Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!

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Marques Brownlee : Hey I'm gonna use this pinned comment for fact checking: The smaller Pixel 3 display is made by LG, while the XL is by Samsung

SullyPwnz : Top notch video Marques 👌🔥🔥

Kyle C. Umeda : Love the video but please put another pillow on the other side.

Sam Typhlosion : I like infinity display more than notch one.... Please don't kill me

Gadgets Discover : The video's *Quality* is better than of a *Hollywood movie!* Nailed it!

RustBucke7 : After watching ZONEofTECH's camera comparison between the 3XL and XS Max, I'm not so sure whether 3XL is a clear winner. There are instances when the 3XL just outshines the XS but I felt the reverse is also true. IMO comes down to the circumstances mostly...

Jatin shukla : Who all actually scrolled through the comments when Marques said "go ahead scroll through" 🙆🤣🤣

Vikram Singh : Is it just me or has MKBHD stopped doing headphone reviews???!! There used to be a lot videos back in the day. But now he’s pretty much just doing phones

noodles6669 : Everyone talking about how well this video works with an 18:9 screen or how poorly it works with a 16:9 PC screen and here I am with a 21:9 monitor and barely noticed the change.

ItsMisterDavid : Who else noticed the lights go off at 15:09

THE CLIMAX show : I will chose pixel 3 over the XL

Vehicle Virals : Lets get this comment to the top with the word "NOTCH" in it.

ソオン背絵 用 : *Google Pixel taking the new standard for notches.*

Kanye West : Could someone please tell me what the intro song was at 0:00? EDIT : For anyone wondering, Freiherr Franz identified the song as Italo Disco by the The Plain Ensamble.

Zaid Bedekar : 0:56 WALLPAPER PLEASE?

Michael Murillo : The widescreen looks so much better! Especially iPhone X keep making videos like this!

Mrwhosetheboss : This video looks as good as an Apple commercial! Magician with a camera 😯

Taha Hadi : Next thing you know everything is gona have a notch.

That Guy : I watch YouTube mainly on my laptop (My phone is also not widescreen). Needless to say I preferred the old aspect ratio but it doesn't really matter, both work just fine.

Wiston Clair June : 8:58....shows that Google is listening to “you”. Others who do not have sway, lie by the waist side.

ashcrash 143 : What Else Will They Do if they Had Two Cameras at the Back🔥🔥🔥

Zico Tops : *_Notch_*

cre8ive65 : The Essential PH-1 and OnePlus 6T did the notch right.

Wassim Ibrahim : Anyone else have an issue using voice chat on discord with this phone?

tusar mandal : Only phone with Android P??? I have the OnePlus 6 and it's running on Android P.

Hamzah Patel : 9:52 That doesn't happen to my galaxy s5 with 2gb ram, in fact, I rarely run into any issues due to 2gb ram. People seem to overstate the importance of ram in phones. It's not like you'll want to edit videos, run crisis 3, and have 50 chrome tabs open all at once.

Milo Barron : Love the new 18:9 format!

Dominick Valenti : Plz reply how is battery life compared to pixel 2 xl

Aldo Rodriguez : "girl, like Doritos, that's *notch* o' cheese"

Yash Atishay : Don't you think enabling "Now Playing" (assuming there is an option to turn it on or off) is allowing your phone to listen to everything all the time, all your conversations, everything that happens around you? That kinda freaks me out!

RedStoneKing349 : notch

The Groovy Guitar Dude : Idk man, I’m just notch that into it 🤷🏽‍♂️

Jeevan Gopal : Notch!

C. Marie : Which is better the One Plus 6 or Google XL?

Albin Gjoka : Hey @marques, nice aspect ratio, fits perfectly on the iphone x(s) screen ;)

Average Consumer : music name plz??

Uvan Sankar : That Wallpaper! ?

• BLACK • : Google makes us Disappointed.

Rob : Man i feel your review is seriously flawed. This is a phone after all. for 1000 you would think talking on the phone wouldnt feel so crappy. the audio coming out of the ear speaker is pretty trash i am finding it awkward finding a spot to hold it to hear good. Though ive only done 1 call so far. I feel you focused way more on the notch which is just visually jarring rather than focusing on the phone actually being a phone

Rathin Kumar : Everyone is talking about Pixel 3 in comments, while I am just admiring the Vertigo Effect you pulled off at the intro of the video :D Your robotic arm is dope 🎥

Orange Juice : Wide screen recording looks hella clean

R Gile : I've got a Pixel [hate that snowflake name; Nexus was so much better for us Alpha Males] and am due for an upgrade. I guess I won't be getting the Pixel 3 and here are my reasons why: 1.) All glass back: The OG Pixel had just a glass upper and when that breaks [because Alpha and I am actually active] it screws up the camera that is behind that glass. This new version of the Pixel must be engineered for soyboys being even more fragile than the first one. 2.) Ai: I really don't need Ai in my Life since I am in charge of my Life and will not delegate Life to an inanimate object. I'm currently holding off on the Pie update [I think i is long in pie, another desert, following along the rest of the Android releases that have all been named after deserts that make you less Alpha and more soy] on my OG Pixel for this reason. I will not be another one to delegate living of my Life to a phone. 3.) Notch: subtle programming there to accept the demon Google and worship it even further. Google used to be a great company until they started controlling what others are allowed to think and say. The Google search engine used to be the best in the world. I had it as my homepage ever since it was the search engine for Yahoo. But now Google search engine is invalid since it filters the results. Google's ultimate goal is to return 1 result. Don't get me started on the CIA/NSA contracts to save and store your data to be used against you in the future or associate you to someone else. Google has turned from "Don't be evil" to "The Evil". So in summary, if I am going to sit on my arse and take selfies [another sin aka self worship] of myself while I swipe away calls, calendar entries and probably texting away to a bot, then this phone would be perfect. But I am none of those [see Alpha Male comment above] so this is not the phone for me. I know this comment will receive flak [you only receive flak when you are over the target] since I am probably not your average viewer, but just a passerby. I don't have an ISIS beard, a gaping mouth to shovel soy into or wear a flannel and/or beanie year round. I did gave a thumb UP on the video because I like the fact that you reviewed this particular hardware I was curious about. That takes work and I appreciate the level of work you put into making this video. The content was informative and easy to listen to. Could have used more heavy metal...

Roland Ocker : I just wanted to let you know I love the widescreen - also watching the videos mostly in my 49” 4K TV, so enjoying the cinematic quality AND wide-shots (also colorful decoration and stuff in the background) are always great. Thanks for creating amazing content. Lots of love - love the new merch, can’t wait to get my shirt. ✌️

xIBR0KEN : Not sure why reviewers keep saying the back glass is scratching... Its glass which is still a 6 hardness. Think of it like very fine sandpaper. Its actually scratching whatever is rubbed against it.. The "scratch marks" are tiny leftover particles. Just run it under some warm water. Light scrubbing from a brush will speed up the process. But its not a actually scratched.

Super Luigi 64 : Intro song?

Husam Al-shehadat : The first 18:9 video in your channel 😄

Otso Lehtiniemi : Keep making 18:9 videos 👍

Sakil Films : Intro music link plz

M4 MEDIA Malayalam : How much you earn from the YouTube

Philipp Sesar : I love your intros!