TIE Fighter Remastered - Star Wars Anime Short Film

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Steven Sun : it is interesting how humanizing it is just showing the pilots faces were i was rooting for the empire LOL

Admiral Piett : A lot better than the first try

yoga5631 : if you want the star wars feeling :this vid if you want an 80's anime feeling :the original there simple as that :/ i dunno why so many people complaining about this stuff. don't you have better things to do rather than arguing in a star wars video on youtube?

Kizul Emeraldfire : 5:56 Crewman Wilhelm! D: Noooo! He only had five more weeks till retirement, too.

Dominic Gatto : This looks SOOO cool! Its like made with the Gundam art style.

蔡陰魂 : love the classic anime style! this is one super talented dude

Lucas Kane : I've watched this heaps of times, I love this! It sounds way better than the original!

PerkythePro : It's missing the epic scene music from the original version... now it seems hollow without it.... even though it's newer effects and more varied it can't compete. I'm sorry.... Edit: without that electric guitar track playing it's just some star wars animated thing. The soundtrack pulled the 80s anime vibe to 110%. That was the point. The original guy made it as an 80s style anime. This version completely misses that. I could forget this in an instant to be honest. You need an epic song in amongst the action like the original.

Tom Hayza : Omg, they killed Luke!

Petra Chill : Anime? In my Star Wars?

Jason Mayer : That was awesome. Long live the Empire!

Reed Hallgren : All hail the Empire suck it and rebels

Whiskey Jade : Starwars battles DO look good in this animation.

a.dam_s : if they only did a clone wars 1😤😧

JOKER : I never get sick of this battle. I always see something new everytime i watch it. Anymore like this?

Green Pantera : fucking japan anime!!!

Giovanny : I really like more this version than the original. Great work done here!

Nikola Vonfulton : I love this this is awesome. It would be great look for a tv series

Niko Mal-Ren : Beautiful animation. But you killed Luke. So...

T3rranified : The SFX and voice overs really help add a more complete feel to this animated short. I know pulling from various sources can make editing difficult (medium used to record and when it was recorded, what role it was supposed to fill, etc. make a difference in audio quality) but aside from some odd voice overs that felt too "crisp" for the x-wing flight lead, the added sound effects made a very positive impact. There was definite care placed into when and what sound effects played, and I think it is a phenomenal job. Especially the opening. The rebel fleet and imperial probe were excellent. My only gripe is the background music. It felt slow compared to the animation speed and caused a sort of disconnect between what I was hearing and what I was seeing. I'm seeing fast pace combat at the pilot level, which is more hectic, and heat of the moment. But when it showed the bridge scenes (where the combat is more thoughtful and tactical) the music pacing felt much more natural to the setting. However, without composing something new with this animated short in mind, I don't think it would be possible to top what you did. All in all, I think this is an excellent addition to this animation. Just need someone to compose a proper fitting background tune and it'd be perfect.

Guts the hundred men slayer : Better story about the Empire than Star Wars Battlefront II

Legendary : I like the music in the original better tbh. some of the effects sound better though

holyCuSaDeR deus fult : I think this version is much worse then the original type no offence just my preference.

Morbad CMDR : Since you're nitpicking I'll do my own. Firstly, That's not a shield, that's a gravity well generator. Secondly, Ion cannons leave survivors, that's the whole point. Thirdly, the music you chose was simply too bland for the action on the screen.

Dustin Tacohands : Wonderful i like how i didnt know how the battle would turn out exactly

EmperorTrainGuy : Like the original better audio doesn't matchup or fit the theme.

Broland : 1:34 When you launch your Tie Fighter's 56k-Modem to connect with VADERNET.

Bluntman G : This is the type of content that should be on trending or recommended.

Wilson Tortosa : Really nice effort! Great use of sound clips and SFX. But if I am to review this I think the choice of music during the actual space battle does not go well with the fast pace and energy that Otaking was going for. The original music that he used, although not classic SW, worked really well to convey the Macross level energy the space battle was going for. For example, at 1:28 to 2:08, more music buildup could be used as we are getting pumped for the coming launch and space battle.

BFO : I love this soo much. The first star war thing ive seen that actually has the empire win and they end it at that. Finally!

holyCuSaDeR deus fult : Weaboo

Aztec lazy farmer : much better Episode VIII: The Last jedi, Disney FU

xXTheAcePilotXx : this feels wrong its like giving the rights to the second best thing america ever did and handing over to Japan

el terry : it needs the 80s metal song from the original

FaZeTaZe : They should make this a series!

aBrAkAdAbRa : A jewel. But, why "take out that transport, leave no survivors" but they disable it with ion canons? P.S.: Does anybody have the tie bomber pilot's phone number?

Pit Zagufull : my nigga this is disgrace


Liberty Justice : No excuse for the high quality of this animation.

Efraín Abreu : makes me feel dizzy. inconsisten animation. Pure shit.

holyCuSaDeR deus fult : Why are you wasting your time on this man anime is trash you are trash if you keep making anime you should do other things thin this my dude.

Zeroragnarok : Interesting the new alternative universe of Gundam

Rednax Brix : I understand that you didn't make this, but I was so impressed that I'm still subscribing!

Bernardo Suarez : Music lined up nicley

Emerald Hawk : So take out the kick-ass rock music and replace it with Rogue One's dull tones and then just swap out the sound effects. Nice job.

kangaxx : Way better than episode 7

PwnishR : 1:34 Reminds of the good old days of modem dial-up internet back in 1999!

tk421missing : It is all wrong. Robots and parasites copying and changing what others created.

The Free Routiers of the North : Make a series I will watch it

RascalKyng : Watch the original one... it is more hardcore with the rock music...