The Front Desk: Triplets ft. Bill Hader
Bill Hader in a Triplets Convention

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When a triplet convention takes over the hotel, Christopher has to deal with a set of very demanding triplets. What’s better than Bill Hader? Two Bill Haders. And three Bill Haders is even better than two Bill Haders. Bill Hader as triplets guest starring on The Front Desk with 30 Rock star John Lutz. SUBSCRIBE to Above Average: Share on FACEBOOK: TWITTER: "The Front Desk: Triplets ft. Bill Hader" When a triplet convention takes over the hotel, Christopher (John Lutz) has to deal with a set of very demanding triplets (Bill Hader, Bill Hader, Bill Hader). "The Front Desk" The Front Desk stars John Lutz (30 Rock) as the front desk clerk of a boutique hotel in New York City. Cast & Credits Producer: Kevin Miller Guest Starring: Bill Hader as Tim, Tom, Ted, Terrence Starring: John Lutz as Christopher ====


Cilan RapeFace : Bill Hader, he's amazing.

dude dude : wanna hear my guitar shirt

Decent Humans : Never trust quadruplets. I think they were really triplets or even twins. At least one of those Bill Haders was really the other Bill Hader.

Gerald Wiseman : I was waiting for a plot twist where it was in fact the same guy pretending to be triplets in order to get 3 rooms to himself. Still a funny sketch though. The intro piece where they say "THE FRONT DEEESK!" was so aggressive that it caught me off guard in the most pleasant way possible.

Thomas Rogers : I’m a simple man. I see Bill Hader, I watch, I hit thumbs up.👍

Octo Gigantus : If you have ever worked at a front desk for a hotel before, you will definitely get the humor in this, and how stupid people really are. 

pennydesouza : ted was right

Purryface TØP : 😻😻😻😻bill hader is so freaking hot

Kel Green : I don't think I could love Bill Hader more.

Carly Quinn : Is the theme song just Will Forte yelling “The Front Desk!” Lol 😂

z3ratul99 : For some reason. I like this.

sebatian : That's weird, Fred ringed the bell the moment I subscribed

Juan Manuel Jaime : 1:54 Michael Shannon? lol 

B Dean : lutz cant catch a break!

New Thought : Yes I NEED that guitar shirt.

zizinnnn : better than Bill Hader is 4 Bill Haders

Matt Windham : 4Th brother he sounds like Dolph Lundgren lmao

Cewa Paiget : Clicked subscribe just to hear the bell ding. It worked.

rocksully : We need more of these. 


aaaaaaaaaaaa :'s the LEAVE HIM ALONE Guy :)

BearBoozled : OMG i acually subbed the time he dinged the bell!

lorkshun : The only reason why I won't subscribe is because there's not enough Front Desk videos. This is such a great series, and they have a great selection of actors; they should at least make a 100 videos. WHY AM I NOT GETTING ANY MORE FRONT DESK VIDS?!! I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!

Tara Shaw : Its weird how some SNL is hilarious and some just BLOW!!!

Sly K : In the title (Bill Hader of SNL) needs no explanation. ITS BILL FUCKING HADER MAN!!! One of the best ever! That should be in the title.

AJ Larsen : You wanna hear my guitar shirt? hahahahaha

Giorgio Angelini : I just moved into London Terrace. I am bummed to learn that you no longer live here. (notastalker) I guess me and Debbie Harry are going to be kickin it on our own.

Daniel Latzanich : Last brother sounds like Buffalo Bill hehehehehe damn it's close

parrrtypants : stepping in a pile of fresh hot dog shit, barefoot, and feeling it squeeze between your toes, is funnier than this.

UNDEAD R ME : OMG BILL! Where's your neck?... Why are you blue?.....hmmmm

mike miller : You don't look like Bill Hader.

TacticalGI : yeah because more then likely thats bill hader.

nowdatsfresh : Wait, was she a great big fat person?

FCM : Hilarious.

Ryan Ries : I rang the bell because I was told to do so by Fred Armisen

Greg H : LUTZ!!!

TheEnviousdominous : This was better than SNL.

Kevin Kirtley : he is funny but his voice is terrible

john nelson : its set up that way lol. it was soo funny though

Fizz zziF : MCLOVIN

Wingman Purgatory : only with a guitar shirt can you rock that hard

Crocus Bloom : marry me

Vincent Valentine : God Bill Hader is one of the funniest people alive. I dont think this sketch would have even worked with 99% of other comedians.

tomitstube : lol, ---> points, "i'll make it happen." i'm already subscribed, ha ha, jokes on you....

Mekela Tyler : This is so funny because my dad has twin brothers, Tommy and Timmy, and my dad and Tommy don't get along with Timmy.

Stephen Pike : Aww snap

lnfk : should have kicked all three of the others out and let him in..

Whoisthisgirl : Him in his lobster shirt funny

Bduh : Bill Hader... THAT MAN IS A COMEDY GENIUS \(^__^)/ he's adorable too :3 :P