Instagram Comedian 'Boonk' Beefs with another man over being the REAL Joker. SMH...

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Lil Boom : Bruce Wayne didnt die for this

Solo Daprince : Gotham is on crack

Clit Muncher : Cocaine is one hell of a drug

A.T. aka Young Drew : I can't even lie...I'm entertained af lol

lilxdaballer : These are the people y'all make famous smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

SayySooFlyy : Tf kind of beef is this?

Sosa : This is cringey

King Trippy : this nikka said book said he gone shoot him in Tha pepe hole 😂😂💀

Marcus Dawes : They fightin over being a fictional character... ok

Drew Dietrich : Florida got the craziest people

Lil Boom : Where is Batman when you need him.

Travis Kelley : The "White Joker" look like Donkey from Shrek 😂😂

Jelani Abdullah : If they really knew anything about Joker it’s 3 different Jokers so why can’t we all be Jokers lol

The people's Eyebrow : 1, 2, 3, and to the 4 1 Pac, 2 Pac, 3 Pac, 4 4 Pac, 3 Pac, 2 Pac, 1 You're Pac, he's Pac, no Pac, none

Ballin On these hoe ass niggas : While akademiks talking bout these jokers he's lowkey thinking of Drake as batman


Future Hendrix : May I just ask what real joker would have a Batman symbol tatted on his forehead? 😐😕

OutlawR/T : 3:19 that moment you think the snap filter is on 😂

Evo Wolf : They're fighting over who is the REAL version of a FICTIONAL. COMIC BOOK. CHARACTER. I doubt they even fucking know much about the person they are pretending to be. This is exactly what Autism looks like.

Daniel Bakens : That damn laugh,,, some one needs to cut his vocal cords.... Both them "jokers" are too stupid Wtf is wrong with our world??

G-Money : Why are these bums being featured on the main channel?

KeyWigglyProductions : Reminds me of the kid who liked turtles

Anthony Hospedales : Grown men fighting over playing dress up.....sad #2017

Barracuda 565 : I like the idea of two psychotic killers trying to be the best psychotic killer

Supreme Doge : Everyday, we stray further from God.

kortezfitness : The only real Joker I know is in a deck of cards.

tybow28 : Heath ledger turning Rn

火naSquiat : this is so cringy...

Arkay : That white joker funny asf

OWLPHRAOH : sad asf

RichieB : We all get L's for allowing this to get to this point an clicking this video.

gtg488w : Florida is problematic asl

SandStormer123 : Remember when Joker REALLY cut his mouth.Didnt smoke.Make jokes.Amd laughed like they were really insane

Jokers slautherhousegaming : I be having the same argument with so many ppl gta online

Travy Harrington : That kid is smoking meth who dose that two there face

Darrius Jones : Where is jaden smith as this time of need

Wu tang reGect163 : This is how Gotham will be like If batman was there

Lucien Carr 2 : Two lames beefing with each other lol

Danny Spoke : Call Batman 👀🤭

Mazer Satin : The white joker is cringy

Joe Budden : I only report hip hop - Dj akademiks

mike8pow : Last time I check Warner bros WB and DC comics owns joker 😂😂💀

Nvrgs : Heath ledger the real joker, fym.

Unknown : Unless y'all not slitting your mouth from side to side, both of y'all not the joker

iWizardCaTz : Wait... ARE THOSE REAL TATTOOS ON HIS FACE?? The one with the green hair??? Or is that face paint

Adversaryi420 Gaming : Its not a black thing or a white thing its a cloon ass thing. 😂👍

DutchLewis363 aka LIFE : Both of These Mfn Jokers must've been huffing Scarecrows Fear Gas

Austin Tabor : Drugs are one hell of a drug

Honest The Don : This Guy is weak he has no solar power lmao

K.I Blunt'd : They need to stop using drugs frequently