Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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Aslan _ : i well teach you some skill Savage 101%

safiaa : What a fucking legend.

DodgeWatt : Not sure if true or not but i heard Jackie Chan pays the full expense for everyone he works with stunt wise for health insurance. Because insurance company's try to charge a massive rate on him and anything he is in. Dunno if its true but it sounds like some thing Jackie Chan would do.

Two Face : "Grabs cloth" Look This is a weapon too "destroys MacBook"

ShowTube : Just realized I watch all of Jackie's videos with a smile on.

DnK 55 : Jackie Chan is true inspiration !

Mafaman : Jackie is my hero. I grew up watching this guy and have always admired him. CAN'T WAIT FOR 'THE FOREIGNER' TO COME OUT!!!!!! Shae SHae ChANG Kong sang! Shae Shae!!!!!

Zakarya Arziou : Dammmm lookimg at jackie Chan right now vs when i was younger i realised how old he got, but he stil is awesome

ahgase.03 : I LOVE HIM SO MUCH OMG

Atharva Dhekne : The hand chop was genuine, but go to 0:34 and reduce speed to 0.25x. You'll see the difference.

The Nocturnal Alchemist : Jackie is my hero

Jura Kez : even zlatan ibrahimovic has a black belt in taekwondo wow

Jorge Masvidal’s Hairline : That woman was very awkward.

Ανδρέας Π : Instructions not clear I tried to fight a guy with a knife while tying my taekwondo belt around my head Rambo style and shouting "Help, a fly with chopsticks is trying to get me"

yeah right... : I wonder how old Jackie Chan has to get before I am confident I could kick his ass? Not that I have an active Jackie Chan problem! Just curious *

A K : Jackie Chan is one of the best things that has happened since the universe came into existence! Edit : Wow. So many of you agree with me. That's good to know.

Naruto Hunter : Jackie chan and Bruce lee is like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Rebekka : I think jackie chan is honestly such a great person

XxOrlando8xX : She Looked So Uncomfortable While Jackie Is Doing Things

Mr LoL : I miss her in a slave-Leia outfit, only person to could ever pull it off since original. AOTS!!!!!


Golden Faithage : ask him questions about being a bitch for communist government spreading propaganda and not pointing out the bullshit

Sam Carney : One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible - Genghis khan

Lorac : Jacket chan

Lukas Henriksen : Spam "4" for some whippin´

Anik Alam : Still young, humble and probably worth a shit ton of money. Much respect for the guy.

Kizmizz : 4:22 And Jackie Chan reply: MANS NOT HOT

FatherDingo : I hate what Olivia did to her beautiful face, it doesnt look as naturally cute anymore with that botox etc.

OVO Caedmon : All I did was look at olivia 😩🤤😍

Не смеши мои Яйца : Thank you for the wonderful childhood Jackie!!!

Amar AM7 : I had a bad day but just watching this video gave me a smile. Jackie is awesome

Joachim Svåren Bjørgan : 1:46 *HELL YEAH* Fuck that mac up!

Nickonthepc : She's very... weird

HACKED HACKED : we just gonna forget that in rush hour Jackie chan said nigga?

thenight2225 : omg so sexy,i mean like right.that jackie chan never gets old.forgot to mention im a straight man but.....god damn if that jackie chan isnt sexy.

Cristian Ramirez : Now let's not ignore the fact that Jackie Chan is still rocking the popped collar in 2017...but damn he pulls it off.

Thai Koon : Lol who kill my unco jackie never found out from Shanghai noon😵👊🏼

Picka4y : Где субтитры???

mpa324 : Wtf happen to Olivia, did she just get old or plastic surgery?

Angel Sanchez : Olivia is awesome

imicca : jackie Chan is the sweetest actor ever

Prince Perv : finished 200 jackie chan movies. am ninja master now

NorthSea0il : Best advice ever at the end.

Nerulon Skyven : Did any1 become a ninja master yet ? Pls reply if u do and I start watching Jackie movies :D

enemay : Olivia starting to have that cat lady thing going on.


Neshedy : Bruce Lee is the king@!

spoder man : the day Jackie Chan dies is the day i'm killing myself

Han Dinh : Did she break the wood with her head or he broke it and then the video skip to when the wood break????😏😏🤔🤔🤔

C O N S T A N T V A R I A B L E S : Came for the on show Tittys, but stayed for Jackie.