Full-Auto SCAR-L

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Jacob Pettit : How the fuck did he get a fully automatic scar? Fully automatic guns are banned in the US? Except for the ones registered before 1986, and I sure as hell know that the scar wasn’t even created before then.

Andrew Novitsky : This guy played PUBG 6 yrs before it came out

Eric C. : oh shit this just got 2 million views lol

Bryan Rodriguez : Common Scar?

Evan Lee : Lol i have a 15 times and a kar 98 and he got no helmet he deaaaad

Jesus Bruv : So many Fortnite kids coming. Oh wait. They already came.

Quintaz Z : All these disabled kids coming from fortnite lol

Super Sexy Cat Girl : Drinking game: Take a shot everytime you find a comment related to fortnite

ツSalacity : R.I.P his school

Abhishek Sathe : ScarL with vertical foregrip. Look around man you might find an extended mag and red dot

MysticS1ay3r : This is a military style weapon. All the gun control retards claiming AR-15’s are military style have no fucking clue what military style is.

Llama llama Gaming : This kid probably played PUBG more than fortnite (just so all the Fortnite fanidiots know)

John Shields : Why is every one saying fortnite just cause he has a scar

Jack ass H : Me thinking about my friends not inviting me 0:08

By Nahuel Max G : Battlefield

GamerManLives : Best weapon in PUBG after the pan

ItsTheSanti Play! : Bullet Force


AnDrOiD GaMeR : Bravo boy..❤

GreenBeret42097 : he will soon go Columbine

Alexander Hamilton : *school shooter secret files*

Rocker 1 : Soon he will unlock gold camo

Blake Gustafson : This kid got views after everyone started playing fortnite and pubg XD

중딩이 된성빈이 : 우와..잘쏘네요

Astrox X : Was this scar epic or legendary🤔


Gladius : woooooooow,i'd like soooo much shoot with an automatic weapon , but i'm italian and we can have only semi-auto -_-

Chairs tables : Did he get Victory Royale?

MonkeyKingFire : *Footage of school shooter trying out his new toy*

Cerberus : I want it 😒

THUGSTER : Fpsrussia 😂

Makenzie Wilman : It would be amazing if a fraction of the comments on this video had any clue what they are talking about. Good instructor, kid having safe controlled fun. End of video.

Preslav Dzhegalov : PUBG ARMY

??? : SchoolKahooter in the making

De Wey : this dude should be a fortnite avatar

Aiden Fuller : *incoming fortnite and PUBG memes*

Bigmac6Tryhard : When you find your first scarl in fortine

PerK InSaNe : Is that a legendary?

DESTROYED12 : Esta arma es brutal pero la chancla de ella es mucho mas que eso :'v

Phames xd : Ayyy *THAT WAS LEGITNES*

GGYGYU 5641 : For a kid i think he handled the gun pretty well


Your Mom : Lucky cracker

Lexard : You don't look 15

Ooh la la : Make that kid fire a Barrett .50 cal

lorenzo quattropani : Very lucky... A gold scar

Arkan Nabel : PUBG mood

dan kovač : He can deal with recoil quite well

ILoveKurumi : do you have solo win in fortnite?

Julian HD : Lolito de pequeño :v