The 4 Animal Combat Styles

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Comments from Youtube

RiverZeBunny : *totally did not just watch literally every video on this channel*

Primink : what work of art did I just stumble upon?

EcoDimension : 5:03 who else is overwhelmingly impressed by the lion's duck and neck bite takedown?

UmbreonicDragon : I believe you have made a small mistake. Only players that chose the “Human” class have the intelligence stats high enough to understand the video. I recommend putting this on the game’s wiki with simple speech so that players that have not chosen a class may understand.

Synchro : Original content at its finest

Felimwa : imagine, if u die and before reancarnating they give u this video to choose your next life

FlatThree : When will we get the Space Update? There have been tons of theories for new classes that all are believed to be coming in the update. The devs even teased for several new versions of Outside where all the classes are slightly or completely changed in the space update. I also hope the Andromeda DLC doesn't disappoint.

Khalid bin Abdul Malik bin Hashim : Personally, I believe crows are S tier. They have the highest intelligence of any bird build, utilize a great team play strategy, and know how to capitalize a free XP source of off human mains. Please do a video on them.

Mr Mineplex360 : Oh my god, can someone make this a game? Like the whole channel could be a game.

R squared : can we see the tier list for viruses or bacteira?

Slavic Huntah : Someone should actually make Earth into a video game using these videos, documentaries etc. as guidance

Shulk, the Smiley Boi : Humans can choose any of these with tools. Grappling is one of their underrated playstyles, and oft times confused with many of their martial arts grapple/rushdown hybrid setups. A classic example of grappling other races is fishing. They hunt fish by grappling them with bait on a fishing rod at range then lifting them out of the water to kill them with suffocation damage. Humans have many tools for spacing and rushdown, as well. The spear is a great spacing tool, while swords, daggers, hammers or axes would be used religiously in rushdown combat. As human-crafted weapons, there's no denying their effectiveness against even the sturdiest builds. Human projectile setups, though, are certainly the most evolved playstyle the humans have right now. At first it was just throwing rocks and spears at their enemy which was fair enough, then they conceived bows, which suddenly gave them a reliable OHKO option from range greater than 20 meters, which to the community was heresy at the time. Even so, here we are today. They've grown so intelligent that they literally created their own biome and have weapons that can fire a hundred of those OHKO projectiles in not even a second, and over much longer range. *How did it come to this? The only way to oppose them is to evolve to gain their intelligence, but they won't even let us do that.*

Dan von Baron : Yo tierzoo, Love the content. I got a suggestion for you, try making a video about the most notable builds in a country (or a region smaller than a continent). Newcomers to the game would greatly benefit from knowing how top builds from two countries end up comparing to each other when they cross into one anothers' home-field, or just knowing how build X can work better in one country/region and worse or not at all in another. Cheers.

Stalest Meme ever : I’ve said this before I think but you should make a game.

SatanSama : A human class starting on the africa server might be the hardest thing on the game. Any tips?

tjuggernaut29 : The intro music is the GK eyewitness theme. Brings back memories

Jeffrey Huang : 7:35 If an animal hybridizes between 2 styles opposite each other, don't they become OP?

Dragon Edge : 2:10 WTF WHY DID HE DO THAT

Jet Eriksen : When the game is so complex you don't have a combat triangle you have a combat square. Good job devs.

Sam S : Meme awareness of this channel is on point and critical to brand.

Collin Doyle : Protoceratops out ranks cloud in smash?!

The Papa Keegan Show : Hey I’ve been wondering why do high level builds eventually become weaker than middle level builds? For example a level 1 player is weaker than a level 25, but the 25 is also stronger than a level 80?

Someone404 : So Palutena vs Luigi vs King Dedede vs Simon/Richter

MulliganBrothers : did that squirrel head butt K.O that snake?

Blank Gaming090 : Humans can do all combat styles.

Eliessar : So my Zoobooks are actually guide books to a game? Neat.

tyler rhodesmith : what class would a weapon like a sword be, id think spacing because of its range, but also rushdown because of its dps

Tusk Act 4 : I think you forgot blackleg and fishman fighting style

TheDarkever : You had me at "disjointed hitboxes". By far the most nerd line in the whole serie xD

I cant think of a good name : Hello tier zoo, I have a question for you. What species do you main?

atnam44 : god damn, that deer beating the shit outta that man is crazy

רועי כהן : Humans are graplers due to the move choke Rushdown is difficult to pull off adrenalin + rage = op as hell Spacing they have spears Projectiles look at the guns

Jesus Rodriguez : I want to watch that video of the guy sitting on the road while a deer is trying to figure out whether to stab him or not

Sap Brahh : Isnt us humans the best projectile users? Guns, Tanks, Missiles etc.?

Insert good channel name Here : Why don’t you see neck spikes It’s the most vulnerable part why not protect it?

Jears : Thanks for this video, my main is a human, but I want to play a non human alt, so this video helped me decide which combat style to use

Slithery Dee : Put all your skill points into Salinity Resistance and you wont even have any natural predators! Sea Monkeys are OP!

Capt. Cowboy Ukyo : 2 questions 1 - Why is this in my recommended? 2 - Why wasn't this in my recommended sooner?

JayBlasts : Humans really are op after I’m done with turtle mode I’m split between octopus and humas

Lenny Lominy : Humans are op man they use all of them

Mr. Fufu Cudlypoops : I think you should put the human class at the top of projectile users. Normally I wouldn't say this, but recently they've been putting a lot of XP into the technology perk and it's proven very effective for them. Though I do think if they continue spilling XP into this perk then they'll eventually cancel themselves out, which would completely change the meta for everyone outside the deep sea and arctic servers.

Peeble Kitty : 0:15 THE GAME HAS A NAME??? :O

Arthur Lima : "While the typical attack strategy employed by Falcons is to knock their opponent out with a swift punch" GOD DAMN IT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Charred Gaming : I'm A Rushdown

lolitzevan : The deer straight mugged that that dude

Underlord 26 : I don’t know which to play, ant and Komodo dragon look fun

Sargent 42 : I’m going to ask telltale to make this game... wait

Corey Dotterweich : I figured the thresher shark would be the best spacing build

Ultragamer564 : Hey, TierZoo! So glad some one is actually covering tiers and abilities in this game, have been using human build so I can actually understand what you're saying. I've been wondering about a build that I think despite being small and weak, is really cool in itself. Could you cover hamsters and guinea pigs, or just whatever tier list they're in? Been trying for those classes for a while but haven't gotten it unlocked, only the rat build. :/