Pokemon Live Action - Ash vs Red Kung Fu Battle

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Expired Water : I just realized that the guy playing Brock has his eyes closed the whole time. Lol nice touch!

Philecia Hoffer : This video is the best, like no other video was. To choreograph was a test, to make content was the cause. They will drive across the land, searching far and wide-- to find a set to understand, where they can film inside. Turtle Wave! (gotta edit it all) It's you and me, I know it's my destiny! Turtle Wave! Oh, Team Red's my best friend, In a world we must kung fu~ Turtle Wave! (gotta edit again) a heart so true Our courage will pull us through You punch me and I'll kick you TUR-TLE-WAVE!!!! (done editing it all) Yeah!

Ace Kun : A shame a big production like this isnt getting more views, gj on the video

Word1012 Chicken : LMAO BROCK'S EYES

Prakasa Adnan : What do you expect for pokemon champion vs the trainer who always release and reset again his pokemon each region😂

NexusJunisBlue : LOL So happy to finally see the final version! Can't wait for part 2! :)

Cina : Here before 1 million

Alan : Very creative. I like it. Felt like a blend of anime and kung-fu satire, sprinkled with a pokemon overlay for good measure. I was gonna say Trainer Red looked like he was going to use Rock Lee style based on his stance...

Andrew R : I can't truly see that character as Ash until he either pulls some hax or manages to lose in some implausible way.

The Abridged Boiis : This is Dope AF!!

Clifford Dean : I'm already having ideas for episode 2. Ash's Pikachu style vs one of the starters of Johto, Ethan & the style of Typlosion.

Team Red Productions : This is the best video out on Youtube right now!

NERD-E- PRODUCTIONS : Guys it is not a suprise that thjs would be a masterpiece! Amazing work. Just like always you guy's videos are sooo inspiring!!!! Thank you so much for making this and showing it the world!

CW : This was amazing. I wish you guys made a show or something.

tailsBOOM! : You should do a miniseries on Youtube! I'd totally watch it!

Z K : Considering their fire, air and lightning animations, they could make a badass Avatar Last airbender fight.

El Laggron : How is this not making a million views? Great special effects, glad I found this on Reddit, I'm sharing everywhere I can!

Tommy Cinders09 : Yes after 3 years its come

Andrew Liu : I really love this. Not only is the quality really good, but so is the choreography. I am quite surprised this isn't getting more views/likes. GJ guys! Cant wait for Part 2

Aj Omega : Absolutely love the idea. Subbed!

jimmy6thcase : Y'all are dorks lol

dangelobenjamin : Awesome!! I prefer my battle music (of course). But there are a lot of different battle musics used here and I appreciate the classic pokemon harmony! The fighting and script are just amazing.

Joshua Osei : This is the best thing I have seen in a while on Youtube. Please please please make more

ShinotsukaRin : First off I wanna say that I'm not exactly new to this channel, but I haven't really watched too much on here (I plan to watch more) and I watched the Little Mac vs Dark Ness vid I think some time last year and I remember it being very well-done. Much like this video. I am so surprised to see you guys don't have more views on your videos, even that one with how fantastic it was. Secondly, before the rest of my long comment, if you guys are even reading this, um... there IS gonna be a part two, right? And hopefully more after that if things aren't finished by then. I know it said To be cont. and that's a big thing in every Pokemon episode, and it doesn't necessarily mean you will do more. But will you? Lol. Moving on now~ I absolutely loved this. Very reminiscent of the anime with all of their lines. So that's plus one already. And most of Brock's lines were very funny and made me laugh. Having his eyes closed is funny to me because well, despite it being confirmed that Brock had lines for eyes was a stereotype for Asians (Chinese I think? But not sure) But the actor playing him is not exactly Asian, lol. I thought it was weird at first, but it's not bad. Plus I like the person acting as Brock. More things I loved include the fighting, special effects (WOW), and the overall decisions made. In terms of the fighting, it was great. Really really good. They obviously know some martial arts. I think the Pidgeotto one was a good key-in to what the fighting was gonna be like. It was way cool, especially with the effects and random things like wing attack. Showed me what the fight was going to look like a bit. Krabby style was hilarious. Definitely not a viable fighting style against someone like Red. I like all the special effects and sound effects used. It looked very nice and clean. I like how it's sort of an aura type thing that glows around them and has animations when Ash was either running, or doing various attacks. The agility and vanishing ーor what I like to call 'flash-stepping' ever since I started watching Bleachー looked cool also. The Charizard one was my favorite. Which, now that all of that stuff is out of the way, brings me to my final feedback piece: the direction everything was going. It was great. We all know how strong Red is. And in this he was a total badass. Totally stomped all the TR grunts. And in the fight he was untouched when not blocking, up until the Pikachu moment. He seemed to be on the ropes completely. To be honest, I was a little bit scared that it was gonna go the route of Ash besting him in the battle just like that. (yes, besting. Not a typo lol. just to clarify rq) And I think that was good for this. Only in the back of my mind was I thinking "Oh yeah this is Red we're talkin about. He won't lose to Ash in ten million years". If it was their intention to have us believe Ash would win purely because he is the main character in this (MAYBE) then that was smart. Since I was thinking back and forth between those things, even though I was waiting for some epic "fist-grabber" by Red, when it happened, I was like YES. It was still totally epic and I freaked out by its pure awesomeness. Ash was knocking Red around and paralyzed him, did all these attacks to try and whittle him down before his finishing blow. And everyone believes Ash has won.. The audience, Ash, Misty, Brock... And right as he throws his finisher ーhis thunderpunchー JZZT BAM! Nope. It gets caught breathlessly. Red is seemingly unscathed except for the paralysis. Yeah some damage was taken, but not much. And honestly, most of this was before Red had even chosen to "power up" or choose a Pokemon style to fight with. So he's pretty powerful. He full restores, tosses the bottle aside and dusts himself off. And then after all the build-up, CHARIZARD, BABY. Really cool fighting stance and that roar added a lot. So many factors in this, that I didn't even mention as well, that just make this work. I love it. I can't even believe the level of work, passion, and effort that goes into videos like these. I hate how underrated this channel and all the videos are. You guys deserve so much more. I hope you kick up soon! Thank you for the great content! I really did enjoy the video!!!!!

WesPaul1 : Loved it!! Glad to see Officer Jennie finally made it to the scene. Wondering if that part was staged.

Jed Dornoff : Loved it and shared it with my friends. Tony is the one who showed it to me while I’m the show CRIMINAL MINDS.

Zyrus the man Abrantes : This was the awesomeness thing i ever seen its like dragonball z but with pokemon fighting style

Xyl Yng : You guys should make more videos like this!!!

Berputar : make a whole movie please. sure gonna watch

Ravvit : Damn Red still has no emotion like a Badass

Jonathan Smith : Omg please make mor of this stuff this is awesome

Matthew Gobell : That was so awesome, amazing work

SimpleSandCastle : SO AWESOME !! love how each pokemon was turned into a stlye! Also Ash playing games! He should've mastered krabby style LOOOOL

David Betts : This hands down has to be the most creative and original piece of work I have seen in a very long time. It is like combining Avatar The Last Airbender with Pokemon I definitely will pay big money to see more of this

Tommy Nguyen : 2 years!!! Damn. It was worth the wait

Idris Mortley : I think this was very well done and I hope they continue with this series. I will be looking forward to more episodes

K C : This is soooooo so awesome. I freaking got chills!

Javiikyuu : The Full Restore had me rolling lmao

Gianlucca : Very cool Turtle Wave, keep it going

Peter Petrzala : love the small details, and the big details of course "gary was here, ash is a loser"; brock with his eyes closed the entire time; the krabby dance moves. the character traits. everything is just A+ quality.

Travis Centel : This is straight Fire!

tailsBOOM! : Can we see Gladion vs Ash or something next?

Expired Water : Amazing

• WhereDidYouGohan • : Now I’m hype for something I didn’t expect, good job

Garrett Taira : I just jizzed myself

Nico Santiago : Can I ask what program did you guys use for the special effects? kinda curious and shocked in awe still

Kyle Lambing : Honestly.. I thought this was going to be terrible.... The voice acting isn't very good, but everything else, the cinematography, the choreography, the stunts and visual effects were all amazing. Great job guys, can't wait for the next one

ZeroFour Studios : Pure Respect for this that's all that needs to be said such a Epic job Turtle Wave.

Keaton Williams : I thought it was pretty good parody. The guy who was brock's character nailed it. He could be a potential actor to be casted for the role of Brock.

Let's free : I PREFER RED WİN