▶ Leopard "Detonates" Zebra Carcass in Kruger National Park

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This Leopard bit into a decaying zebra carcass and got sprayed with intestine fluids ! Kruger National Park,South Africa: http://www.krugerparkbookings.com This rare Leopard sighting took place at Djuma Bush Camp in the Greater Kruger National Park area. "Mvula the leopard is the first predator/scavenger to stumble across a dead, decaying zebra... We, along with our ranger, Taxon, and our tracker, Fanot, followed Mvula for a couple of kilometres from the Djuma bush camp water hole until the leopard picked up the scent of the decaying zebra... Folks, watch this to see a VERY startled leopard..." - Videographer, Richard Malcolm. Kruger National Park - http://www.krugerparkbookings.com This is just a short video of how a Leopard opens up a zebra carcass while feeding on it next to the Road in Kruger National Park.Great Kruger Sighting for tourists. For Professional Kruger National Park Safaris, Tours and Guided Day and Night Drives - CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/KrugerParkSafarisTours a Full List of Kruger National Park Rules is available when you book accommodation or visit Kruger Park as a Day Visitor. Kruger National Park Accommodation Here : http://www.krugerparkbookings.com View and Subscribe to our Youtube Video Channel Here : http://www.youtube.com/user/exRanger7 This Kruger National Park Video is protected by ©Copyright : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEuE9yrwI6k Kruger National Park Safaris and Accommodation. Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/KrugerNationalParkAccommodation Twitter : https://twitter.com/exRanger77 Google+ Places : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109957043177735344240/109957043177735344240/posts Kruger National Park - Best Videos - Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLol8_WTZ44ZqmJY5ioiK51uBixP0s_Vuc a Full List of Kruger National Park Rules is available when you book accommodation or visit Kruger Park as a Day Visitor. Leopard "Detonates" Zebra Carcass in Kruger National Park. - Kruger Park, South Africa.

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38 Tommy : When you eating your girl out but you forgot she was on her days....

Weebajock dugatti : Leapord seemed disgusted lol

Alex Castro : The zebras final defense mechanism

Carty : The zebra was eating Mentos before it died

Thy E : Leopard: im going vegan for now... Edit: OMG thx for the likes :3

Famoz Fam : He went vegan after that

The Adventures of TNT : That thing has got to smell awful

2 Loyal : R.I.P Marty From Madagascar 🙏

it is what it is : Hyenas would've been bathing in that shit hollering , Its raining gravy... lol

Ringo Harris : It's like when you take the first bite of a juicy steak

BaronOfAnarchy : It was at that moment the Leopard decided to become a herbivore.

Jams !! : The leopard's like "wtf just happened"

Vedant Shetty : Just so that everyone knows, the body exploding after an animal dies is not too rare. It happens quite often. This occurs because of the methane producing bacteria inside the body causes a build up of natural gases. When cut open after many hours, it cause it gives the gas an outlet and makes the animal explode

Lee Lee Jackson : Well the leopard is traumatized

Jason Jackson : Zebra drank a Pepsi & ate a pack of Mentos just before he died 😂😂

Frank Pichardo : Leopard: “I’m not hungry anymore.” 😂

Splash Attack TCG : The Zebra may be dead, but it got the last laugh... *Period*

Panic! At the Chemical Fall Out Piløts : The leopard looks embarrassed

Year 3000 : The leopard looks like he wants to vomit now. He’s like this shit isn’t even appetizing anymore. 😅

Karl The Fragr : Something tells me the expiration date on that Zebra has long passed...

TUBBX : Looks like that zebra still had to use the bathroom

musema jemal : Thank you for real thumbnail

Maceo Roker : You can only imagine the “smell.”

Sekou : The zebra drank 3 liters of fruit punch before it died

Trendy 17 : Leopard:Wtf?! Ew!!im going to be vegan!!

Elyse N : Its like he's contemplating if he should still eat it😂

Shanplus3 : Bet that smelled wonderful! 😂😂😂

mrno name : What it's feels like to chew 5 gum.

Who's yo Daddy? : Don't just sit there grab a tampon!

Mox : Thank’s YouTube, this is exactly what I wanted to watch

Marcus Allen Lovell : 36 seconds in I'm crying

Just For Laugh Gags : Anyone still watching this? Year 2019 ...Hahaha I probably watched this several times. 😂 We all love Kruger National Park Videos👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

T G : It’s seems that zebra naturally died and is bloated

Gary Clifford : That's enough nature for today.

Walter Fink : I wouldn't be hungry, after that, either!

Mic Rib : They'll all think im a zebra carcass now-Leopard

J B : Think of the bacteria and gases required to build up that kind of pressure. That Leopard’s gonna get an eye infection

diddlebug72 : Kitty didn't get the fresh meat he thought it was.

Hobi : The zebra looks like a piñata

Joseph woodard : Leopard: “Damn,I should’ve had a V8”...

DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS : Imagine how bad that would have smelt

Panyako Fredrick : Just trying to imagine how smelling that stuff was lol..

Animal Fan : Poor zebra, but I’m happy for the leopard too!

leonthesleepy : its fuckin RAWWWWWWWW

100,000 Subscriber Within a Month Show : Leopard kept away for while.. who watching this march '19???

Escape : The leopard after blowing up the zebra " i dindu nuffin i swear i never even saw a zebra in my life"

Kevin Baird : Best before date on that odd looking horse is well past, I would be looking for a full refund or at least a partial refund with maybe a gazelle thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Jack Nobody Da Silva : The leopard lost hunger and the urge to eat !! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

NiceN ́Easy : And then the leopard became a vegan