▶ Leopard "Detonates" Zebra Carcass in Kruger National Park

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Who's yo Daddy? : Don't just sit there grab a tampon!

Thy E : Leopart: im going vegan for now...

dSavage 420000 : 0:05 when you eating her out but she a squirter.

- Carty - : The zebra was eating Mentos before it died

Alex Castro : The zebras final defense mechanism

Tomy Yacob : A corpse pees on u, that too in front of the camera. So embarrassing.

The Adventures of TNT : That thing has got to smell awful

Eric Oppa : Not a clickbait thumbnail. *restores faith in humanity*

2 Loyal : R.I.P Marty From Madagascar 🙏

Weebajock dugatti : Leapord seemed disgusted lol

Hobi : The zebra looks like a piñata

Vedant Shetty : Just so that everyone knows, the body exploding after an animal dies is not too rare. It happens quite often. This occurs because of the methane producing bacteria inside the body causes a build up of natural gases. When cut open after many hours, it cause it gives the gas an outlet and makes the animal explode

Jams y : The leopard's like "wtf just happened"

Victor K : Why does it sound like a Star Wars gunshot? 0:05

Ringo Harris : It's like when you take the first bite of a juicy steak

NiceN ́Easy : And then the leopard became a vegan

Carle jackson : Well the leopard is traumatized

Splash Attack TCG : The Zebra may be dead, but it got the last laugh... *Period*

Shanplus3 : Bet that smelled wonderful! 😂😂😂

Sekou : The zebra drank 3 liters of fruit punch before it died

Fhaty lion : That's some nice strawberry milkshake

musema jemal : Thank you for real thumbnail

Trendy 17 : Leopard:Wtf?! Ew!!im going to be vegan!!

santi monsalve : La zebra esta más dura que pan de ayer :v

TUBBX : Looks like that zebra still had to use the bathroom

FunForSameer : Could've bit the zebra ANY WHERE ELSE. But ya chose that spot? Not the legs? Shoulder? Noiicee 👍

Panic! At the Chemical Fall Out Piløts : The leopard looks embarrassed

steven Kennedy : What it's feels like to chew 5 gum.

Maceo Roker : You can only imagine the “smell.”

Door Stuck! : Leopard: can I get a zebra? Nature: to make a friend? Leopard: yeeeeeees *Leopard tries to eat the zebra, zebra pisses like a boss* Leopard: Vegan Time!

mike the creekman jones : Damn that had to have a great smell

Skirt Nebulous Nebulous : Roses are red violets are blue I didn’t get click baited are you happy too?

Rinnie Forgotten : *When bae touches you*

TARGET TREND : When you accidentally shake your soda

canadavatar : Dammit Gea, you killed Alex's best friend!!!

John Iwuji : He got a good shower

Marcus Allen Lovell : 36 seconds in I'm crying

Pattern 144 : I can’t imagine what that must smell like

master power : Not my proudest fap. Yes, I finished.

Paul F Jordan : This is usually when I ask my wife to come smell this before I proceed.

St Merkel Of Migrant : The zebra died in the most hilarious position It's like someone knocked over a toy version filled with blood

Saeho kun : Zebra: piss off dude Leopard: okay I'm done

chinchi kuular : Умер, но зато обоссал гепарда😁😆

Alijandro : I don’t know what disturbed me more, the zebra being ripped in to by the leopard or the kid laughing in the background

Fresh : My boy got the zebra wet💧

Katherine Adriane Kathcy : Lmao she lost her appetite

Aiden Bleckman : I thinks she needs a Sprite Cranberry.

Alaric : lol that leopard lost its appetite and started looking towards that jeep like it was a bus full of snacks

Char Eevee : The leopard wanted to become, "popular" by standing in front of practically everybody lol

Random Guy With Big Nose : The blood in MK11 looks great