Toto - Africa - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

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Hajun Lee : Hey that's pretty good but can you play Wonderwall?

Guus Music : Dude! That solo is insane.. Had to listen to it a couple times haha ;)

Tonya Xie : Ah yessss, the best fingerstyle cover of this song on YouTube!

Steve Hardy : C sharp not C flat, do it again. Only kidding, great work.

Aaron Shorts : What were 82 people expecting when they clicked on this?

Kosher Rangers : The rains have now been blessed


Chisel : Nice to hear some music with nutritional value

Jake Jake : When I watch such videos I don't know if I should be inspired or super depressed that I'll never be able to play like that. Well I suppose there is a third option.. just enjoy it mindfully 😁.

Italo Fingerstyle : I Love this music ❤

JP Isberto : Wow! This is beautiful!

J Parker : Nice arrangement. I've purchased your tab for both this and Bohemian Rhapsody, and have found both very "user-friendly." Thanks for that.

Leon Alex : Ah yass one of my favorites <3

Acoustic Dream : Africa.. I love this.. Cheers

Fadez : How did you learn?

Naya H : Love it. So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

Aliszja : Super ! greetings from Poland ❤

Tomas Mraz : Молодец Хорошо сыграл Привет вам из России Матушки Американский братья))

Trydigama : It was about time Weezer blessed the rains down in Africa

Cosm1c Assassin : this is sick- never would of thought of James doing a cover of this but he proved me wrong!

Nicholas Schwab : Updoot this vid for calcium

Thomas Alder : How i wish i can play like that. Your life is my dream

Aurum Music : Wow this is amazing! Been following your channel for almost 2 years now and you never cease to make amazing covers. Keep it up!

? : Very impressive, but can you... oh wait wrong channel

Manny Barnes : damn !!! James, your performances !! ah No words man, it's just soo good !!! Such an inspiration ... Thanks

Fabrizio Pinna : Could you play the acoustic version of Take on me? Greetings from Perú 😁

Reant Renolla : C L A S S I C

The Rhododobird : This beautiful my soul is so moved

Aqn Guitar-Fingerstyle : You're the reason I started playing fingerstyle!

Guitar Rock seeker : Really good. Keep it up mate 😀😀

Ao Lawiet : Thanks for doing this! I really love Africa by Toto for a long time, your arrangement is great~

JustinBrownGuitar : Excellent James, been following your work for a while and is some of the best on youtube. Fantastic arrangement. Loved it

Crisanto Castillon : Nice cover man. Keep making song covers... the music is timeless

AbdulRahman Sukhon : amazing arrangement. well done

Mike G : Dude.. this is better than Mckee! Props! Have you written this out?

Le Passant : Guess there's a time for everything. And how's time to go buy some tabs :)

Elly Pujiarti : I like this...

La La : Very VERY nice! 🙌🙌🙌

DeiMANuel QR : Gracias James por compartirla suena excelente. saludos desde Sudamérica (Perú). espero leas este mensaje.

the precious : You are just amazing 😍

Christian Espinosa : James... thank you.

PAKUNAKU JUMPER : My authority <3

Dynamic Butter : Wow

Pannocchietta Gocciolosa : Oh wow... beautiful! ♡♡♡ you are special ♡♡♡

Angel Valen : love this ❤

Silvio Cristiane : Perfect

İboCan Cover's : Perfect broo 😎😎

Guitar Tab Sheet : Smooth, thank for this cover.

Kelly博士 : so smooth!