Firecracker of Death !!!

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mungo 99 : Aliens: Lets go to Earth Druck BomB: ... BOOOOM! Aliens: Fuck that. People are crazy there!

Ashish Tripathi : Does it comes under definition of fire cracker?

DARSHAN GH : I closed my bloody ears when it was about to explode. I didn't know they made such a bigass cracker.

Anti-ODers : It's a bomb

Mada Mxa : When russia atack you : that is the result

Devendra Gaur : It's not a firecracker, it's a god damn bomb.

Noel Pacondo : Thats fire crakers any more its a boom

Luke De G : That's what I wanna call the Hiroshima of crackers.

The Planet Earth : That is a super grenade

Ram Boner : Where do I buy these lol

kamranul islam : i need one to blow my teachers ass !

Атанас Ангелов : ok that is for lol

Patisson : How can I get this firecracker?

Mason b5 : so...dinamite is a fire work now

Jerrado Campbell : You could've just walked away when you lit it.

animl killer 69 cruz : how about gun powder, tin can, nails,and a fuse lol

Jeff Rutan : I truly believe you can take out North Korea with that thing

Alabama SkyWatcher : You just made the FBI list bud. Definitely gonna be eyes on you.

Atom TNT : You might get arrested for acting like a Zihadi

Louis Johnson : That shit was loud as fuck

Beyond Limit : Fire cracker or bomb Human killer

Arnav Dixit : How I get this bro its amazing

Metadon 1 : Imagine that cats or some animals were in that bush idiot

Randy Fisk : so much pollution

Giuseppe Mendola : Mod a fac 👹👹👹👹👹

Pinkesh Jain : HAM KYA PAGAL HAI

Rayan Fatmi : Oh god damn


Rudraksh rastogi : *hi*

Varun Rathour : Love jihad NARA-E-TAKBIR ALLAHUAKBAR

Harsh Jaiswal : Kate Kate he ye bumm

MD Shahariar Howlader : WOW 😍😍😍😍

VG Harshit : If it is bomb or else but awe_some

SamRollins TheWanderer : Hero sima nagasaki moment for the plants there

cool guy : This is not a cracker it's a bomb, drop it in Pakistan

Just PC : lol this is not a firecracker anymore xD

neha verma : this is a bad pollution

Sidhant Megh9 : U put TNT in this ?

Vijay Grg : That was a some

Thunder 555 : Atomic bomb Atomic bomb O my god

F-mAdIk m : Where can I get one of those.

BaguSadikin : You should place another camera far away to see the shockwave it would be fun

Anand k dedly : u fool are killing the birds animals over there harming nature u idiots

anshul panchal : M i the only one who heard aliens😱😱😱

CubNeb : Now thats what i call a firecracker

Faiz Zahari : Wtf!!!! is that even a firecracker? Just how much does it cost??

Classic Video Games 1777 : Man that explosion probably is similar to a small ied.

the goofy atheist : Jesus fucking christ!!! What a bang😂😂😂😂

Kraken : Explosion at 00:57

Roy gupta : He got it from ISIS