Full-Auto SCAR-L

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Sonswave : Bf3 players here?

Pennywise the dancing clown : all you have to do was shoot the goddam target CJ

Andrew Hampton : He just killed 10 people on Fortnite 😂

Crow : dayuuum this video is starting to blow up again!

MrMaggot : Comments: 50% He's gonna shoot his school. 30% PUBG 20% Fortnite

BreakingBad5280 : Nice video Eric, after watching it I went straight to the comments to see pissed off liberals.

Evan Lee : Lol i have a 15 times and a kar 98 and he got no helmet he deaaaad

سيمو قيمر SEMO GAMER : pubg

L0nE : is it a purple or gold rarity?

DeadPool : Free fire lovers hit like

Henrique pg : *SCAILAIT DE OR*

Rocker 1 : Soon he will unlock gold camo

pranav thakur : ...And poor jimmy missed all the shots 😁

Air Squeky : Nice profile pic eh

Nicklas Bendtner : Future school shooter in the making.

Animator Rohit Rabade : PUBG GUN 😂😂👍👍

The Virus Tv show : He is so lucky dammit

harry potter : Seeing because of pubg

supreme bart : School shooter in training

READY SQUAD : This kid is ready for real life pubg

jexrutin : Medic supporting a Hoovy (2011, made real)

Kyle mueller : Any roblox phantom forces playera ?

Dracko YT : 2018 ?

Juicy Jacob : Wonder what libtards call this gun... ."semi automatic burst rifle?"

Abhishek Sathe : ScarL with vertical foregrip. Look around man you might find an extended mag and red dot

JEBEDIAH KERMAN : Now that's a weapon! Just subscribed👍

L Maurice : LOL they made the scar from fortnite into a real thing! 😮

Joe J.G : PUBG

CS : Dude You Play PUBG 😜

ItsTheSanti Play! : Bullet Force

Extreme 16 : He found a lama

ByKeroro24 : Estaba jugando fornite y no lo sabia

IAB : America is a scary place to live !!! :(

ZOLEYX SASSAN : If he were arab or a muslim, it would be breaking news in Mars

Una Peppina : Can't have video with a child shooting a rifle without there people calling them the next shooter now can you?

icy capybridge : People are saying that it's from fortnite but let me clear something fortnite guns shoot lasers instead of bullets

Nova : *Fortnite Baby's*

This Day : So many Fortnite kids coming. Oh wait. They already came.

beetlejuice : Bruh just because kids are into guns doesn't make them a school shooter

ALiTSHAI : hey guys its Ali-a and welcome ti fortnite in real life -Ali a intro plays-

Big Smoke : All You Had To Do Was To Shoot The Damn Target CJJ

Alan Yahir : Poreso América esta como esta :v

Gladius : woooooooow,i'd like soooo much shoot with an automatic weapon , but i'm italian and we can have only semi-auto -_-

Ninad Jadhav : Muricaaaaaaa

ZedSP -Spitfire : Hello Eric C. I appreciate You for being an active Channel. This video has been made on 2011 and I like how you come back to this video to check comments,views and other kinds of stuff....So Keep Up the good work And Congrats for 3.2 Million Views!!

GD Jerouen : The recoil

KrunchersYT : https://youtu.be/BF0uMuBY3g0

Makenzie Wilman : It would be amazing if a fraction of the comments on this video had any clue what they are talking about. Good instructor, kid having safe controlled fun. End of video.

Lil Bape : Maybe he'll drop at school and find a red dot lmao

super sonico starsonico : Report