▶ Leopard "Detonates" Zebra Carcass in Kruger National Park

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We Buy Videos ! : Gotta Love this Leopard Video ! :)

JoJo Dad : When you eating your girl out but you forgot she was on her days....

Jungle Jay Adventures : I bet it was an atrocious smell.

BLUEBERRY BOO : And for some reason youtube wanted me to watch this

Louis Arias : That’s why you never shake a can of zebra before opening it

Brit Brit : That had to smell horrible the way the leopard didn't bother eating anymore. 😂

Hobi : The zebra looks like a piñata

Tyrone Taylor : Leopard: "Now I know why those hyenas didn't approach it, but were standing on the side, giggling...."

Arun's Ideology's : Leaperd: am not hungry anymore

Zosphus : when you bite a good looking piece of chicken but it tastes terrible and it isn't chicken

SmackDown BH : *It's all fun and games until you figured out the carton of milk expired 22 years ago* (Edit: I've never been so loved)

Tomy Yacob : A corpse pees on u, that too in front of the camera. So embarrassing.

Rewrite : Zebra lost the battle, but won the war

Rafay Noman : Leopard: ah gross i had my mouth open.

DrRyan82994 : Did this leopard still care to munch on this guy after that?

NXILP. : Fine Youtube I watched it! You happy Now ???

Who's yo Daddy? : Don't just sit there grab a tampon!

응아니야 : Nice video. Simple and not wasting my time.

Dave Marx : They're laughing and I'm just trying to not vom

adri villagran : Never shake you zebra before open it

Katana20 Streams n stuff : That’ll teach me for searching zebra squirting..

mike the creekman jones : Damn that had to have a great smell

EvaEvita Eve : “Oh I forgot to go pee before you attacked. I’ll just pee right now...”

Dave Glo : It’s like being doused with a bottle of champagne 🥂

Trump Sucks Cock : Someone get this leopard a breath mint!

Springtime4Harold InParadise : That has to be one hungry leopard to eat a putrefying fine carcass 😬

NiceN ́Easy : And then the leopard became a vegan

heyrod59 : I bet that doesn't smell too good either and that leopard got a mouthful on top of it ! ! LMAO

I HATE POSERS : A whale with stripes<3

diego castro : There! I saw it. Are you happy now YouTube?

Nino Brown : I hate when they put so much extra sauce in my burritos

FunForSameer : Could've bit the zebra ANY WHERE ELSE. But ya chose that spot? Not the legs? Shoulder? Noiicee 👍

Jaxon Garside : Like a freshly opened can of soda.

Dave : Bursting with flavor!

Dank Memes : The zebra said *YOU TRIGGERED MY TRAP CARD*

I take gaming classes : I guess the zebra had to go

BaronOfAnarchy : It was at that moment the Leopard decided to become a herbivore.

MrKitty ' : Poor leopard he's so embarrassed. "You guys didn't catch that on camera right? This never happens when you guys aren't watching me."

FR Array : seems like someone needs to go back to hunting school again

dinesh singh : This is happen only with leopards hahahahahahaha

Easternborder : that zebra literally told the leopard to... piss off!

Katherine Adriane Kathcy : Lmao she lost her appetite

はなっちゃろ : 写真とるものではない 笑うとこではない わざわざ見るものではない わざわざYouTubeに載せる 動画ではない。

xXpanda-cakesXx : She looks like she needs a minute to process what just happened haha

Mr. Zorro : 1:00 Even the leopard looks like it's about to throw up

Westside 4LIFE : The smells coming from up outta there, that thing needs some Massengill 4Real!!!!!!

leonthesleepy : its fuckin RAWWWWWWWW

Stig Lauren : Reminds me of the problem child movie, the pinata prank.

Jack Alope : Nom nom POP! Like popping the cork off a bottle of the old bubbly... if you're nasty.

DisasterCaster 101 : Its like when you bite into those greasy bosco cheese sticks at school lmao