Bin 612 near Mississippi State Kicks Out Students During Tornado

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As a tornado was moving towards the Mississippi State campus, Bin 612 decided it was best to make students fend for themselves, despite having a basement.


Crystallux 9 : I remember working at Petsmart in Columbus a few years back and went on my lunch break, then a storm started passing through so my manager called me to come back early before it hit so I wouldn't get blown away. We locked the doors, and hunkered down with all the customers and their pets in our tiny break room. That's good management. You don't kick people out during a storm.

Brent Brown : That’s a good way to lose your business.... that was stupid and irresponsible for the staff/management to allow that to even happen...

bondoly66 : A tornado is bearing down and some one is still ringing their damn cowbell. By God that's school spirit.

meteofan123 : That was entirely unacceptable on their part. The city should run an investigation into the operation of that restaurant/bar. Human lives matter more than clearing out your restaurant. I was at work at Zaxby’s in Starkville, and us and the customers all took shelter in the freezers. If I were there, I wouldn’t have let this happen. They just don’t realize the true power of a tornado. Thanks for posting!

Josiah Langford : the sad part is i doubt they will be shut down cause there are folks who will still throw money at them.. i would love nothing more than to find out that they are going to have to shut down, but again i highly doubt it will happen. they done things before which i felt should have at the least made their business slow down to a crawl but that's my opinion

Randy Arnau : Wow, that’s crazy. Why in the hell would they kick people out during a tornado warning?

ThechronocrosserII : 1. Tornado 2. Heavy Rain 3. Flooded streets We were keeping people at the movie theater in the halls to be safe.

Debra Thrasher : I live in Starkville. I am very ashamed that thus happened to anyone. To be pushed out into the elements, during a tornado warning, is inhumane. On behalf of the Starkville residents, I apologize to each of you.

Harrison Klein : Anybody have the link to the tweet in the video?

Tyler Eakes : Shut them down

benz merc : I wish i could see more footage. PS: If the students weren't making any disturbance, they should've been allowed to stay in. I'm not defending kicking them out, without a legit justification.

Cindy : Isn’t this in a place with frequent tornadoes? Evacuating during a tornado is dangerous. You always seek shelter in the interior of a building or basement. Is this bar in a trailer? I don’t understand why security would leave either. Strange.

DCFunBud : NOW, they wonder where do we go for shelter when they knew all along the tornado was coming.

John Hill I adopt Cowboy Boots : Terrible.

okie.girl : People were too intoxicated to understand they were in danger there. Basement would only hold max 20 people due to it being a storage room. Over 100 people would not fit. This is a glass building with front and back walls being glass, glass racks full of glasses and 300 liquor bottles. Any sane and non-drunk person would leave and take cover. Why didn't patrons evacuate when they were told to, 40 min prior to the chaos? Know the facts before you judge the owner. He was trying to save lives.