Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!

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Google Pixel 3 XL. The best camera got a better phone. MKBHD Merch: Pixel skins: Verge's post: Video Gear I use: Tech I'm using right now: ~


Painting Cafe : I hope by 2023 the NOTCH covers the entire screen. Notches rock. My whole life revolves around having a big notch.

Kyle C. Umeda : Love the video but please put another pillow on the other side.

9 year old epic gamer soldier : Why are everyone talking about the creator of Minecraft?

Nathaniel Drew : Dude holy shit the quality of your videos just keep getting better. Impressive.

SullyPwnz : Top notch video Marques 👌🔥🔥

Majestic : I felt so relieved after 5:49... 😽

EddyGraphic : The notch is so big, there are literally 2 status bars 🤮😂

Kanye West : Could someone please tell me what the intro song was at 0:00? EDIT : For anyone wondering, Freiherr Franz identified the song as Italo Disco by the The Plain Ensamble.

Tanner Milne : The quality of this video is insane.

Jason Chua : Top notch review Marques. 😉

Ryan F : It's so hard to find people who use both Android and iOS and are not Apple-biased Hence why I love this channel

Zach H : I like the widescreen because it fits my note 9

Akshay Hari : I will chose pixel 3 over the XL

Luis Diaz : Someone know where i can find that "blue-purple" wallpaper? Minute 3:33

The Centrifuge Channel : Comment #3: Notch

rickyrich93 : "Rough" by Jordyn Edmonds. Figured someone else might be trying to figure out which song that was like me 😁


Taha Hadi : Next thing you know everything is gona have a notch.

cre8ive65 : The Essential PH-1 and OnePlus 6T did the notch right.

The Centrifuge Channel : Comment #2: Notch

Achraf Achraf : So i found the firdt wider screen video... Finally.. It was hard.. But it deserves it.. 😂

Wiston Clair June : 8:58....shows that Google is listening to “you”. Others who do not have sway, lie by the waist side.

scuttle06 : wait a second, i noticed something the video is in 18:9 aspect ratio :)

{DaRk ReApEr} : Take that google " a poor use of space." Marques Brownlee

Onkar Soundankar : Link for the wallpaper?

Anirudh : Imagine when Google adds the second camera 😏😏😎😎😉

Phonography2017 : Watching this on my Galaxy S8 :) :* <3 still a sexy beast...

XAVIER FRONEMAN : Love the wider video,especially watching on a s9+✌

The Centrifuge Channel : Comment #1: Notch

Alexander Anthony : Not only you are a great tech reviewer, you are very handsome and hot. I wish you were gay so someone could enjoy all of that hotness.

桜木明 : Godammit video quality just awesome 😂

Chill : What's the point of having a huge notch and a huge chin.

Albin Gjoka : Hey @marques, nice aspect ratio, fits perfectly on the iphone x(s) screen ;)

DC ELITE : N O T C H for those who came to see the comments

Rooprenu Shekhawat : The first 5 comments had notch..... Superb Marques You became astrologer.🤣

PixelPuma : This phone is not(ch) for me. 😲 If only OnePlus had such a great camera.

Jayakrishnan Nair : 4:33: It is called AREA not volume....

SerjG2005 : Notch: *EXTRA THICC*

Ramit Shivansh : Nah marques..... The 1st 3 comments ain't about the 'N' word.......

Sebastian Ontiveros : Huge fan of your work!! Your reviews are AMAZING. Keep up the good work

Ell Pacino : Champions bezel-less phones. Adds own bezel to video.

Frenchy789 : Video looks amazing on S9+! Wide-screen all day everyday!

RAYD TV : Your new wider widescreen looks gorgeous on my xs max 🤤

Pancake Overlord : What wallpaper is that? Looks great

Dylan Sansovich : Loving the wider video and how it views the screen of most phones this year, great work continue to push amazing content!

Fantastic : Dude this Background setting is amazing!

Marc Tang : "yeah I'm the ups guy and I'm downstairs" *ILLUSION 100*

Jatin shukla : Who all actually scrolled through the comments when Marques said "go ahead scroll through" 🙆🤣🤣

Thebigdeal : I was so annoyed by how slow you were talking and the quality of your voice until I realized I had the video at .75 speed... Great video lol