AMAZING VIDEO: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

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Kevin McCallister : Can this guy help me move my neighbors house onto a different street?

ZeRR The Gaming Gardener : I can't believe this wasn't click bait.

Ryan Schwinghammer : Why would anyone, let alone 11k people dislike this video? This is truly awesome. Intelligent guy!

Jordan Utley : "Why aren't we in school today, Mom?" "We're going to watch grandpa do something that was so scientifically baffling to mankind for centuries that we were convinced for decades, that aliens helped us. Then go for ice cream."

Tony Bletas : Yeah? Really impressive! Now try moving my wife's fat ass! Good luck with that one!

Pacific Northwest : Now cut that out of Granite from the side of a mountain and travel 500 miles across rivers......

Shango Sankofa : As a stone mason myself I find this quite remarkable. Good job!

nano63a : Who brought that giant stone there in the first place???????????????

DIOSpeedDemon : The only problem is: Stonehenge did not have a hardened concrete flat surface to work on. None of the major stone wonders of the world had concrete surfaces to move heavy stone on. It is a great feat of Physics and Engineering, but try it on wet English soil or Chalk.

Ford Waters : Aliens. .....we don't need no stinking aliens

TheJollyGamerJoe : I think we underestimate the intelligence of our ancestors. With things like this they probably sat around thinking about for years. As what else could they do? Unlike today where we have machines for all our needs, along with an endless amount of distractions. There's no need for many of us to have this type of problem solving mindset. But like this guy, If you dedicate enough time to trying to solve something. You likely will in the end, and back in ancient times, time was something people had plenty of.

nampaman : Give me a lever long enough and I will move the world!

Rick Deitrick : Goodbye extraterrestrials and ancient mystical powers; hello Man.

Collier Todd Hageman : Common sense and a savvy old builder answers a question that scientists have puzzled over for years. I love this guy!

Robert Bragg : Amazing. Definitely a very smart man.

Amelia Dixon : Just been creative. I once moved a solid 300lb marble table up (3.5x3.5) up the stairs to my apartment by turning it as a cube until I got to the top. And installed a kitcken cabinet on the wall by staking books on the counters until I reached the height desired.

tomrider : Pebble rotation works great...on pavement, but how do you slide it over dirt, mud, rocky terrain, uphill, downhill...

Audilife : When you’re retired and have nothing else better to do

JayZS JayZS. : The see-saw jack idea is very clever indeed.

Nick Sacco : Where the hell is he getting these blocks from?

LovingAtlanta : 👍😃The was terrific. 🤔🤨I bet he has many sleepless nights trying to figure this stuff out. I’m proud of him though. 💞

Hiram Lopez : doesn't prove a thing...he needs to do it in the sand!!!....and before that, he needs to go to a query and cut them...then move them 500 miles to the construction site.

geoffrey calligan : Ive seen or heard lots of theories as to how ancients .built Stonehenge, the great pyramids , etc.i think this guy figured it out.nothing special .just using leverage and whats on hand .a little wood , some sand .some rope. A little engineering know how and boom you got Stonehenge imagine what a whole civilization working to one goal could accomplish quarrying, shaping, and transporting the blocks WAS THE REAL WORK im really impressed

DOMINIC : its faster if you use alien technology

Ben Cooper : They used the same ancient method to film this.

David Bacote : The story of primitive ignorant savages is a conceit of the consumer, capitalist Western centric age .It's purpose is to assure us that we've never had it so good as we do now. They - our overseers- neglect to mention that ancient Hunters Gathers more often than not lived in a time of plenty. plenty of leisure, plenty of food.and plenty of time to think, meditate and ponder. In the ancient historical past our ancestors looked to the past for the golden age ; see the Bible, Greco/ Roman mythology, Ancient Egyptian Mesopotamian you name it ! It was referred to as the time of the Gods! For God's sake !! And I'm not talking about Aliens, Gods, Atlantis blah blah blah. Read the Iliad which frequently mentions an earlier period of time when people were stronger (healthier) more intelligent and resourceful. Is this really so hard to believe ?? The idea that the future is Utopia (Which actually means "nowhere") is of very recent vintage, in the past the distant past was the time when humans and gods lived as one. Now we look forward to a future when humans and machines live as one. Progress?!?!? I realize that there may seem to be contradictions in this post. They're somewhat intentional.

MrRecklessryan : The Aliens, Giants and Atlantean fanatics won't like this

theos alex : it was not click bait (surprising) but some k ppl still disliked it out of habit

Randy Real : yup people build stuff using basic leverage technology been doing it for a very, very long time nothing surprising nothing to debate no aliens no ancient lost technology. Nowadays we've moved on to extremely more advanced technology like calibrating the clock in a satellite to compensate for going through time at a faster rate than clocks on the earths surface. The way they built megalithic structures was extremely primitive and basic.

Chuck Beef : People thought thousands of workers built Stonehenge. Turns out it was one bored man and some sticks.

Matt Shoey : I came into this thinking I was gonna be clickbaited. I will leave happy because I wasn't. Well done that man

HalferLand Video's : The pyramids were not build with trenches LOL.....nice try but there was a much more sophisticated technology implemented to construct them.....and might I add all over the world

Jezzter : We over think the simplest things, making the easiest things seem impossible. And to achieve the impossible the answers are before our very eyes.

Hoodie Alien : The 12k people who disliked thought this dude was about to deadlift 20 tons.

WhatAreYouBuyen : That man must be an alien, there's no other explanation

Hoskins Land Surveyors : give me a lever long enough and i can lift the world

William Winder : I thought this would be some bull shit. Glad I was wrong.

Multorum Unum : Why would they bother themselves with this while they can just use small blocks?

песз смердляввй : Дибил чурбанский амириканский

Aaron Rice : Wally is a badass. That dude could probably steal my house.

〈Clex〉 : Now just get a whole town to rotate- “You spin me right round baby right round”

John Takolander : Never think that the people who lived some thousands of years ago were as stupid as all UFO freaks!

Blu : this proves one man built Stonehenge

Synystr7 : Eat your heart out Ancient Aliens/Ancient Advanced Civilisation people

Bacchanalia : The real question is to quarry the megalithic stones out of the bedrock by perfectly cutting it (how do you get under the stone to cut it), then carry them from the quarry to the location of 200 plus kilometers, lifting them up mountains, lifting them atop of one another, align it with the stars, align it with the cardinal points, and calculate equinoxes.

Pele Gacinovic : we underestimate our ancestors

Mark Doby : That guy is definitely one of the aliens that helped build stonehenge. I bet those sticks and stones are old af.

Joseph Collins : Evolutionists say people are getting smarter... yet this guy is beginning to catch up with those "stupid" ancient people! Next thing they will figure out how to make those stupid pyramids and carve perfect smooth statues and massive stones.

polo Lascience : I've been working on a similar problem where I had move a small cabin of 500kg but I had no engine, no ropes, no crane. I simply used levers made of solid wood, and it worked, and I was able to move the cabin in a very precise way all by myself. By the way, an average stone of the great pyramid is 2,5 tons. It can be moved and lifted and put somewhere in a precise way with solid levers and counter balance. i'm

radry100 : He's probably an ancient alien, right?