Generation Kill : Depicting the Military Accurately

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A nice analysis where I repeat myself a lot while trying to explain the reasons why I think Generation Kill isn't as widespread as I believe it should be. "Accurate Depichsun" Interview with retired MSG Brad Colbert:


cc wichman : This video also explains why Red vs Blue is so popular with vets. Even if it is a bunch of guys, standing around, talking

Minnesota Guy : I feel like if directors want to make an unrealistic action packed war movie, they should just make a fictional war with a fictional army.

Frankesten 2001 : rudy the sniper is actually a former Marine sniper😂

FlankerJack Channel : Remember that this was created by David Simon, The Man Behind The Wire, that show was also critically acclaimed for being very raw and very accurate without Hollywood theatrics.

MrFreerange : Not only is it depicting the Military, but really shows the life of non-task force Recon units during OIF1 . I lived that shit. 19D20 BRT 3/4 ID.

PS3TEKKENLORD : i watch the full season of Generation Kill at least once a year!

Ken S. : When you said core-zzzz-men... I punched myself in the genitals

A n d r e w : Rip to Ray's milkshake when it gets schwacked.

Eric Williams : Amazon prime carries the show as well, alongside Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

blackguard82 : As a former military I can attest to the fact Generation Kill is up to today the most accurate depiction of how the military works in real life

The One and Milli : And this is why VetTV has been made. Vets and Regs needed it, and it helps ground us back to our roots.

Marco Taggart : Thumbs down for "kôrzmén" JK nice video!

playercryptar : The irony is Nathaniel Fick [the real life Lieutenant of Generation Kill] panned Jarhead the book essentially calling bullshit on it. Although he did have some praise for the (first) film as having stuff that could have happened though disjointed.

SportoPaul : That mini series was fucking epic. Love the closing’ll appreciate it when you see the series!

addicted2life88 : i've watched this show back at the time like 4 times. It's one of my favorites and "The Pacific" oh and "Band of Brothers".

igloo productions : I read the book Generation Kill long ago, one of the best war books I’ve ever read. Constant detailed descriptions of gunfights and other details not seen in this show. The book Black Hawk Down was good too, far better than the movie, they described stuff not in the movie. For example when they were being shot at in a Humvee and on the way out it was crazy and they were driving on sidewalks etc, guys in the back heard a loud “thud” sound and asked what it was, guys in the front said, “nothing, just an old guy” and they all started hysterically laughing🤣.. while taking fire driving like crazy.

Joey Kendrick : Did you just pronounce corpsman as "cores-men"?

Jess Marks : Good work dude, great take on combat; which secondary to the fucked up sociological needs of an audience from most films and series.

Andy Wren : I'm a Brit with no military experience, and I loved it.

dakritic : Clarification: Its not an accurate portrayal of the military, its an accurate portrayal of the Marine Corps.

Ryan Frasor : I was with you until you miss pronounced corpsman...

P!cs : Just finished the last episode and can safely say it's one of the best shows I've seen

Sevenspent : I agree Generation Kill is a underrated tv series about the war, it should be a must watch like Band of brothers and The Pacific from HBO.

S Mutib : What you are missing when examining these military films is the gov't hand in Hollywood. I don't know if you know this, but the DoD sponsors many of these films via Entertainment Liaison Offices (ELOs) in the name of "accurate portrayal," but really focus on making the films show America as the good guys scrubbing any negative depiction even if they were true. You should check out the site That site examines films supported by the DoD and what kind of changes they made to the film based on FOIA documents from these ELOs. Here's a classic documentary based on the book of the same name called Operation Hollywood: Another book I recommend is National Security Cinema by Matt Alford and Tom Secker (admin of SpyCulture site). These sources are strictly academic work and will definitely give you insight into how these films are made as well as answer the questions you might have.

Justin credible : Not to mention renner is running around with a 75th ranger scroll even though he's EOD

sion owen : Watch Kajaki. Poorly received most accuate british army film ever. And its bloody harrowing.

belfastmafia :

PeskyPrior : I agree with pretty much everything you said bar one. I'm not in the military, have never served, but I am a first responder, with the Ambulace Service to be specific. And I think most people that are in similar careers to me would also enjoy this show. It seems people often forget that things we see, whilst not to the same degree as war, can be pretty distressing and horrific. So often we end up with the same twisted sense of humour and appreciation for those things enjoyed by our friends in the military. So thanks for this video, I really enjoyed it. And for what it's worth, you've gained a subscriber today.

Thomas Fernaays : I'm a civilian and I understand it a lot and enjoy it but my father is military. grew up in the environment.

Cpt. Awesome : Eh. Generation Kill was a great show. It just gets better the more knowledge you know.

XGN Gaming : Yo I love this show! Granted I wasn't a marine, but army counts for something right?

rinflame44 : Watched it without any military background and enjoyed the heck out of it. The nuances in the show got me so hooked I've subsequently spent hours researching the background and real-life events behind the show. I suppose the majority of people want cheap effortless entertainment which is why most film production nowadays follows the same shallow pattern. So while it's probably not for a broad audience the more demanding 'niche' will love it even if they have never been in the military.

turbobumers 01 : I've never even fired a handgun in my life, let alone had anything to do with military, but I absolutely love this show. It's everything but complex, if you just stay frosty and pay attention to details.

Thomas Reed : I wasn't in the military and I think Generation Kill is a great show. I watched it when it was first on

Brian English : I'd encourage everyone to read Evan Wright's Generation Kill, the non-fiction book. It's even better.

Lars Swede : The guy who plays "Iceman" Colbert, Alexander Skarsgård, served in the Swedish military. He was a squad leader in a marine commando recon unit.

Mother Russia : Most servicemen, especially combat vets, love GK because they can relate with it. For a huge Hollywood project to give a shit about marines without pretending to give a shit? It's very rare. It's way better than any half-assed "Thank you for service" you get from strangers, even if you did 4 years of paper pushing in HQ. The funniest stuff is when you have an employer in a job interview tell you "Thank you for your service" right before you get rejected cus apparently your military service skills don't translate well into the job description.

Ryan J : I love this show and I was never in the military but I do find the military interesting.

mo hawk : I disagree that you have to make a movie so completely unrealistic in order to make it accessible to a broader audience. I do agree however, that a movie can still be good even if it's completely inaccurate. I served four years as an infantryman in the army, with two combat deployments to Iraq, including one which was pretty f****** bad. And while I recognized all the inaccuracies in Hurt Locker, and they bugged me little , I still liked the movie. Also while it was technically horribly inaccurate in a lot of details and events that took place , it was thematically, and emotionally accurate in some ways. Generation Kill on the other hand, was not only extremely accurate, but I believe that it was all so great piece of filmmaking, and is accessible to people who have never served, assuming that is that they have a modicum of intelligence, empathy, and maturity. As an example my wife, who has never served, actually hated The Hurt Locker, but loved Generation Kill. Also, I couldn't stand Jarhead. While I recognize that it's accurate, and a good movie many ways, I also recognized the lead narrator for what he is. Everyone who served in the military knew those types. The pseudo-intellectual shitbag, constantly complaining, whining, running down the military, and dragging down morale.

Alberto M : I'm not in the military and I thought this was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

JD MD : Guys we’re in the coast guard and we TOTALLY understand generation kill...guys? Hello. Hello?

Joseph Burkhart : i also highly recommend reading Nathan Fick's book "One Bullet Away".

Ethan Knight : "I was incredibly moved by how well the characters were written and how good the show is"... So kinda like saying it accurately depicts the Marines lmao

The Canucklehead : things need to be stylized and streamlined for mass markets to enjoy them. A well trained US navy seal with a family back home and brothers to protect when deployed quickly turns into "man shoots gun".

K. : Never been in the military, but this is by far one of the best tv shows ever made.

Sweet Thunder : Bro this was an AMAZING show... i only even heard about it perchance when i was in new york. Saw a huge poster of it in times square... would have never heard about it if it wasn't for that. def underrated

WandaII : Top three war series/movies come from HBO: Band of Brothers, The Pacific and this beautiful masterpiece. I personally am a Finnish Army medic and I find this series (and the two others) extremely pleasent to watch, exactly due to the given reasons in this particular video. VERY WELL DONE KYLE! These three HBO series are what I'd personally recommend for anyone to watch, despite if they're not war history buffs like I am. I even top these over any and all finnish WW2 movies, allthough we do have some pretty decent ones. This latest Unknown Soldier (2017) did pretty good, though even it suffers from the lack of several major scenes cut off. I salute you Kyle for making this very informative video for the masses and thus hopefully rise understanding on why this series does not actually suck at all.

Logan11thMEU : Gk was THE best war series Ive ever seen , the book was great too

kadinkol : Loved it, watched it back to back. I tried to get my wife, who did not serve, to watch it. She hated it. Didn't make it past the second episode. GK is the best military movie/series ever made. Yeah, Hurt Locker sucked.