise Toys Brinquedos & Juegos : Master Chan, Your new movie Kung Fu Yoga is really Brilliant (on Netflix). Standing on your arms was "Indian Rope"? Thank You. Kind Regards, FunToyCollection.

I be the Bonnie U be my Clyde : "The last thing i'll teach you is when you see a knife. 1st: Yell then turn and Run"

triplenz : Listen ladies, don't do surgery when you are as hot as Olivia. It's okay for old age to catch up, it's natural. Now she looks all plasticy.

Linda An : Somehow Jackie is really adorable. :)

Timothy Spatz : Olivia looked so uncomfortable, lol.

Neporian : You already know which one I would be balls deep in. Im looking at you jackie.

Richard Wu : When he saw a woman he go crazy

FyeHunnit : Olivia munn is the most boring personality in the industry

Joe Lackey : She's quite easily the most beautiful woman of all time. Olivia isn't bad either.

TheHitRevival J : He's so old now it makes me wanna cry