AMAZING VIDEO: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

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Nick Sacco : Where the hell is he getting these blocks from?

Harvey Holloway : This is the simplest and best demonstration of possible pyramid building techniques i have ever seen. Great incite.

Pacific Northwest : Now cut that out of Granite from the side of a mountain and travel 500 miles across rivers......

Dave Scott : They moved the stones with cranes in the 1920’s, the whole Stonehenge site was rebuilt by man.

Spoodimin : "by hand"

TheJollyGamerJoe : I think we underestimate the intelligence of our ancestors. With things like this they probably sat around thinking about for years. As what else could they do? Unlike today where we have machines for all our needs, along with an endless amount of distractions. There's no need for many of us to have this type of problem solving mindset. But like this guy, If you dedicate enough time to trying to solve something. You likely will in the end, and back in ancient times, time was something people had plenty of.

youngsoldier93 : The title of this video is misleading as hell

mrfld : Yes, this works on a small scale. Not building a pyramid like this.

Trev Haydon : Very clever man., Kudos

Christian Guerra : * cut it from the side of a mountain and build something*

WhatAreYouBuyen : That man must be an alien, there's no other explanation

preston121068 : 1 man set this massive block using only pieces of wood, rope and stones. No wonder people think Stonehenge was made by aliens. I mean it's not like it could have been accomplished by 10,000 slaves and all the eccentric technology this man used way back in 3100 BC or anything...

TJ : What scientists couldn’t figure out for hundreds of years, a redneck in Michigan figured it out with few beers, nice!

Dabunny Rabbit : Move a one ton block, 10 miles over rough terrain. Then I'll be impressed. And that's not even close to what the ancients did. Look up the construction of the Temple of Jupiter.

Alexa Avery : Ingenious! :D This could answer many Pyramid questions! I believe It!

Sia Later : great job gramps.

David B : Aliens help people standing rock some years ago don't you know lol. Don't you just love them shows where aliens were the reason today we have Stonehenge xcetera.

Mr.T.1987 : My question is, how did he lift the blocks to put a stone underneath in the first place????

Scott McClure McClure : Somebody get this man a camera

Rick Beaver : How does he get the 1st rock under a stone ?

Lisa Scalabrini : Wow- Thats so amazing! Lets not forget there's more than Stonehenge- There's Avesbury, Easter Island, & more- Like Incan & Myan temples, & Asia & India have huge ancient monoliths as well.

Mike Sowder : Sticks and stones may break my bones but they'll also relocate your barn.

Max Kallio : Wow!!!

Daily Pro Rebel Separatist : That's totally false. Stonehenge was rebuilt into its current position and actually moved a few miles from where the stones were originally.. google it

CanadianTurf Sandwich : Ancient Aliens theories.... what a degenerate society we've become. This guy should get a Nobel Prize just because he reminds us of our real history.

Christian Kovachev : Sure but how did they cut it so perfectly? It was practically impossible for them at the time to undetstand. Unles they were given the technology

Gladiator7 7 : Power of the will and mind always overshadows strength.

Pleb God : ''LIFTS" i got baited....

Kenneth Hurtado : that is wonderful he can do this great video

Ben Cooper : They used the same ancient method to film this.

Pants Okay : This is cool, but it doesn't prove anything. There's no evidence they used this method. The mystery isn't how stonehenge COULD have been built, its how did THEY built it. There's plenty of ways they could've done it, but no way to prove it since there's no evidence of their building methods. Therefore stonehenge will always be a mystery.

Teo Gandais : it was amzing

Juan Polanco : Very good 👍

Donnie Campbell : it's 2018 and only the Christians understand how the pyramids and stone hinge ext, were built because people that don't believe in the Bible also don't believe in 40 ft Giants, A child can build a city of lego's, But normal sized man built all these mega structures?? NO! Giants built them all instructed by there fathers, The 200 angels that had sex with earths women & animals, it seems to me if women had Giant babies, it stands to reason that angel dna may have played a part in dinosaurs being born and grew very fast and large, Nuf said?

Michael Chartres : In 1963 I built myself a house. I was 22 years old. The concrete lintel over the patio doors was 15 feet long and weighed about 2 tons. I made the lintel on the ground then raised it to the top of the doors using a rocking method very similar to the one you show. You see "Great Minds Think Alike". Well done. and regards Michael Chartres

James Harris : very good well done

vinny stvincent : You are Ed Leedskalnin! Thank you for your passion! May the force be with you!

Drew Hurst : If you think this is how the pyramids were built you looked into just how intricate the pyramids are. The shape alone rules out most leverage ideas.

Ernest B : Thanks for the giant red arrow, for a second I didn’t know if the only guy in the thumbnail was the subject or not

imsorryclass : I enjoy watching this in 10.80P

strategic gamer : The Egyptians couldn’t of done it tho because they didn’t have the proper tools to cut the granite with that much precision properly

PsY KhOTiK : Now there's a guy with too much time on his hands.

Name not found : Gravity hack.

Ristube : That’s what I’ve thought could be how the ancient civilizations did it. Awesome!

amin a : Nice


Timothy Robinson : I seen the obelisk that the Egyptians had begun cutting out of the bedrock, but they left it because of a crack. I want to know how they were able to cut these out at the bottom and then get them out of the hole.

Nezello : A lot of people don't know that Stonehenge was re Built-in the 1950's look it up...

Francis Do : I told you so! there was no ancient alien.... just this man time travelled back and did all those

Jafan Fauzi : No alien involved