What Would Happen If All Men Disappeared? | IFLAND

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PawedCat : Interesting yet so cool, nice animations! I subbed!

MajorM9 : There would be a lot more lesbian porn for other lesbians

Rolyne Joseph : Interesting video

MrJaffagames : A lot of sandwiches would go uneaten

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Jonty notVaivars : Nice video

Dylan Jernigan : This video is amazing and has such high quality. Keep up the great work!

Canadian Syrup man : God isn’t a man

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Pickle sandwich !! : Saw your ad and loved your channel every since

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ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ sᴘɪɴø : Thanos

Dream : God is mostly described as male, this whenever people think of god it would usually be as a male

Bobby Singh : This is what feminism needs to release.Both genders are already equal.

Kara Flores : In the beginning And um humans will die

Ruby Cole : I think I'm crying. It's that beastly.

Trey C Nation : Omg amazing as always

Nevon Sen : Calling god a man or a woman is dumb god is god

Ruby White : Amazing videos you have here.

Alem Čelik : There would probaly be women who done several medical surgeries for gender change. So there would be a population to reproduce.

Rafdan : And if all women disappear I better kill myself.

MaximusTheVast : God is not a man that’s disgraceful