11 Scariest Events YouTubers Ran Away From

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Chills : Adding me on social media is greatly appreciated :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dylan_is_chillin_yt Twitter: https://twitter.com/YT_Chills Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/chillsnarrator

Tucker Upper : Number 8 was our video and it was 100% something unnatural from a different world or reality. Not an animal or person something else. I refuse to ever set foot on that property again, but my friend Jimmy went back and heard foot steps, upstairs, voices , and other noises. Still the heaviest supernatural encounter of my life .....Thanks for the share!

Scott Harvey : OMG im sorry but you have the most infuriating voice why do you end EVERY sentence like a fucking question?!?!?!?!?

Yeza Kain : Voiceover scares me more man den the video

byff2 : Why do you talk like a stoned valley girl??!!!!🤷🏻‍♀️

Snowman Saves Eorzea : Your dialogue is like the audio equivalent of a ransom note. Every word seems like it was chopped from another sentence and put together to form a new sentence. The inflection and volume of every word is out of place with the words that came before and after.

Anna Holmok : I really wanted to watch this but I can’t handle the way this guy is narrating

Mark Wright : Why... Do... You... Talk... Like... A... Robot?

Aroob Khan : His voice seems more scarier than the Video..

Ezekiel White : 4:36 whoever is the last one downstairs is a rotten egg

Mr Skoal : Dude can you not talk in your videos anymore... :(((((

Jadden : If you go to a "haunted" place and get scared because you heard a noise... What are you expecting? 😂 nothing?

John Sengul : Change playback speed to 1.25 and it becomes slightly more watchable. Slightly

terajah minor : Dude change ur voice... NOW!

Tony Bagley : You been on diazepam

Morris Branch : #1 should of been the video of viewers running away from your voice lol

NikateeN : Why do you say everything like it’s a question??? It was hard to make it through the vid...

LIIVI GALORE : Please please please.... talk normal.... please...... PLEASE. SHEEESH!! when I realize it's your video....I end it.

MR noob : Not going to lie but your voices became a meme

Ignored Saddnes : 8:16 idk why but I laugh so hard 😂

Robert Redmond : Learn how to talk.

John Keig : Your voice is the most disturbing thing on this video.

Turnip_ Productions : Try and put a little expression in ur voice

maria smay : 90% of these comments are about how utterly abhorrent Chills' voice is.

william mitchell : Oh lord..how did I get to this monotone dude again...

Luke Nolan : Have you been dropped on your head as a child or something

Nathorix : omg its the foot lettuce man ive been looking for his channel ive been blessed

Fraizuh : In dr shaym’s video, the tapping kinda sounds like the S.O.S signal. There’s a tiny chance that someone could’ve been buried alive due to criminal activities? Just a thought.

Gavin Molloy : Waaaaaaatttttt aaaaaa llooooooaaaaaddddd oooofffff bolllllllllllox. I have to play your voice at 32 speed just so you can sound normal.

TheLaggyContent : Gosh This narrative voice is cancer

ujqw : I ran from burger king they tried to sell me foot lettuce

CIGAR RALPHY : So the best idea she came up with is run in a lonely alley....🤔

Vance D. Blackwood : Naaaah, I thought a dark storm pipe provided food and naturally light source 🙄

Rosie -_- : Why the HELL would you go into a forest in the middle of the night?????????

JAG 318 : Wolverine probably

Jacoby Mcdaniel : Who else hates his eratateing voice

Chris Lockridge : The only thing that is unnatural is this dude's voice.

Aayonia Davis : Can you please change the way you talk or just stop talking and just type everything you need to say.!!!

Midnight Jewels : 7:51 I didn’t hear the hissing noise, if you did well I’m deceased then.

Ryan Parker : All aboard the Stupid Train Express! Next stop, Ignorance!

DemonUnnie : personally i like his voice that's the voice of someone who knows a lot about foot lettuce.

Jordan : The scariest part of the video was the narration

DylanDarko : LOL this dude makes music too???? With this voice? Bwahahahahaha

SohiHien : Pretty sure the "alien creature" video is a porcupine

Xoxash Xox : His voice is more scarier than the actual video

Vic : Videos are almost unwatchable thanks to his voice... please get a new narrator

Amy Brack : I wouldn’t mind these videos but I hate the voice talking.

Grace __ : Change the speed to 1:25x

pizzarodfw : That voice I can’t take it....that made me run away from this YouTube video.

Bladewalker : You should pay someone else to narrate your videos. Preferably someone who can enunciate properly.