Tables turned on tow company

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Fox 2 News Detroit 2019


old .northsider : Mcdonalds is just as much at fault for doing business with these creeps, manager prob gets a kick back

movie0007 : Until the city does get involved, they ain't paying any money back. The judge needs to say, pay back the money within 30 days, or serve jail time.

Eric Johnson : You want to hurt this business legally. Any place you see there tow sign do not do business with that place that has them as their towing company.

justisinus : Best solution to shut down these thieves.... IRS should get a copy of this video.

priscamolotsi : How come this tow company is still in business?!

greekatso : These people need to be beat to a pulp, the owner, his employees and the spotters. It's clearly a scam that they're operating under to stay in business.

Tracy Pimental : I'd sue McDonalds too !! Then maybe someone would pay attention.

Wild River Tom : Mike Dickerson needs to be charged with racketeering and thrown in the slammer. We don't have to put up with this criminal crap in the US!

old .northsider : in NY once you get a judgement, you serve their bank and it freezes all accounts until they pay you

Falcon 1 : There's a privacy fence that's my grandfather's between his property and the tow company next door in El Cajon California. One day I smell diesel while visiting and notice that it's coming from the tow company next door, so I walk over and tell them they have a diesel leak. The guy thanks me and says he'll correct. This turned in to be an ongoing issue numbers times a week and after reviewing the surveillance camera on my grandfather's property I found out why. Whenever the tow company had a diesel truck on their flatbeds they would siphon the diesel into 55 gallon drums out of the tank of the truck. Once the siphon started the employee I would walk away and the drum wood over fill and spill out into my grandfather's yard. This started robbing the fence and killed a good portion of his grass. After approaching the owner numerous times about the issue and getting the same story of will correct it it never did. So in my Infinite Wisdom I decided to make a 911 call one day in this process, I explained to the nice dispatcher that there was a Hazmat spill on the property next to my grandfather's and oh my god did it become interesting. Eight fire trucks were dispatched along with three paramedics EMS squads, and a half a dozen police officers. I showed them the video tapes of the last few months of what had been happening. When all is said and done the fire marshal find them close to $100,000 for releasing hazardous materials into the environment, the police department gave them a citation for the same and turned my video tape and the citation and the fine over to the city district attorney. 2 Days Later the company was out of business. And yes I forgot to mention the day of the incident the owner of the tow company threatened to shoot me and I have that on my phone camera. Tow companies are nothing more than sanctioned gangsters and there needs to be a hell of a lot better oversight on these businesses

Tony Dellarciprete : Why didn't you call McDonald's and Corporate, that would possibly change the whole scope of your investigation!

JaBabyDoll : At this point, people should stop supporting that McDonald’s... you’ll see how fast McDonald’s step in and stop all this when they realize they not making any money...and if they don’t, then they’ll just go out of business. I speak with my money, don’t support a business that’s allowing their customers to be treated and taken advantage of in this manner.

Niina Vee : Same thing happened to my mom this tow company is one of hundreds.....congrats to these ladies for fighting so hard.

DoktorKebab : This type of s*** deserves a good case of citizen justice, frankly. I can only hope their offices are flammable.

whitey 1 : Someone should slash the tires to all there trucks and when they replace them slash them again!!

Benjamin Aswad : I'm glad to hear it. I remember seeing this over a year ago. There was a guy who caught the scout walking around the lobby, calling the tow driver.

operacarmen : for google's search Indexing: Breakthrough Towing LLC 1501 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48216 Break through Towing LLC - 1502 Fort St W, Detroit, Michigan 48216 Phone: (313) 228-8528 Break through Towing LLC Mike Dickerson is the owner. Breakthrough Towing, LLC, Plaintiff, represented by Wolfgang Mueller , Mueller Law Firm. Michael Dickerson, Plaintiff, represented by Wolfgang Mueller , Mueller Law Firm. As far as McDonalds goes, they look pretty uninterested in trying to prevent their customers from being scammed in their own lot.The scam, which could cost it’s victims roughly $400-$500 looks to involve a spotter across the street from the fast food joint who calls the tow company almost immediately after a customer parks their car in the restaurant’s parking lot to actually go in and buy food. a scam being run by the folks at Break Through Towing at the McDonald's in Detroit located at 4235 Woodward Avenue, store #20757.

Gilbert Morales : Omg 😮 this city 🌃 has the worst! Issues Housing! Towing! I feel bad for the residents

Noorali Virji : This company is like a mafia and McDonald’s is in the scam boycott and sue sue 💀💀💀💀

Giorgio Gazzola : I said it before and I'll say it again. The owner needs to get his legs broken.

keygoshima : And whoever said it doesn't pay to be a crook and a criminal?

Ryan Ruiz : These are nothing more than low life thieves

Tyler b. Sunshine : Wait, who enforces and owns the parking lot

Jacob Mandelblum : Then, facing this kind of crap plus defying a court's order, one is to believe they have some political clout and therefore, people must take matters into their own hands and the solution should be fire bomb the tow trucks which is what would happen elsewhere, as the drivers are just doing their job.... Just as simple as that and somebody should undertake this job as shown in films....!!!!!

masterxDh20 : 10 bucks he is avoiding tax with IRS

Karlynn 77 : Boycott any business that has a Breakthrough Towing sign in their lot.. Businesses wIll cut ties so fast that breakthrough will be out of business faster than Soulja Boy's video game "consoles"...

CenTex Dave : It's in Detroit - what does anyone expect?

Daniel Garcia : I say start a riot, break down the door, trash the place . Enough is enough. Time to put some fear in the towing business

Michael Timmerman : You need to get a police sting operation on them that is organized crime they are shacking people down using tow trucks!!!!

princewish : Why isn’t this guy in jail. I don’t understand how these judges don’t have arrest warrants for ditching court.

Elias Aliaga : Damage their tow trucks when left alone.

Myoknow : Tow truck owner is more like the first 4 letters of his last name, by the way it’s Dickerson !

Andy Adams : Pretty amazing the laws are made for criminals not honest people

J Martin : Sounds like these Bastards need some Street Justice Handed down on this Company !

Fuck You : STAY ON TOP OF THESE BASTARDS ROB!!! What an awesome reporter, great personality, enjoyable to watch, and doesn’t let people BS him. He has definitely found his calling.

Rev.316 : I'd ask a judge to put a lien on everything he owns including the company and then I'd have the cops show up with a processing warrant kick his employees out of the building and sees all his trucks so we can't make any money until he decides to pay

clickclick vroom : follow the spotters and do them a solid favor to never lie again Vinny style

Caleb : These people all need to get together and file an actual class action suit against this company and put them under

Scrap & Pallet Man : If you need help seizing this guy's property let me know. I'll be glad to scrap all of his tow trucks.

gedion4000 : Make sure you post the end of this story!

dale hugill : Sounds like they are not paying taxs, taken cash only maybe the IRS should look at his books . Something smells fishey about this company?

Elmer vest : Is the mother a citizen of Canada ? If she is she needs to go to the local Canadian Councilman. This is an "international incident" that should be investigated by federal offices.

MyHonestOpinion : a gallon of moth ball sugar water in toe trucks tanks on a regular basis might change things a little..

david diehl : Wait at McDonalds for the tow trucks to show up. Then seize the tow trucks.

E.M. Music : Shit, this hits close to home. I'm in Oakland county. About 35 minutes from Detroit!

Andrea Riegler : They will flatbed the wrong one and wind up dodging ammo for a side job

Devin Cain : Rob you the man. Keep up the great work.

kierra newkirk : This the 3rd video I seen about this company just close down their whole business

Jack Stanley : Why is pressure not being put on McDonald’s