AMAZING VIDEO: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

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Kevin McCallister : Can this guy help me move my neighbors house onto a different street?

Tampatec : 1000 years from now humans will think only aliens built this. 👽

PM Tigger : This is the world without internet

3Runner95SRB : But what proof do you have that he is not an alien?

John Bates : Seriously impressive, especially the gradual lifting of a huge block by rocking it backwards and forwards and also moving huge blocks by reducing the friction simply by putting them on a couple of stones. These simple techniques really do offer an explanation for how Stonehenge was built, especially as he lifted that huge block all on his own. Imagine a group of people working together! It would be simple using these approaches. It’s weird how nobody else has suggested this but as always, the simplest solutions are often both the best but the hardest to come up with. I honestly think that Wally Wallington should be widely recognised and rewarded for his undoubted achievements, not least for potentially putting an end to the quest to understand how Stonehenge was built, which has patently defeated a lot of thinkers before this man’s achievements. In the absence of anything better, the ivory towered academics should now accept Wally Wallington’s suggestions as working hypotheses and as leading theory, if not bettered very soon! Great achievement Wally!

KAMERON125 : Technology make humans stop thinking. Well, they do thinking when inventing the technology but after that, they leave the rest to the technology they made

Gabriel Meyer : Plot twist, the Egyptians built the pyramids for no reason in order to confuse future people in the biggest prank ever.

Barbell schwarzehonkey : Does nobody see a problem with this? He has a concrete base so the block can rotate on the stone(s)... try it on grass and the stones will disappear into the mud.

Derelict Doug : We all need to think out of the box. ☝️This guy has it

Antman Jones Jr : Best recommended video ever.

Adam Rodriguez : This Man should be doing Viagra commercials.. 😉

John Gardy : This is well-known mechanics. The thing is how did the people of Stonehedge move these monolithic stones from quarries in Wales to Stonehedge? How did the people move all those blocks all the way up the Nile to the present spot and, by calculations would have had to have laid one block every TWO Minutes? How did the people in the Andes move huge blocks up steep mountains from quarries far away? How did they create absolute level, straight corners and perfectly formed round drill cuts? Why is there evidence of tool marks, such as drills and saw-blade cuts on these creations. Someone had high-speed tools to form these blocks so oerfectly. This is not how the Pyramids were built, although very clever, this guy's techniques would not allow for rapid deployment of these blocks. Sorry. How the Pyramids and many ancient structures were built is still a great mystery. Somebody had Technology that we still haven't discovered or at least, have the ability to use on a huge scale.

Wholesome Lad : He probably lifted out all the pixels of this video

Joini50 : Man..... I thought I was gonna see some superman shit... disappointed -_-

TheJollyGamerJoe : I think we underestimate the intelligence of our ancestors. With things like this they probably sat around thinking about for years. As what else could they do? Unlike today where we have machines for all our needs, along with an endless amount of distractions. There's no need for many of us to have this type of problem solving mindset. But like this guy, If you dedicate enough time to trying to solve something. You likely will in the end, and back in ancient times, time was something people had plenty of.

Flaky Biscuits : But what proof do you have that they had pebbles back then?

Mo Garcia : He's a Hit at Block Parties...

jullian kirby : There is a big diffrence between 20,000 lbs and 20 tons 2:37 the title is misleading 20 tons is 40,000 lbs

ShadowLight Gaming : He used a hose, HACKS!

Trieye : Looks like that should be enough to build the pyramids

Dumarius Avery : Still doesn't explain how that big ass pyramid got built! I think the giants did it that were alive at that time...

Leesus : But how do you put the stone under the huge block

Jer Alm : Stonehenge was refurbished in the early 1900s who knows if that's what it really looks like! This guy has definitely shown some unique methods for sure. I don't understand all the dislikes for this video though!

HopefulMC : That’s crazy! He’s honestly really freaking smart! 😱

Antman Jones Jr : Just a friendly reminder that ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

Krav Maga : My question is how did they put those blocks on top of each other especially in areas where they were up the mountains like in Peru?

Chris Diaz : But is his water clean?

Dm E : they didnt , giants did

joseph h : But it doesnt prove how they move it on the dirt hes doing it on cement

ClasH GardeneR : I can't believe this wasn't click bait.

shan_rocks : Knowledge of physics and a handyman. Nice

Aleksi Niemelä : This was actually really damn amazing.

crystalawen : Impressive! ... But it doesn’t explain how the capstones at Stonehenge could have been put in place :-)

Reiki Lynx : I think it's amazing! Now can you come lift my jaw off the floor? Genius.

Insomnia Poltergeist : Maybe the Egyptians just deadlifted that shit.

GuadaluP MorenO : i been doing that for years nothing new just the other day i took out a basketball pole anchor in the ground with cement that weighed about 400 pounds all by myself just using dirt and my hands. true story...

Deniss Morguns : This dude is awesome

sandy russell : I honestly never believed aliens BUILT the is quite capable of building his own shit....

Sherlock Holmes : hold up!! Which pixel was the man and which pixel was the block???

1000 vids no subs challenge : Where the hell is he getting these blocks from?

KingKracker : If this old fat guy can figure this out, im sure others have way b4 him. GG to him.

melnuke : That doesnt explain how the pyramids where build at all

Chris Welcome : When was the last time you heard about a guy doing something like this?

Evo Dragon : Did they patched this yet?

Pacific Northwest360 : Now cut that out of Granite from the side of a mountain and travel 500 miles across rivers......

Doesn't really matter : Thats exactly how we built stonehenge.. i was there i was the foreman

TheVagolfer : It's a lot easier to have my alien friends move the stones.

DeWolf IV : This video explains how they moved heavy blocks in the old time😱

Stompie Joe : that's all well and good but, what about the roof stone block that goes on top of arches? hmm...

Chuck Beef : People thought thousands of workers built Stonehenge. Turns out it was one bored man and some sticks.