TIE Fighter Remastered - Star Wars Anime Short Film

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Rio Matsuzawa : Reminds me of Gundam!

Operation Anal : 4:39 Kind of reminded me of Naotoshi Shida a little bit

Nimori Kandara : This should be how the Empire/First Order should be portrayed. Highly Skilled, Well Trained, Well Educated, Superior weapons and strategy, Seasoned Veterans.

Jasen Jahn : Disney. Take notes.

movienaut : I left Star Wars after watching the Last Jedi and after boycotting Solo! But this does put a smile on my face! :)

RedLeaderOne : We need stand alone film like this!

Christian Vennemann : This is so amazing, you actually had me cheering for the Empire! Superb job!

TheHero136 : Why is this little skit better than all of Rebels? Could it be that actual effort went into this? No, that can't be.

Alexander Lysberg : You wanna know why the Empire lost? Because the Imperial system sucks. #GoMetric

Antondre Sucks : Star Wars was inspired by Japanese storytelling, and it feels perfectly at home in Japanese art style. This was awesome.

Dark-Architect : When a 7 minute animation beats a billion-dollar movie.

Kaptin Barfbeerd : In 7:10, this video showed more Imperial competence than the entire 4 seasons of Star Wars: Rebels

No1Knows : Disney doesn't own star wars we do (Metaphorically)

airsoft squad : Are you nuts man, staring into hyperspace like that, that's how you get hyperspace madness

Caleb Jones : No star wars themed clip is complete without the obligatory Wilhelm scream

Cardboardguy 14 : I don't like anime but this is pretty cool!

Ridisword : This shouldve been the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaing

manus dei : Finally a star wars movie, where the good guys win.

Far Altright : Too much butthurted REBELEFTY SCUM in the comments. HAIL the EMPIRE

Zak Fireguard : This is so beautifully detailed! I love how you used different ships like the Tie bombers and interceptors. It was really cool how you showed the faces of different imperial pilots and I love the battle scenes! All together out did a amazing job!

palious13 : This is how every battle between the Empire and Rebellion should have gone.

Keegan : This better be resistance

biggee316 : This was a better action sequence than 90% of any "New Star Wars" movies.

Lax comix : usually Im like...theres always haters whatevs, but SRLSY??? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME AND EFFORT AND PASSION WENT INTO THIS!?!

Matthew Smith : I'll take this over TFA and TLJ anyday

Smart Whitefang : This is how the Start Wars movies must be done, showing us how terryfing and dangerous was the empire

doubleP : It's really amazing,that a little fanmade animation film,is so much better compared to the multimillion dollar crapfests,that Disney is producing. Then again,this here is made by fans,who love this universe and it's lore,instead of a company,who just wants to squeeze as much money from this franchise as psossible and promote their identity politics.

Miguel Iturbe : This is the type of content that should be on trending or recommended.

Freejack1971 : I have no interest in watching the animated Clone Wars or Rebels no matter how good they say it is. But I would watch an animated show with this kind of animation since it's what I grew up with.

jmgmarcus : More entertaining than TLJ and Rebels put together.

Shadelz : Amsolutely incredible. The style looks amazing although the movements are a bit wonky and odd at times for me. Still, a really well made fan film, good job.

mrichar9 : What's the function of that little pod with 2 underslung dishes lanuched by the Star Destroyer at 2:16 ?

USERZ123 : Space battle ship Yamato

TheSpellShell : OMG so this is the original. I always watched some version with stupid rock song

Nick Mattio : Esss Suuu GUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDD!!!!

KillThad : It's like a Star Wars OVA.

EZ PZ LEMON : Kotor with this animation will be badass u know. No need to look like te star wars clones wars or rebels. Live action is nice but it might be suck ass so much

Crab Crayon : This is what happens when you leave your plot armor at home

zorro456 : More Please.

KingWolfie 3026 : Anime and Star Wars don’t go together

strateass : This was more starwars than the last jedi

Luis Macias : This is what the initial space battle for the Last Jedi should've been like. This was needed to make it one of the darker chapters of the sequel trilogy. The allies of the resistance should've shown up on Crait with fighters from systems with an insurgent past like Naboo, Corelia and the systems from the Trade Federation. Disney, take notes.

Kyle Hart : The retro sci-fi art style works really well with Star Wars.

Kyle D : Well, this is better than everything Disney star wars has come up with. Awesome

Kethvan : I would have rooted for Paul Johnson instead of Rian Johnson for The Last Jedi. #PaulJohnsonforRianJohnson

TaticalDuD : Better than what Disney is doing with the franchise right now

Darth Venamis : The true power of Empire

Wilson Tortosa : Really nice effort! Great use of sound clips and SFX. But if I am to review this I think the choice of music during the actual space battle does not go well with the fast pace and energy that Otaking was going for. The original music that he used, although not classic SW, worked really well to convey the Macross level energy the space battle was going for. For example, at 1:28 to 2:08, more music buildup could be used as we are getting pumped for the coming launch and space battle.

waflenoobs ROBLOX : Empire propagamda😤😤😤

Androth : wow. the empire launched more than 3 tie fighters. imagine if the first order had so many.