11 Scariest Events YouTubers Ran Away From

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sliced banana : Everyone hates his voice His voice hates everyone

ProDudeFilms : Do you ever click on these not knowing its Chills and then when you hear the voice it catches you off guard and then your like "oh yea, this dude"

Leanna Vance : That gator looked exhausted or hurt. They can run extremely fast but if he was protecting his young he would have been hissing! I live in Florida and have lived in close proximity with them all my life to me he looked hurt.

Henrietta : I want to watch this bro but the way you talk is so annoying I can't deal with it.

bonbon : 8:17 that scream sounded like homer simpson lmao

Army’s Blink once : *Reminds me of that kid in class who’s a slow ass reader*

Corey Mullis : The 2nd video was probably a homeless man.

Doc Lewis : The guy yelling in the tunnel is saying:  "You better leave."   As in he sees them running away and shouts, "You better leave", to get them to run/leave faster. These types of tunnels are "home" to a lot of displaced people and they are protective of their "homes". Some of these tunnels can be riddled with drug dealers and users but most are simply displaced people with no place else to go. Please show them respect by "knocking" and "asking permission" to explore. Always tell people where you're going, with whom, how long you expect to be gone, what you're wearing, the time and date you left your house/car. Leave a digital note AND a real, physical paper note so everyone knows...even if you live alone. I always left a note on my kitchen counter so if I disappeared on a date and didn't report to work, my boss would've called the police and they would've found my note. I NEVER invited a date to pick me up at my place. Sorry for giving a lecture but I just want everyone to be careful and stay safe but to still enjoy life.

Minecraft Cat lover : I watched 5 Minutes and Gave up on his voice... 🤬🤬🤬🤬

mvasqu762 : If I lived in the woods, I would have to own like 4-5 dogs.

Brevard Smith : Alleyways are not the best places to sprint to for safety.

Sandy Wildfong : I live in Michigan and know the wildlife well, i think theres a good chance its a bear🐻

7-4 till the world blow : His voice sounds like he’s mocking someone

Anthony8 Gonzalez : God why the long pronouncement??

Jeny Mitchell : I think i figured it out....this YouTube channel is made by a robot...that's the only explanation for the narrator's weird speech

Tucker Upper : Number 8 was our video and it was 100% something unnatural from a different world or reality. Not an animal or person something else. I refuse to ever set foot on that property again, but my friend Jimmy went back and heard foot steps, upstairs, voices , and other noises. Still the heaviest supernatural encounter of my life .....Thanks for the share!

Traw Gaming : His voice gives me the chills not the actual stories

jacob weers : I love these videos but his monotone is a bit much...

Jim Zawalich : Clicked after the 1st Minute! Oh Scary Some guy is? Isn't Following me, Or could he just be someone walking and she's Paranoid!!

Jan D H : Your voice "numbah elevuuhn" 😄 Sorry😳

Jadden : If you go to a "haunted" place and get scared because you heard a noise... What are you expecting? 😂 nothing?

Liv Platt : His voice is scarier than the video

Will Puckett : Why does your voice make me want to kick puppies? I love puppies😑

yvette l : I would rather have the ghetto siri girl talking us through this.lmao😂😂

⚡️StriderStrikeyCat⚡️ : #3 ITS A HEDGEHOG

tempocat the furry ツ : Comment section: 10000% his voice is weird 2% something normal Edit= i never said anything about his voice ¿¿¿¿ i was just saying the comment section

HYP3_ TheMaster : donald trump when hes still 16

Drew Moore : if it were an 18 wheeler you would b able to hear it. the engine would be clearly audible

Anoobius : 9:32 it's a bear

groovyhoovy : #6 alligators can run 40 miles per hour on land for a short period of time if it wanted to it could have gotten to them in a flash

Anna Holmok : I really wanted to watch this but I can’t handle the way this guy is narrating

Boogy Bash : I like your videos but dude your voice

RelicOneGaming : Still making videos, still sounding the same.

CreepsyPasta : 7) IT BE THE RAKE 😂😂 Edit: 1) IT BE THE SLENDERMAN 😂😂

Nightcore/Anime Kawaii Girl : In the 10th vid I heard the man say ‘get the **** out!!’

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn : The guy that almost got eaten by the croc is stupid he hears people telling him to get out the way and he does nothing

Samantha Owens : Love the content but the voice ruins it bro! You literally have the same monotone voice in every single video. I show it to people and they can't even get thru the content because of the voice.... I'm not trying to be rude but maybe get a buddy to do voiceover or something. You'd have watchable content.

ZWolfman 101 : We can all agree that Chills makes a lot of dollar bills

Tarman The Champion : The headlights of the supposed semi truck look way to close together.. and what about all the other lights that are supposed to be on a semi truck... ? The cab lights, the yellow side lights next to the head lights and the trailer lights?? All no where to be seen!! And as for the Australian "creature" it seems totally set up. Cause man, I would've started to throw rocks at it within 5 seconds, thats if I didn't initially use a 7.62 x 54R on it for target practice lol! I always like to bring or have a fire arm close by me when ever I go into the woods especially at night.. and I do quite often for night time hikes in the Cascades, in Washington state! Its soo much fun & relaxing! it's totally a different world at night! I would highly suggest trying it sometime. Just go well prepared and definitely bring a backpack & some kind of light source with extra batteries & everything. And bring a friend if you dont feel comfortable being alone in the woods at night.. Also make sure you know the area extremely well as not to get lost. 😀👌

Brendan King : Such a monotone voice! You need more energy man!

CIGAR RALPHY : So the best idea she came up with is run in a lonely alley....🤔

Lilly Turner : I think the guy said lady I am thirsty in number ten

Amit jha : Love his voice Everybody is talking about his voice in some way

apurba singh : The videos are legit but what’s with the man narrating ? Drunk ?

Robin Leffler : My great grandma died in that house that Tucker upper in the bathroom

Linkmon99 : #15. when i heard burger king foot-lettuce boi at 3am


alexandros jos : if you hate his voice go in options and put SPEED on 1.25 thank me later ;)

Mado V. : I think I saw a face on number 7... 😰😰😰😰