Bill Burr - 2 Weeks in Hell

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I'm a Cat? Stop Lying : The guy in the thumbnail looks like CGI

Tim Lewis : The hash browns thing is fake. This was a clever edit. You can see the first shot is the guy asking a question with the camera man in the front. Then the next shot is the dude answering, with cameraman behind/side. #1: You'd see the camera man in front of the guys on the second shot if this was real. #2: The guy most likely asked the dude a few questions, one of them being "What did you have for breakfast this morning?" so the dude probably answered correctly saying "Hash browns." But the editor saw a clever place to edit two questions together and made what you see there. Nothing is real anymore.

Tyler Jackson : And then they get shot by a dude that's never worked out in his life

Mumba Mumba : I could do this. Especially the puking, the hash browns and the giving up part.

Gary Hobbesworth : I gotta disagree with Bill on the point about letting any Green Beret into any fraternity ever. Green Beret training probably involves way less anal penetration.

Rubén Pérez Reguera : I don't see any feminists fighting for equality on this.

Fleet JJ : Do you know where you are right now .? - uh.. hash browns.? Well damn..

MemeMasterJackal _ : I'm in the Army right now. You have to keep in mind these guys are already soldiers too. Some have been in for years and all have already gone through basic and airborne school just to get there.

Gendo3s2k : We're supposed to believe that women can do this...

Eno On : I'll watch the show when there's bill's commentary available in the audio options on every single episode.

Ray Mack : The hardest thing about it is you don't find out that you failed until the end. You could have failed the first day and they don't tell you.

Mike Litoris : I've heard of this one guy that stuff like this is there for one reason and one reason only: they try to break every single one of these guys and they'll only take the ones that just won't quit. Because when the shit hits the fan and you need to depend on the guy next to you to have your back, you want someone who can endure something like that and still keep on moving. I bet this is some of the worst stuff they're legally allowed to do to young men in training simply because they're trying to get as close as possible to the worst combat conditions. If you can't handle rolling over the ground of lifting a log even when it hurts, what are you going to do when you get shot? Just quit? Kudos to anyone who is willing to endure this type of torture.

Apemopo : i bet hash browns was that guy's safeword and that's just what his mind defaulted to lol

Brian : The mental toughness and resiliency demonstrated by green berets should be respected no matter your beliefs or background. It blows my mind seeing the ignorance and insecurity of some of these commenters. Maybe consider challenging yourself once in a while to gain an appreciation for these guys.

J : Bill Burr, admitting he's light years away from being able to do this: feminists, a 120lb woman can do this in high heels and you're a racist homophobic sexist to claim otherwise.

Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money : Dont blow it Keep it simple Count your money

MakerInMotion : Green Berets do a lot of training and assisting foreign troops. A lot of them have to be fluent in multiple languages. So imagine you made it through all that and they're like "Congratulations, now go get fluent in Urdu".

Dildo Shwaggins : Am I the only one that thought the thumbnail looked more like graphics from a PS4 or Xbox one than real life?

kungfuman82 : Huh. So these are the guys that Arnold Schwarzenegger eats for breakfast. Hope he checks for puke pockets first.

Mike Pereiira : I go until it hurts and then i stop

Robert St. Estephe : This is designed to oppress women. They need to lower standards by 90% so chicks can go to the top. White male heterosexuals are the essence of evil. When will this evil race/gender be eliminated?

Stone Osborne : This ISNT training. It's selection, it's testing. SFAS is picking teams, not coaching players.

Jason Bradley : Veteran here.... You never know what you're capable of until you go through it.

Ryan Schur : Pretty disgusted by all the degenerates in the comments talking shit about service members. You don't agree with the wars the US gets involved in? Fine, but don't take it out on the men and women who were just doing what they had to. I thought we were done with this shit after Vietnam.

Le Canadien : ....and transgenders want to try this?!? Lol, be my guest. #fail

Happytime Harry : Navy Seals, Green Beret's, Ranger's,..all claim to have the highest standards. This cannot be simultaneously true of all things.

Grizzly : Imagine the feeling if you completed this! You would feel invincible!

AgentFlea : In before non-Americans talk shit about America and their inferiority complex makes them talk about how their military training is so much better :)

Gnar Gnar : My cousin was a green beret.. he mostly smokes pot now. lol

Tony, The Stark : And then soldiers go crazy. What a surprise!

dionisis pan : I eat green berets for breakfast...Arnold.

Pietje Puk : The funny bit about this is that the army doesn't even need these guys any more. They use drones.

Snow : After training for BUD/S. I will never say anything is impossible. I used to have trouble going up a flight a stairs. Now if I don't run 40 miles a week, at least (with an occasional marathon run every few weeks)... I don't feel comfortable. I mean hell, while running I don't feel comfortable, it kicks my ass every time, but I keep on suffering through. Once your body TRULY suffers, once you're truly pushing past your limits. That's the moment you realize your potential is infinite. You are your own worst enemy, conquer yourself and you'll conquer the world. If you have EVER wanted to join any Special Operations units. Or even if you just want to run in a marathon, whatever your goals and ambitions are. Stop wasting time and do it NOW. STOP making excuses for EVERYTHING. If nobody believes you. I will.

Flappy McDank : SO many blithering idiots in the comments section lmao

tank 28 : Are these native advertisement? Bill would do it best

Vanilladye : where can I find this? cocksucking Netflix doesn't have it as expected.

Maltese Falcon : Where are the feminists? Aren't they upset that no women are included in this recruitment? Oh wait , of course they aren't equality in the board rooms is what matters.

04dram04 : I guess men with daddy issues get excited for that kind of shit.

Sloth55Chunk : I eat Green Berets for breakfast

GauntLife : Ya, that's 2 weeks of hell. But there's an exit if need be. Hell is illustrated better in a documentary called "Under the Sun". A candid glimpse into the lives of communist ruled North Koreans during a Government funded propaganda campaign in which the director of the film captured unfiltered, natural day-to-day insanity in-between shoots when the camera was said to be off. It may be a hard watch for those who don't like subtitles and slow paced docudrama, but if you are interested in seeing the stunning contrast of how other people in our world are living compared to ourselves, it's worth a watch. It may also make you question why America and it's allies have opted to abandon it's once rampant opposition to communism and focus it's efforts on invading Middle Eastern countries, which pose no real threat to anyone, and disrupting their everyday lives in a more profound way than any terrorist cell ever did. Or, it might just make you say 'better them than me".

worldlove101 love101 : train them to go die so a few people could have more wealth n power

Chris Weidner : Ranger school, swamp phase. A guy was standing next to a tree feeding imaginary coins into it as if it was a vending machine.

Mahmood Ali : from a veteran from another country, all I have is respect for those fellow soldiers.. all soldiers are soldiers and you can't help but respect the guy wearing the other uniform and think that you have more in common with him than many others who are your fellow nationals. but in the end, soldiers are soldiers and when some pig headed maniac decided they have to go fight you over something that never did and never will benefit their own country, you just tell yourself: "his politician killed him, this great man, not me.

Robert cekay : and people say millennials are soft, go tell that to these guys

Benjamin Schaefer : Awesome, I'm a former Green Beret, you could make it through SFAS. It'd be the best podcast/show I've ever seen.

Jesse Ferrer : Spec ops is where it's at! Nothin' beats BUDS! Frogmans money is as good as gold! #SealTeams

John Doh : If you ever meet a Green Beret you are looking at a guy that can do things that, physically and mentally, 99.9% of the country just cannot do. I mean just the physical aspect of their training is beyond belief. But then you have to add in the fact that they can't be idiots either. They all have to learn another language, learn their new job (medic, engineer, weapon master, commo) and be tactically and technically proficient in all aspects of military tactics and strategies to go out and get dropped off in the middle of hell and teach a bunch of inexperienced natives how to become an effective guerilla force.

pitobrain : When I went through Selection they had changed it to 3 weeks. It still sucked but it was fun. You're there with like minded people and make good friends.

Roman Hashon : Basic recieving at marine corps depot

Santino - : I'm a former Marine. Drill instructors used to say if you can't handle the stress in a safe environment, how will you react when the bullets are flying? There's method to the madness.