Betty Boop Cartoon Banned For Drug Use 1934

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MegaBojan1993 : 5:53 That car killed itself laughing :)

Christine B : its incredible that they thought to combine the real world and animation in such an early stage in animation history

Isaac Honzel : And people say today's humor is dark. Lol

pika23 : Nitrous is scary...I had for a root canal and some tooth extractions... one time, a nurse made me use too much,and the nitrous was overtaking my I had to go to the er and go on oxygen for a few hours....luckily it was a dental clinic at a hospital, and across the hall from the ER. Last time with the root canal I couldn't feel my feet....and I had a vision of a rock opera about bacon starring Johnny depp, directed by Tim Burton

Oldstuff Man : That was some pretty impressive cartooning.

Victoria Sjoquist : really laughing gas? they banded because of laughing gas? wow.

Stephanie Chateau : This is horrifying. lol.

chickenflinger5002 : If this was in the 1930's, they show nough got more talent than the animators now. I wonder how they pulled these effects off.

MadnessIncTV : Trippy I think the ones who made the cartoon are the ones on drugs…LOL

Chris P. : 5:46 those cars are fucking awesome. Lightning McQueen's ancestors.

Georgy Ramone : Wow, I have never seen live action mixed with cartoons in this era. That was pretty impressive.

Manuel Amaro : It was going so well, then ...BOOM! Creepy laughs everywere...

Michael Moulds : If not for her acting career, Miss Boop would have still been famous for her uncanny drawing abilities.

Sorry I didn't mean : Then everyone died.

Lorenzo Patterson : And wheres the Drug?!? Laughing Gas?!? You just clowning.....

Amialythis : the next day- "This isn't what I drew, not at all, no sir."

carrie wilder : I wonder if any of the computer animation artist out there can actually do cel hand drawn animation! Just a thought!

Laurie L : Great cartoon. Some of those cartoons back then were like acid trips. Odd for it to be banned for something like laughing gas. I had it when I had gum surgery years ago - and there was no laughing. I just felt so spaced out that I didn't care what was going on. Not a good feeling at all. Anyway, thanks for posting. I do love the old cartoons, starting in the 20s and on through the Loony Tunes era. After that? Not so much.

douglas williams : Nitrous ain't no joke. Used improperly all manner of nasty can occur, no less dead with half done dental work. It works like carbon monoxide,cyanide,modeling glue( the sniffing kind) or autoerotic asphyxiation. Namely displacing oxygen on one's brain with the drug of choice. The same way tossing off while your boyfriend kyle chokes you with your mother's undies in front of a poster of Jim Morrison. Kiddies say no to figuring out ways to cope with the situation. Drugs arent the issue per we, just mankind's constant ability to come up with ways to get snookered,uuuuh not that there's anything wrong with that

michelle knixov : Absolutely the finest animation i have ever seen  .Incredible.Wow  wish they could do that now x

Sir Piken : never noticed how much her head looks like an upside down ballsack

Tu Nguyen : I don't see the drug use

dinkaDPB : this video should be banned for being about teeth being pulled out? who wants to think about that?

James Closs : Wow, that animation and integration with real world photos was pretty impressive for the 1930s.

Lars Jönlid : Drug use ? Come on ????

Whiskey River : This cartoon was never banned. Who the hell came up with that crap? Great early animation though. People can argue all they want, but this is an art form that can never be replicated, or out-classed, without pen & ink and a great deal of talent. Computers are only a substitute; and always will be.

Ariel L : omg the laughing typewriter, mailbox etc are seriously freaky!!

I don't agree : The people that made this were obviously on some extremely powerful hallucinogenics themselves lol

Tracy Jacks [formerly randman] : That laughing clock was creepy.


ChutheeOriginal : Wow! What a breath of Fresh Air! 😳 😆 Laughter is what this whole world have unfortunately come to lacks! 😐 It's almost becoming an instinct enjoyable emotion!! 😢

Vanessa Bluebear : you guys need to realize that it's not the laughing gas that's the problem its them getting high off of it that is

Alan Nikolai Stratmann : Made 63 years before Mushroom Samba. Nice.

08bourquem : laughing tombstones...

KawaiiHoshi36 : And what happened with the tooth? :/

Tommy Hopps : And they say people weren't that crazy back in the 1900's. Well they were! xD

The Occasional HaHa : dentistry has come a long way in 80 years....

FYCY : Banned For Drug Use? Nitrous oxide isn't even that bad they give it to kids. pretty well animated cartoon for the time

GooglFascists : First time I ever saw tombstones in a graveyard laughing.

Charlie Hutch : I gave it a 'thumbs down' because of the big lie in the title...'Banned For Drug Use' since it opens with 'passed by the national review'...... shame shame hit junkies

Matt Lopez : my dad bought us a box of 2 or 3 vhs cassettes with this and a bunch of others betty boop & popeye, heckle and jeckel, bugs bunny with big lipped black kid, bugs and elmer fudd where they all turn black and sing Dixieland ah...good times!

TofuBoi : this was made in the 30s??? how lol

Msflamingo2008 : Banned when? Grow up!! Dentists STILL use "Laughing Gas" TODAY!!! Just like my "MIGHTY MOUSE": They took away some episodes because SOMEONE believed his g.f. Pearl Pureheart selling flowers on a street corner meant she was a HOOKER & OIL CAN HARRY was her PIMP! WTF? Idiots.

Richard Gottlieb : I seriously doubt that this was banned since it was passed by the National Board of Review (nee The Hayes Commission) and they were the authority for what was passed and what was banned.

Helen Kruse : Drug use? This is as bad as today. Why in Little Shop of Horrors, the Dentist played by Steve Martin was actually using laughing gas to get high then be mean. This isn't showing them actually using the gas to get high on like in the movie I just mentioned. They promoted the hell out of that movie. Too funny and who started laughing by the end of this? Laughter in contagious and we need alot more of it in today's world. Then again, haven't we always? We always will.

bigdadday bubblejomay : Duh!!! everyone knows about nitrous oxide, this a drug, give me a break!!!

shitty furry : There is no drugs in there only a hilarious gaz, that's what doctors use

Neil Mackinnon : is this May Questel's betty boop?

G : a ha ah ahahah

cohenhaywood10 : Strange and so hypocritical at how the mainstream freely advertise TOXIC alcohol which kills millions each year FACT, the sheep eat it up.