TIE Fighter Remastered - Star Wars Anime Short Film

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Commander Appo : Why can’t we have this instead of that resistance trash?!

romp master : They included women without them being completely useless like in the last Jedi

Julian Rain : Who else is watching this after that terrible Resistance trailer? :(

Xb Walker : In the words of Peter Griffin, WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS!?

lily-liver : this 7 minute video is better than the last jedi

Tinfoilmecha 11719 : Who would win: A series made by a multi-billion dollar company or a passion project made by a Otaking boi

Kaiju Slayer333 : The Rebels tried to fall back when they realized they left their plot armor on Yavin.

The Castamereian Raynes : ... And that was the story of how Disney treats the fan base. No Mercy.

연설자유 : Why don’t they just hyperspace into the destroyer? All this fighting makes no sense. At least that’s what I learned from TLJ. Damn movie not only broke itself. It broke the SW universe.

Simon Willis : This is Star Wars

01Eldar : Fire rain johnson. Hire Paul Johnson.

NiGHTSnoob : I see a lot of these comments talking about how this looks so much better than modern Star Wars, but no one is mentioning how it manages to blend traditional animation and CG better than most anime from the past 15 years AND have a style that looks just as polished and detailed as some of the most impressive shows of the late 80's and early 90's. It's not just Star Wars that's gone downhill and is in trouble, it's the entire animation industry. Computers have made things easier, but they also made expected turnarounds faster and cheaper and lead to overall lower quality results. When you take your time and use them intelligently you can get results like this, and it's breathtaking.

Miridia96 : FINALLY the empire wins.

Vincent Esposito : This short does a great job of "show, don't tell" - there is very minimal dialog, but you always know exactly what's going on from the facial expressions and the tactical displays.

Nimori Kandara : This should be how the Empire/First Order should be portrayed. Highly Skilled, Well Trained, Well Educated, Superior weapons and strategy, Seasoned Veterans.

Jordan Stapelberg : One guy could do better than an entire multi-billion dollar company

Histocrat 641402 : Unfortunately, 3,900 idiots were triggered by the fact that this is way better than The Last Jedi. In the words of Sheev Palpatine, “It’s treason, then”.

The1Waffle4all : I like that they decided to show the faces under the masks and portrayed both sides equally, and the fact that the empire won for once. It would have made Star Wars a lot more interesting if both sides thought they were fighting for good. And if you look at it another way, under the rule of the empire all the planets and systems are unified, meaning they can all profit from advances in technology. Meanwhile the resistance is trying to take down the empire's rule, thus dividing them, leaving the governments of the planets to control their own people. Without the protection of the empire it is also quite likely that the planets might wage war against each other, resulting in more death than the empire ever caused, because I would imagine the sight of a star destroyer blocking the sun would frighten most planets into surrender. If the resistance works to destroy the unity the empire created, doesn't that kinda make them terrorists?

Andrew Musgrove : That's not Star Wars. Where's the plot holes, the multi racial & multi sexual cast? Where's the politically correct messaging & feminism? Where's the whiney bad guy who's being controlled by a cool bad guy who won't be seen until 5 minutes before his death. Come on!.... This, this is just, good..... We can't have that.

Peter Not Peter : See, Disney, now THIS is in anime style.


Jeff Slaughter : how do the rebels ever win in star wars, every time you see a space battle in any of the movies with them against the empire theres like 8 billion tie fighters and only maybe a handful of x/y/a wings?

Magnite Productions : 5:35 My body hairs lifted, goose bumps intensify. If Disney wants to hire you, say no lol. They don't deserve your grace.

edirt : This brings so much joy to my old imperial heart. Great work with the new sound btw.

Major Dilemma : This is where Star Wars lives on: Not with Disney, but in the heart of the fans.

Chandler Burns : This was what I was honestly expecting when they said Star Wars: Resistance was going to be "Anime-inspired". I was severely let down...

Rodolfo Barros : The bad guys won?! Well THAT’S how you subvert expectations!

Das Galaktische Imperium : FOR THE EMPIRE

Krysnha : This 7 minutes are better than anything Dis nep has out, coming from watching the Star warsresistance traler and this is a master piece with passion and love

Dark-Architect : When a 7 minute animation beats a billion-dollar movie.

Albert Cunningham : This is how the empire should look like, trained efficient soldiers not idiots who just stumbled into the empire

Joseph Perez : For everyone bitching and moaning about how it's so tragic that Otaking isn't working for Disney, how terrible Resitance is, how much better he could do it, etc, he has a Patreon. Put your damn money where you mouth is, or else you have no one to blame but yourself for the lack of more Star Wars content from him. Bloody children...

Odd Deity : It's like watching an old school anime classic. Awesome job!

Niku Nashi : This isn't Star Wars, where are the 'yo mama' jokes?

Stanislav Krejcar : Very well done. Better then any Disney bantha c r a p... :)

Kuma's Paw : This is what we deserve, not Disneys bs

Andy Glenn : Just don't understand what these Rebels have against intergalactic peace.

Bam5000000 : This actually makes the Empire feel intimidating. Like an organized military should. Not like those bucket heads Disney makes them out to be.

jwinnington : I'll never get tired of watching this.

Masterchief : this 7 minute video has more "star wars" than the 2 sequel films combined

Jake Forge : I'm glad you credited the original creator in the description. Most people would just take this video, upload it to their channel and say they made it. Glad to see you're not one of them. I hope OtaKing is ok with you having done this

Kaiju Slayer333 : 5:55 It ain’t Star Wars if there ain’t a Harlem Scream.

Scurvy Scallywag : This is how Star Wars anime should be..unlike that nauseating Star Wars Resistance

Jack Shap : It’s so funny how someone without a multimillion dollar studio can make high quality star wars content when Disney shits out the resistance

Heath Hunley : This video haunts Rian Johnson's nightmares.

thebigjoe : Why can’t Disney do this? Oh right, it would take effort.

MangoQ Games : Now, this is Star Wars. Unfortunately, we got The Last Jedi instead of a masterpiece like this.

JFG LEGO Productions : Usually not interested in Anime, but this was VERY GOOD

futurewarriorhero123 : Imagine an animated Star Wars written by the same minds of the animated clone wars, or knights of the old republic. Truly legendary it would be.

creeper blower : This must have taking years to make this how you do it