Pokemon Live Action - Ash vs Red Kung Fu Battle
Pokemon Live Action Ash vs Red Kung Fu Battle

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In an alternate reality, Pokeballs were never invented. In order to live in the dangerous world of Pokemon, humans had to gain the power of Pokemon to defend themselves. Like Shaolin Monks who created animal style Kung Fu after observing Tigers, Mantis, and Cranes, the humans of the pokemon world observed Pokemon and invented a new form of Martial Arts, called "Pokemon Kungfu". In a short time, "Pokemon Kungfu" went from being a defensive art to a sport. And Pokemon Kungfu practitioners began to challenge one another in "Pokemon Duels". A new "Pokemon League" was created, and a new generation of "Pokemon Trainers" emerged. Armed with Pokemon Kungfu, they set off into the world, challenging one another, trying to be a Pokemon Kungfu master. In this episode, Ash, traveling with his friends Misty and Brock, challenges a mysterious foe to a Pokemon battle at the Team Rocket Hideout. ------ This project was a labor of love for us at Turtle Wave. Originally concieved in 2016, this film took a month to shoot, and more than two YEARS in post production. Director / Visual Effects - Tim Wang Editor / Sound Design - Joseph Le Camera / Gaffer - Alex Au Choreographer - Tim Wang & Joseph Le Martial Arts Consultants - Piankhi Zimmerman, Cindy Hoang Music Composition - Alex Kane Audio Post Production - David Johnson Production Assistants - Sam Choi, Vinh Le, Alex Zazzaro Secondary Camera Operators - Francis Torres, Sam Song Trainer Red - Tim Wang Ash - Joseph Le Brock - Piankhi Zimmerman Misty - Philecia Hoffer Officer Jenny - Aimee Hawkins Meowth - Minh Huynh Team Rocket Grunts Charles H. Boyer Julie Zhu Jay Johnson Michael Wu Kaitlyn Hiller Clarence Alexander Judy Hur Cindy Hoang Piankhi Zimmerman Alex Au #pokemon #pokemonliveaction #detectivepikachu #avatar#dragonballsuper


Prakasa Adnan : What do you expect for pokemon champion vs the trainer who always release and reset again his pokemon each region😂

Philecia Hoffer : This video is the best, like no other video was. To choreograph was a test, to make content was the cause. They will drive across the land, searching far and wide-- to find a set to understand, where they can film inside. Turtle Wave! (gotta edit it all) It's you and me, I know it's my destiny! Turtle Wave! Oh, Team Red's my best friend, In a world we must kung fu~ Turtle Wave! (gotta edit again) a heart so true Our courage will pull us through You punch me and I'll kick you TUR-TLE-WAVE!!!! (done editing it all) Yeah!

Ace Kun : A shame a big production like this isnt getting more views, gj on the video

Word1012 Chicken : LMAO BROCK'S EYES

Alan : Very creative. I like it. Felt like a blend of anime and kung-fu satire, sprinkled with a pokemon overlay for good measure. I was gonna say Trainer Red looked like he was going to use Rock Lee style based on his stance...

NexusJunisBlue : LOL So happy to finally see the final version! Can't wait for part 2! :)

Clifford Dean : I'm already having ideas for episode 2. Ash's Pikachu style vs one of the starters of Johto, Ethan & the style of Typlosion.

Cina : Here before 1 million

Team Red Productions : This is the best video out on Youtube right now!

tailsBOOM! : You should do a miniseries on Youtube! I'd totally watch it!

NERD-E- PRODUCTIONS : Guys it is not a suprise that thjs would be a masterpiece! Amazing work. Just like always you guy's videos are sooo inspiring!!!! Thank you so much for making this and showing it the world!

Aj Omega : Absolutely love the idea. Subbed!

El Laggron : How is this not making a million views? Great special effects, glad I found this on Reddit, I'm sharing everywhere I can!

dangelobenjamin : Awesome!! I prefer my battle music (of course). But there are a lot of different battle musics used here and I appreciate the classic pokemon harmony! The fighting and script are just amazing.

Jonathan Henderson : OMG, I laughed my head off! This is great! Go Turtle Wave!

Andrew R : I can't truly see that character as Ash until he either pulls some hax or manages to lose in some implausible way.

CW : This was amazing. I wish you guys made a show or something.

WhereDidYouGohan _ : Now I’m hype for something I didn’t expect, good job

Omar Ilias : This is awesome, I laughed so hard. That cliffhanger though 😢

K C : This is soooooo so awesome. I freaking got chills!

Matthew Gobell : That was so awesome, amazing work

jimmy6thcase : Y'all are dorks lol

Mateus Costa : Avatar-style Pokémon Battles is something I didn't know I needed in my life...

Tommy Cinders09 : Yes after 3 years its come

Bryan Schopp : Amazing work you guys! Keep up the great work!

tailsBOOM! : Can we see Gladion vs Ash or something next?

Joshua Osei : This is the best thing I have seen in a while on Youtube. Please please please make more

WesPaul1 : Loved it!! Glad to see Officer Jennie finally made it to the scene. Wondering if that part was staged.

Tommy Nguyen : 2 years!!! Damn. It was worth the wait


Andrew Liu : I really love this. Not only is the quality really good, but so is the choreography. I am quite surprised this isn't getting more views/likes. GJ guys! Cant wait for Part 2

Rondy Wooten : This is absolutely fantastic!

Peter Chan : WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!

KiiDMarVeL : THIS IS LITERALLY THE AWESOMENESS THING I'VE EVER SEEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!! My dream is to become a filmmaker and make videos like this one. You have inspired me to keep work harder. Keep up the great work and hopefully, we work together some day.

T4men04u : That Krabby style's the best.

Travis Centel : This is straight Fire!

Idris Mortley : I think this was very well done and I hope they continue with this series. I will be looking forward to more episodes

Jed Dornoff : Loved it and shared it with my friends. Tony is the one who showed it to me while I’m the show CRIMINAL MINDS.

The Boiis : This is Dope AF!!

Genya Tusamaki 1219 : Now this is real anime right here. Great job guys!

Fusionfury : This was AMAZING

Z K : Considering their fire, air and lightning animations, they could make a badass Avatar Last airbender fight.

JURASSUC WORLD MOBILE GAMER : Turtle wave your edit it's do amazing and and yahhh I subscribe you thanks for this video and pls make the part 2 pls

Mario Gamer 64 : YES, you guys are awesome, REEE of approval

Shane Demers : EPIC!!!!!!

Sobersunrise : This was amazing!

ZeroFour Studios : Pure Respect for this that's all that needs to be said such a Epic job Turtle Wave.

Zyrus the man Abrantes : This was the awesomeness thing i ever seen its like dragonball z but with pokemon fighting style

Musfiq Rahman : misty never used 'pervert' in the show right? XD haha that was epic...