Danny McBride vs James Franco (Funny Fight - This is the End)

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Kirk2000 : "its too late Seth ive already walked away to much"

Valtteri Maijanen : "Welcome to the 21st century Buck Rodgers"! I died xDDDDD

zack nalley : Seth laughing so much in this scene.

garayjayemt : seth rogen at 1:40 has the giggles 😂

Jack Dolinger : I was raised in a house of women!

Zero001 : i laugh ever time

plmvirginiauva : Four years later James Franco and Danny Mcbride star in Alien Covenant.

Tyler Wedell : 2 minute argument of jerking off Rotflmao

Darrell Grant : literally the best and funniest scene in this movie

jmiester25 : James Franco reminds me of Arin Hanson in this movie. So great

Shane Hagan : this is so hilarious hahaha

Anthony Doughty : Danny McBride made this movie more funny than it already was.👌😂

PolishSkarbie : "What you never had any brothers...you never learned to jizz on a sock" Priceless

Ryan Williams : So many legendary one liners in this scene alone

noa gill : Dropping loads like a dump truck Ha Ha Ha Ha

Dulce Maria Solis : Nice

Lars Ulrik : I've been dumping loads around here like a goddamn dumptruck.. - gesturing

Major_Chic : James and Jay are the Best characters in the movie.

nkyryry : Danny McBrides greatest scene of all time.

Sebastian's Mind : *WHAT!!!!*

Marina Syndulla : Seth was trying so hard not to laugh

The GreyJedi2112 : YOU DON'T CUM ON MY STUFF! funniest line ever

Brian Jackson : been dropping loads all over this goddamn house like a dump truck

TheQuinnDruRocks Hard : This scene is jus freakin hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

PeteezyTVeezy : 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧

Christine Abadir : Seth low key kept laughing

Michael Hansen : 1:37 Not even Seth can hold it back :D hahahah

MrMask2green : 1:38 you can see Seth laughing xD

AnimalUhuruNow : Magazines > JS/TechBrolo.AA

MiguelParada 1985 : I'll cumm wherever tf I want JAMES

SmiffyLel : im convinced this was unscripted

robertk2007 : Only funny part in the movie

e 8 : eh...

BustaRhymes-RS4W : If he only act like that in Spiderman😭

h2h2 Productions] : So hilarious