Everyone is here (HEMA related edition)

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Tamás Szirják : First comment Hmmmm... But what about... Pommel Maces!

IPostSwords : Tfw not part of everyone

KnightSquire : SO AWESOME!

Luka : So Lindybeige is Waluigi of hema smash, feelsbadman

xgladar : holy shit this is great. definitely should add snapjelly ,nick thomas and medival reviews next time

Diego De León : Magnificent! I just think you should add Dimicator, Lindybeige, Knyght Errant and HEMA Reviews! Ikka Hartikainen & Axel Petterson!

Il Papa Vitielo : This, This is art. Also who the hell are the 5 people who disliked the video, must be Men of no culture.

Levi Fontaine : Wow this is the best thing I’ve seen all week but you’re missing some other key characters like Thrand, Nick Thomas, and Snapjelly, as well as the Stocatta guys in Australia

Metatron : Ahah

American_Swordsman : Someone add John Clements as a villain DLC

max01 axb : Hahahaha I would use Metatron and Skall

katanamaru1 : This is magnificent!

Twilight Samurai : Bless this video.

Londinium Armoury : Why is Raph from the Metatron channel here, he doesn't do HEMA.

Sterling silver Lizard : I like your video

Jorge Uribe : Awesome times 10!

Michael King : I would play this game, It needs to be a thing

Levi Fontaine : And for the love of God John Clements

Marek Ondráček : Does anybody has the source on the Jake Norwood interview bit please?