Louis CK Live at The Beacon Theater 720p HD

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kevnar : Jizz in the puss?

Mark Andrew Seal : So So Good............

Erin Fox : He's the funniest comedian I've ever seen. Laughed so freakin hard at this.

BURNWITHTASTINESS : Thank god its not a nightcore version

Dance God : I really wonder who in that crowd died weeks after laughing at that joke about their imminent death..

fallrightintoplace : I don't care about the misconduct this guy will always be hilarious.

Last Pc Gamer : holy shit this guy got no chills whatsoever

Bharadwaj Kulkarni : As someone who wants to be a comedian, there's so much to learn from this guy. For example, in the bit about one of the audience dying within two months, he pauses very slightly just before he says the words "will die". Check it out at around 5:11 . That's what gets the laugh. That looks unrehearsed, but I'm so sure he's thought about that very consciously. Just brilliant.

Daniel Bukacek : ty, best comic sense george carlin.

Sophie Murfitt : that chinese joke man hahha


Shaun Weston : Nothing's changed for me, still one of the greatest of all time.

omkarito : Ed Sheeran is the ugly guy with the guitar

Nauman Khan : Louis got funnier as the show went along

Justin Rosales : "worst thing I ever said" *a few years later* "molesting a child must feel really good"

loushka128 : "you're gonna grow up stupid cause I'm bored. I can't...." HAHAHA

altairzq : that was brutal.

Some Dude Named Will Who Loves To Drink Shots : 109 people dont have a good sense of humor

Khal Drogo : Don't care about the allegations.. Louis if you read this, please don't stop creating!! You have helped me through my darkest times. DON'T STOP WORKING

vunderground1 : I discovered this guy post-wankgate. Hope he bounces back soon.

FireBlitz OG : "Did you shit all over every polar bear?" You gotta love Louis! He is the best

Alvaro Bustamante : I´m keeping the "drugs are the perfect solution to every problem you have" advice.

Jason S : i laughed so hard my back hurts

FrF : I like the intro sequence...Louis' act can be so crude, loud and aggressive that it's very nice to see him walk through his adoring audience almost sheepishly.

Miki Kokanovic : thank you for this! Soo funny! cheers!

Ethan Madison : Well I uh... well wanted to go faster

Peter DeWitt : It doesn't even matter that he's the funniest person in history, Louis CK is A BETTER PERSON THAN YOU AND YOU KNOW IT.

Hector Gonzalez : The jack off jokes are kind of hard to watch now...

Sergio Lera : This guy is really good! Do you know why? Because even though I'm spanish (and our sense of humor is somewhat different) he cracks me up!!

Eduardo Peron : what song is the intro song????????????????????????? please help

Tim Vergoossen : "Everything you do, I do a better version of that. But don't worry, only for another year." Christ, this guy is a fortune teller as well?

sir magid : this man even funny for me as an Iranian

Felix Shaw : The Alltime Best Comedian Ever!

Newt Ant : the masturbation jokes in this are unsettling now lol 1

Martie's Compilation Channel : 16:38 hahahahahaha such a weed / acid way of wording that! :P

Evil Gary : 'Louis, Louis, Louis, Louieeeeeee'

Xi Ding : Why did he say "no jews" at 4:23? I didn't get the joke...

Zeke Adamson : Poor Louis.

Shadowcub69 : Oh man the news story makes sense now.

stephen gentry : Loved God yelling at modern people

Devil Doll : I still love you Louis CK!

JGuilherme : still the best one.

Michael Malone : my dad is 56 and he smokes pot every day and he only smokes regi, he doesn't do it to get high though, he does it to take the edge off, his teenage years were in the 70s

Mark : 37:40 After all that's been revealed recently i wonder how much truth there is to this masturbating joke lol

Saltine Cracker : You just came in my eye?

H Dee : Loving the tragic existential elements to the skit 😂👌🏼 laughing and crying

Sir Bourne : YOU are great Louis :) Ty for this!

TheMMObro : Old school porn music at the start lol

Maximum Joy : Still hilarious

Aaron Samaniego : I hope dearly that Louis can rise above the allegations and his own misbehavior because he is an amazing comedian and a solid human being.