Full-Auto SCAR-L

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Andrew Novitsky : This guy played PUBG 6 yrs before it came out

Andrew Hampton : He just killed 10 people on Fortnite 😂

J. Vinton : Such a satisfying sound, almost as satisfying as seeing so many ass hurt non Americans commenting..

Sonswave : Bf3 players here?.. Scar-l with a holo. A suppr and a vertical! GOOD OL TIMES

Blink 182 : Kid? High school? School shooter???

krap killz : Did you find that in a chest?

SoKrah : That's burst not full auto

سيمو قيمر SEMO GAMER : PUBG باتل جراوند 😊

pranav thakur : ...And poor jimmy missed all the shots 😁

DeadPool : Free fire lovers hit like

Rocker 1 : Soon he will unlock gold camo

Don Corleone : If that was a Muslim boy people would say ooh jihad training blabla Lool

L Maurice : LOL they made the scar from fortnite into a real thing! 😮

wolf 114103 : Fired a Scar and have 5 million views... you just won life mate

Jothish Ks : PUGB Players Here?

Evan Lee : Lol i have a 15 times and a kar 98 and he got no helmet he deaaaad

The Virus Tv show : He is so lucky dammit

Daly Palacios : Future school shooter

Animator Rohit Rabade : PUBG GUN 😂😂👍👍

Spawn : Children in the comments.. the dude in the video is clearly prob 21 now as the video is 7 years old.

harry potter : Seeing because of pubg

Clicky2000 : Time For School Shooting

WhyDude : School shooter dudeeeeer

Kyle mueller : Any roblox phantom forces playera ?

Crow : oh shit this just got 2 million views lol

Aditya Patel : Anyone here after playing "PUBG" 🖐🖐🖐😀😁

KorkusuZ Quit : *Fortnite Baby's*

NuelBR : Quem veio pelo pubg e free fire é fortnite

swagboi99Gaming : Looks like you landed in Pochinki

MrMaggot : Comments: 50% He's gonna shoot his school. 30% PUBG 20% Fortnite

뮤져 TV : Fucking Autosniper

Gepoy Fernandez : Wow a new training mode in pubg. Nice graphics

Prakash Paini : You got to practice before you go school boyz

BERSERK •0841• : Like si vienes por free fire, fornite o pubg :v

GGYGYU 5641 : For a kid i think he handled the gun pretty well

Aritra Majumder : I think that's a Vertical Grip.

Jagdish Dhaygude : Best rifle in PUBG ❤️

L Nordin : Lmaooo they made they thing from fortnite into a real thing


Just there to comment : *pumped up kicks intensifies*

hueco r6 : Wor blackbeard r6 scar fortnite

Anup Maji : i wish i could have a scar-l with lots of 5.56 ammo

Simon Cowell : All You Had To Do Was To Shoot The Damn Target CJJ

AXEL VISSERS : Belgian power!

BOT 007 : Soon we'll see this guy on the news for the bad reasons.

MCGREGORY13 : Whe fortnite servers are down...

Racing Rivals : I was watching pubg vids and it took me here lol

Amazuber : Ninja in his teenage years.

Quintaz Z : All these disabled kids coming from fortnite lol Edit: and disabled people coming from pubg.

john gonzaga : I have no chance to win at cs:go with this dude