The 4 Animal Combat Styles

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MulliganBrothers : did that squirrel head butt K.O that snake?

SwankyBox : I need your advice. I have raccoons that constantly get into our garbage cans on garbage day. Being someone with 99 laziness, I always want to put our cans out at night because I don't believe in mornings. This is problematic because during the night the raccoons come out and raid the trash, but they are just out of range from my melee hits. Even if I do a delayed vengeance rush, they typically tele tab before I get to the trashcan. To make matters worse, the wall they are near counts as a full wall so ranged and magic attacks don't go over it. I can't teleblock them in a timely manner because of this, and they always have the advantage from their viewpoint. What can be done?

Evan Sizemore : Did you just use the EyeWitness documentary theme for your end music? Wow. Seriously childhood flashback.

JakePlays : Thanks, I think I'm gonna choose a spacer next life. I've mainly been using rushdowns because I like the adrenaline perk since it adds to the game so much. Once again, thanks for the information!

Arthur Lima : "While the typical attack strategy employed by Falcons is to knock their opponent out with a swift punch" GOD DAMN IT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Mango : When will we get the Space Update? There have been tons of theories for new classes that all are believed to be coming in the update. The devs even teased for several new versions of Outside where all the classes are slightly or completely changed in the space update. I also hope the Andromeda DLC doesn't disappoint.

Primink : what work of art did I just stumble upon?

Vide-o : Always a nice runescape theme, this was one of the most enjoyable videos to watch this whole week, you made a man happy, thanks!

UmbreonicDragon : I believe you have made a small mistake. Only players that chose the “Human” class have the intelligence stats high enough to understand the video. I recommend putting this on the game’s wiki with simple speech so that players that have not chosen a class may understand.

Max Moroney : Earth having a rock-paper-scissors-esque weapon triangle (or weapon square?? idk) is literally the most genius thing I’ve seen

poorly drawn suicidal tendencies : That outro music gives me so much nostalgia.

Mr Mineplex360 : Oh my god, can someone make this a game? Like the whole channel could be a game.

Don Promillo : What if "humans" were baned of the server ? Who would be the new dominating race?

Necron3145 : Literally just saw this channel 5 min ago. Instantly subscribed how the fk have i not found this gem earlier?

Jobin : That ad transition was... Brilliant

Rust Steel : *totally did not just watch literally every video on this channel*

KnightLight : My boi coming at us with that OG Eyewitness music

Just James : We need this in TV.

Speed Gonzalez : Just found this channel you got a new subscribe

Miles : Whenever my cats fight the fat one just sits on the other one until she stops wiggling and accepts her fate.

CookiesRluv : Protoceratops out ranks cloud in smash?!

Nuclear Joe : Another great video. Very entertaining and informative :)

DIdirectors : I know it’s not real but you should totally think up a dragon build

SatanSama : A human class starting on the africa server might be the hardest thing on the game. Any tips?

Iceypumpkin head : "Disjointed Hitboxes" Jigglypuff: *DID SOMEONE SAY BACK AIR!?*

MTerror Gaming Channel : I spent a lot of time considering which of the servers to play on and decided on the Southern America server. Out of all the servers, it seems like the one with biggest concentration of animals and plants in the high tiers of meta unlike others, where these players are dominated by the climate or the human players. However, with such high concentration of various animals, I do not know what to choose? Could you please tell us something about the Jungle Meta? You know, what to expect when playing in places like Amazon.

The Papa Keegan Show : Hey I’ve been wondering why do high level builds eventually become weaker than middle level builds? For example a level 1 player is weaker than a level 25, but the 25 is also stronger than a level 80?

The Reptilian Smash : I think devs should do something about the human class players, they're ruining the game environments for all other classes and themselves. Hmmm

SupaSavage Gamer : Personally, I believe crows are S tier. They have the highest intelligence of any bird build, utilize a great team play strategy, and know how to capitalize a free XP source of off human mains. Please do a video on them.

NewAri : I really wish this game, unfortunately, the Devs of Real Life haven't implemented it yet, at least as far as I know.

Tony Perri : I remember when Sky beat Dunkey in Smash.

*insert something relateable* : can we see the tier list for viruses or bacteira?

kidathlete : Found this channel two days ago and I've already watched all the vids, I'm sad.

Bronze : Grapplers are so annoying, every time I activate shield they grab me smh.

Luke Reece : Make a video about platypus’s

Jakob Remmer : I would love to see an episode about the diffrent ant types!

Squinku N : Hello tier zoo, I have a question for you. What species do you main?

Sonic Hero : I main crocodiles 1v1 me now

Cade Bowman : I now love that deer that beat up the hooman

gus por : Absolutely loved that ending music keep up with the good job.

Wshaka malaka : Could you do farm animals please

Peeble Kitty : *says last tail-weapon animal was in the ice age* *brings up scorpions later on* sounds legit

Peeble Kitty : 0:15 THE GAME HAS A NAME??? :O

Zaphy : And then there are humans. Nerf please.

Jeremy Ames : 1:00 xD

mrfib : You should create a fourms about this, or make it into an actual text based MMORPG.

The Jingo : I’ll try king cobra next play through lol

DrakeMarvell : What would you consider the best ambush-style build?

Bryce Mckenzie : I just discovered this channel and I like this.

Blazeh : 5:24 But... But that was it's child