TIE Fighter Remastered - Star Wars Anime Short Film

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Rio Matsuzawa : Reminds me of Gundam!

RedLeaderOne : We need stand alone film like this!

ER9 Stopmotions : Now this is what would of happened in a battle between the empire and rebellion. The rebels would always be over run and crushed

joseph linden : I never knew I’d enjoy anime Star Wars until I saw this.

Total Geek12 : I want an anime showcasing the empire. And not some dumb story about a foot soldier realising the empire is evil and deserts. A story showcasing the Admiral to a fleet or the relationships between members of squad who met at the academy

SmoothTlatoani : So much potential wasted by Disney...

Un4Fn Vectarn : No propaganda can save empire after being defeated by teddy bears

Matthew Jay : I weep with joy at how good this is.

Caleb Jones : No star wars themed clip is complete without the obligatory Wilhelm scream

Lau Kyle : If only clone wars / rebels could look this good...

Matt Evans : Disney!!!! Give this person a job!!!

IMPERIAL THRASHER : so we just gonna ignore the fact that tie fighters have built in fax machines 1:34

Richard Svensson : better then last jedi

Miguel Iturbe : This is the type of content that should be on trending or recommended.

Trent Shaw : They should make an entire movie like this

Jake Fabian : 4:40-4:50 100% inspired by Macross Plus when Guld chases the X-9

TacK T1caL : Looks really satisfying and the art is amazing, if you're a real star wars fan this is for you.

Battlebourne : Star wars would make a Damn good anime I guess.

Crab Crayon : This is what happens when you leave your plot armor at home

mr anonymous : I think you mean “Tie Star Wars Fighter” Like if you know what i’m talking about.

au jack : This is better than that last Jedi lol

David Lira : Better than the last jedi

Jorge Gordillo : Not a fan of anime but this got my trousers moist.

Henry Farthington : Entertaining video! Thank you for providing this free content. Exactly what should happen 9/10 times the Empire attacks the Rebels.

crabs Mr. : RIP R2

j vennings : Kinda wish they would make this a series or something. It be nice to see what life in the empire was like


Kizul Emeraldfire : 5:56 Crewman Wilhelm! D: Noooo! He only had five more weeks till retirement, too.

Knuckle Chuckle : 5:54 Why are they walking so slowly from danger?!?!

six eyes : 0:37 it says “Passive Scan Mode 3” on the top and “Identify IFF Assessment”

KMMadglock : Love this! Star Wars is about the dark and the light side. We need a movie showing the side of the empire!

six eyes : 0:38 it says “M Corvette 1, Transport 2, Transport 1, M Corvette 2” and on the right side it says “Criteria Met,” and at 0:39 it says “M Frigate.”

Steven Sun : it is interesting how humanizing it is just showing the pilots faces were i was rooting for the empire LOL

Khristopher Wenger : The artwork is very good is he's guys don't have a job they should have a job which one of the artworks people

Xavier gaming : 3:09 R.I.P r2d2

Drew Hawk : This is pretty amazing for a short film

USERZ123 : Space battle ship Yamato

Wilson Tortosa : Really nice effort! Great use of sound clips and SFX. But if I am to review this I think the choice of music during the actual space battle does not go well with the fast pace and energy that Otaking was going for. The original music that he used, although not classic SW, worked really well to convey the Macross level energy the space battle was going for. For example, at 1:28 to 2:08, more music buildup could be used as we are getting pumped for the coming launch and space battle.

cheesecake productions : This is how the empire should really be like better pilots more stronger tactics

AirBorneAnimations : When this is more entertaining than all of the prequels....

Mike Love : AmaZing

reiryuusei092 : Luke Skywalker: OTOUSANNN!!

All things otaku : I call hax on empire

Connor MacNair : Much better than the original

Eu Mesmo : A great sad story.

Oswaldito Gaxiola : 3:07-3:11 Luke death

Daniel De La Parra : "Drawn and animated by Paul Johnson"? are you telling me one single person did this? that's the most impressive thing I've seen!!

Shinkai9/kami16 : Top 10 anime battle for real this time

James Rosenblum : "The only things they did better than us is suck and die." Turanga Leela Honestly, Disney, why the hell is this not a thing on Netflix? The new Voltron is killing it.

David Winters : Still better than the last 5 Star Wars Movies.