Tables turned on tow company

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rwdplz1 : Keep on this, I want to see this guy broke, jobless, bankrupt, and homeless.

John Martin : Sounds like these Bastards need some Street Justice Handed down on this Company !

Falcon 1 : There's a privacy fence that's my grandfather's between his property and the tow company next door in El Cajon California. One day I smell diesel while visiting and notice that it's coming from the tow company next door, so I walk over and tell them they have a diesel leak. The guy thanks me and says he'll correct. This turned in to be an ongoing issue numbers times a week and after reviewing the surveillance camera on my grandfather's property I found out why. Whenever the tow company had a diesel truck on their flatbeds they would siphon the diesel into 55 gallon drums out of the tank of the truck. Once the siphon started the employee I would walk away and the drum wood over fill and spill out into my grandfather's yard. This started robbing the fence and killed a good portion of his grass. After approaching the owner numerous times about the issue and getting the same story of will correct it it never did. So in my Infinite Wisdom I decided to make a 911 call one day in this process, I explained to the nice dispatcher that there was a Hazmat spill on the property next to my grandfather's and oh my god did it become interesting. Eight fire trucks were dispatched along with three paramedics EMS squads, and a half a dozen police officers. I showed them the video tapes of the last few months of what had been happening. When all is said and done the fire marshal find them close to $100,000 for releasing hazardous materials into the environment, the police department gave them a citation for the same and turned my video tape and the citation and the fine over to the city district attorney. 2 Days Later the company was out of business. And yes I forgot to mention the day of the incident the owner of the tow company threatened to shoot me and I have that on my phone camera. Tow companies are nothing more than sanctioned gangsters and there needs to be a hell of a lot better oversight on these businesses

Matt L : Cash only payment to get your car back? Hmm, maybe someone should alert the IRS and we can take these bastards down Al Capone style.

Something Seems Off : *This company has to be disbanded completely, and the state has to implement better towing laws/regulations. McDonalds also should face some repercussions if they don't address this soon.*

Scrap & Pallet Man : If you need help seizing this guy's property let me know. I'll be glad to scrap all of his tow trucks.

david diehl : Wait at McDonalds for the tow trucks to show up. Then seize the tow trucks.

sandman38111 : Had a tow guy try to steal my Durango from a parking lot. Went to a business. Made a purchase then next door to get something else. Returned to see my truck being hauled onto a flatbed. Didn't say a word. Got into my Durango. Put it in 4 wheel and started driving my truck away while still hooked. The tow operator was screaming and banging on my window to "Stop You Will Destroy My Tow Truck" I cracked the window and assured him that he would unhook me or I will destroy his winch. I gave the cable a little slack, Jerked it tight as a reinforcement, gave him some slack and he unhooked me all the while screaming how he was going to kick my ass. LoL.. I drove off with my property intact and left him red faced before a crowd of on lookers..

Channel Zero One : Contact McDonalds corporate. They will make the owner change its policy or risk losing the license. They won't be happy to see their franchise put in a negative light like this by the media.

Hold my Beer : We had this same type of problem in philly. The city got so many complaints and sued for the lack of towing laws thanks to the local news 6abc that filed the suit on behave of hundreds of people, they immediately passed a law say that a private tow company cannot tow a car under any circumstances even if its on private property unless it was given a parking ticket by the police or ppa first. At least three towing companies in my neighborhood alone have gone under lol.

Yota Doug's Tool Collecting Channel : ROB WE LOVE YOU!! I MADE MY COMPLAINT LAST NIGHT to my states Consumer justice department the police LOCAL TOW COMPANY CHARGED ME $342 FOR 4 MILES, EVEN WHEN THE CITY DOESN'T LET THEM CHARGE OVER $159! BTW this was 2 days before Christmas! This is such a wide spread problem between tow companies and municipalities using them for their services.

Skip b : I ran a tow comp and ya i used spotters. Basically for H P parking in one lot. There r laws about towing. If u come out u by law have to just pay a drop fee Usually a third. Thats in my state. I couldnt handle the position that i put people in and quit. I got in trouble for giving elderly and veterans a brake by the new owner. It was one of the craziest jobs I've done.

SouthJerseySound : I own a tow company and this disgusts me. I'm in the business because I like to help people and while I do private property towing we charge a fair rate that's set by the city. While the company is a disgusting predator it's part the cities fault for letting it be a free for all. Detroit has a long history of being paid off by crooked tow companies and it looks like its going to continue........ Last but least is most tow companies are pretty good these days. Please don't judge us all by these vultures.

JaBabyDoll : At this point, people should stop supporting that McDonald’s... you’ll see how fast McDonald’s step in and stop all this when they realize they not making any money...and if they don’t, then they’ll just go out of business. I speak with my money, don’t support a business that’s allowing their customers to be treated and taken advantage of in this manner.

Daniel Garcia : I say start a riot, break down the door, trash the place . Enough is enough. Time to put some fear in the towing business

CynicalDriver : 94 spotters for this company disliked it.

Eric Johnson : You want to hurt this business legally. Any place you see there tow sign do not do business with that place that has them as their towing company.

Jason Jackson : Just turn the tow company into the IRS & let karma take over. When a company demands cash payments for services rendered, I believe they are committing tax fraud or tax evasion. That is how Al Capone & many criminals were taken down.

Fadloallah Izikki : You are doing a great Job by doing this! I will be more than happy to watch you saying that they are forced to close the business!

Tina Peek : Rob, love your videos. Why havent you gone to the Attorney General and Secretary of State about these clowns? Get a warrent for his arrest and serve the seizure paperwork on him then. This guy is a slimeball who deserves to be towed off himself.

ron kennington : Street justice then lock them up.

Von Festus : We had a scumbag like this in Louisville he's in prison now.

Amanda Billings : tow companies remind me of vultures.

Wes Netmo : this is the reason guns are bad. here in italy we solve these problems with fists, without the fear of being shot in the face

priscamolotsi : How come this tow company is still in business?!

Paul Patrie : Funny... The idiot denies spotting for the tow company and claims he knows nothing. But when you Google the company and view pics there he is hooking up a car onto a tow truck. SCUMBAGS. 2:17

I'm Living Your Life : If a couple of their tow trucks mysteriously catch fire then you might get his attention...just saying

Cupavi Kurcic : Why doesn't the city do something about it? Oh, wait! I forgot that this is Detroit. One of the biggest shitholes in this country. No need to point one out in the middle east when we got several right here at home.

TheKithkhan : Contact mcdonalds and tell them you will no longer do business with them because of this and call corporate not the store

Giorgio Gazzola : I said it before and I'll say it again. The owner needs to get his legs broken.

8780 Property Mngt : Don’t park and leave the lot.

Tim G : did any one notice the shot of the 30 minute parking and it said "while consuming food" if you leave the property its fair game. and no they don't have to just let your car go. You have to pay a drop Fee. if you don't pay the cheaper drop fee bye bye to your car.

Benjamin Wilson : Here is the deal. Those ladies are wrong. Parking for McDonald's isfor MCDONALDS patrons... not people that by a burger leave and go shopping elsewhere. You leave your car there regardless of 1 minute or 1 hour, you will be towed.

Walter Mosby : THIS IS DETROIT! People spotting for the towing company, cars being towed illegally. A city of crooks from the mayor for allowing this company to operate and then this company ignores a judge’s order to pay up. And the Mc Donald’s has no air conditioning? And this restaurant is located inside the campus of Wayne State University. Detroit; a sorry excuse for a major metropolitan city!

You’re Dismissed! : Go back to court and join McDonalds in the suit. They contracted with them and it occurred on their property. Oh yeah. I would ask for more money for damages while you’re at it.

Din Mendez : They need to close that towing company

64BITuLISAN : Send this man to jail, and destroy the company.

TADionysus : doesnt matter he saw them walk to another business

whitey 1 : Someone should slash the tires to all there trucks and when they replace them slash them again!!

James W : This puts both Detroit AND McDonalds in a bad light. Time to boycott them both until they both step up and do the right thing.

Ryan Ruiz : These are nothing more than low life thieves

Phillip Garrow : Need to shut them down and boycott that McDonald's too

John Polyakovics : Sorry once you leave the establishment and leave your vehicle it can be towed

masterxDh20 : 10 bucks he is avoiding tax with IRS

Tyler Haeger : If he didn’t know what he was doing how do you know what spotting Meant

Boco Corwin : Good reporting, sir

jmar1371 : Take a deputy and the court order to McDonald's, park in the lot, then step away, and wait for the tow truck. When he shows for the tow, seize the tow truck.

Phillip Mendez : They messed up already on video they said they were inside and left to another building once you leave the property without your car your no longer a customer your in a different facility with there own parking

WatchJRGo : I don't know how this has gone on for so long while being a viral issue, but I'm thrilled it's being flipped on Breakthrough! 💪

BestCommenter OnYouTube : I live in a small town in Connecticut and subscribed to the channel because the MSM does zero investigative reporting anymore. This is was reporting looks like. #realnews