Instagram Comedian 'Boonk' Beefs with another man over being the REAL Joker. SMH...

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Caribbean Rebel_809 : Da fuq is this shit? now i've seen it all lmao

Rafael : Cringe lvl god

DatBoiYolo : Note to joker - I wilk be your ass love boonk

_______ _______ : 1:30 Boonk is the real joker

Joc Vines : The real Joker is Tha Joker Too Cold "Why so serious" "We do it for fun" come on y'all we know this or is y'all just that young

ELI LEONE : Come on man this White joker ist a Shit of Gangsta but this nigga boonk is savage 🔥🔥

Desire Reject : im white but that white dude is a bitch

M K : Heath Ledger is turning in his grave....

Chef Howiezy : God damn now I have seen it all Next thing you know there’s going to be a Spider-Man beef

Trường Thịnh Phan : Somehow Tyga still takes an L for this

phoenix rug : He says the joker can't be black bit he act's black im my own joker im not on a side

Jadaa Youngww : that white boy saying nigga that ain't cool u Florida niggaz must b cool wit that but where I'm from (louisiana ) we don't play that shit he would've got knocked on his ass real quick ya heard me

Lorin Lankins : "He's just mentally fucked up" I'm fucking dying laughing here in ca at 3am lmfao


Joseph Lisbon : I am confused he said it not about race but says joker not black says smack the black off of him and says nigga more then I do and I am black but I love the hype cuz I am from Florida too

b : Wonder what his mon thinks about him

Edgar Bwire : This was hilarious!

Southurn Sanityart : These two are gonna end up killing each other....

Waltt Queens : With they think they in Gotham city I'm lowkey waiting for penguin to pop out nowhere

Tony Avant : Batman's job just got easier

Joseph Stalin : Popular opinion: Put these guys all together in a island during hurricane season. Save the natives from said island and put them in these guys houses. Let nature take its course.

K D : DJ Akademiks your judging without knowing. You have no idea why they act the way they do. to just say its drugs is ignorant. You dont know their motives or who they even are thats why Vic Mensa got heated at you during his interview. Your constantly chiming into shit without any right to. Meet both of these guys and see what their about and why their doing what their doing instead of being ignorant about everything. This is just like fake news to everyone watching

PC George : Ironic the white joker is saying boonk is trying to be white 😂the white joker says ni🅱️🅱️a more times than he’s had sex

mario moralis : yall both jokes

Drew Dietrich : Florida got the craziest people

Winso D : White guy be like "There ain't no black joker" Proceeds to say the n word

Bobby Cool : Is it possible to give 3 LLLs at once? Where's Batman when we need him

robertdavis 2703 : That's a true batman fan

B List : Another L for the fucked up State of Florida. Two fucking clowns.

Emcee Gecko : theyre both dumbasses.

Great Name : Drugs in Gotham are very high with these two

Tony Ponton : Self snitch I stay with shit on me my whole crew too 🙄smh the coonery

cassy pink : Thinking this is fake.

Ant Schloss : I'll stick to my 90's to early 2000's these young niggas delusional

Leonardo Gonçalves : damnn these fake ass are crazy as hell

austin mcdaniels : Man 💀💀😂😂😂😂😂 why post this?

Stupid Shark gaming : And this is what happens when you get drugs for holloween.

Jared Parks : The joker guy is tripping tf out g

A Fish : Psychosis is a hell of a drug. God damn.

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fatstacks89 : whats the world coming to when dudes beef over who's the biggest clown this gay shit

Yung Nocto Sama : This shit is gold I don't know what yall talking bout

zero98ify : If I was boonk, I’d mind my own damn business with that demonic wigga lmao

Johnson Bryan : And this is what our kids look up to smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

Brad Kennedy : I seen this guy on the bus stop and he had on makeup not looking at no body .

Future Legend : Both y'all actors need to chill, fuck the beef get money

Michael Valentin : What the hell is wrong with our world these days.

Tevin Changoo : a batman gone be on scene soon lmaoo the hoodbat

Joe Chalk : Turns out Boonk is a very reputable lawyer in the Florida area and the white guy is a director of communications for a Fortune 500 company and I'm making this shit up

BelleDotz : Smh the walking dead is real