Instagram Comedian 'Boonk' Beefs with another man over being the REAL Joker. SMH...

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SayySooFlyy : Tf kind of beef is this?

A.T. aka Young Drew : I can't even lie...I'm entertained af lol

Solo Daprince : Gotham is on crack

lilxdaballer : These are the people y'all make famous smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

Dank_ Asf : whole lotta cocaine shit

Play Thomas Beats : Both of these niggas look fuckin STUPID! And niggas told me Boonk wasnt on drugs SMFH.....

Titan : This is cringey

XxxShoreion NNMF : He talking bout wanting to be white but he saying nigga in every sentence 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽 niggas real life slow

King Trippy : this nikka said book said he gone shoot him in Tha pepe hole 😂😂💀

Joe Chalk : Turns out Boonk is a very reputable lawyer in the Florida area and the white guy is a director of communications for a Fortune 500 company and I'm making this shit up

Lil Boom : Where is Batman when you need him.

U-Bezerk : I stay off the internet for one day and come back to this shit ...

The people's Eyebrow : 1, 2, 3, and to the 4 1 Pac, 2 Pac, 3 Pac, 4 4 Pac, 3 Pac, 2 Pac, 1 You're Pac, he's Pac, no Pac, none

Goku The envy of all tards : Where is that goddamn solar storm that's suppose to wipe humanity out god damn get rid of these motherfuckers

Reed Jenkins : White Joker vs Boonk vs Stitches book it Vince McMahon

TevDeshFilms : it's literally painful to watch this stupid shit

Future Hendrix : May I just ask what real joker would have a Batman symbol tatted on his forehead? 😐😕

marcus l : Pump might pop pills and do drugs, but he don't act like this nigga boonk. Boonk on some other shit. Dude done fucked himself up

OutlawR/T : 3:19 that moment you think the snap filter is on 😂

Ballin On these hoe ass niggas : While akademiks talking bout these jokers he's lowkey thinking of Drake as batman

Shawn Steed : Both of these niggahs are clowns if you ask me smfh 💯

Blane Ries : Don't do drugs kids

JaMichael King : So we gone let white dude say nigga so freely

Evo Wolf : They're fighting over who is the REAL version of a FICTIONAL. COMIC BOOK. CHARACTER. I doubt they even fucking know much about the person they are pretending to be. This is exactly what Autism looks like.

bigjayking24 : LMFAOOOOO!!!! These niggas is retarded af. Hahaha


fungmari : Whats That Song In the beginning though

SuicideCamp : Joker !

Ez_4002 W : Did say nigga. And he white

bo832 : Ak you part of the problem posting this dumbass shit making these niggas famous... This fuckery is entertaining tho 🤦🏽‍♂️🍿

Benzo Clout : Bat man gang these niggas bitches I'm the real bat man

Goku : that joker seems like a retard😂

Silent 1 : Joker? That's been a cholo name way before yall... stop it

Flights Emotions : You can't trust a nigga with cocked teeth.. 💯 boonk better call for backup

LSD 火 : this is so cringy...

Lil Boom : Bruce Wayne didnt die for this

Rashad Almomani : “Joker ain’t black nigga”, did the real Joker ever say nigga? I can’t remember...

RickySpanish : Drugs my ass, this is straight up autism

Cactus Anal : lol roasted "the joker aint black nigga" XD XD XD

JonahKillsIt : 9000th like

kortezfitness : The only real Joker I know is in a deck of cards.

Jelani Abdullah : If they really knew anything about Joker it’s 3 different Jokers so why can’t we all be Jokers lol

Dänny Spöke : Call Batman 👀🤭

Jonathan Curruchiche : Ayyyyy i feel da same. These niggas off some drugs all hyped. Look at da facts. One talking gunplay cuz he a skinny lil nigga scared to get hit. Da other nigga white so he feel he gotta prove sum so he said fuck gunplay ill give u a real joker but yet he out here not locked up prolly at his moms crib not giving NOBODY joker two cluckers off dem xannys acting crazy. Both skinny lil fuck niggas dat would get laid out, quick action.

K.I Blunt'd : They need to stop using drugs frequently

G-Money : Why are these bums being featured on the main channel?

NBA_Denzel : I got k2 mojo now

Vegeta : "Talk about you gon shoot me in the pee pee hole witcho gun. Number one a real jokers don't Use a gun, guns are too quick" - jokerganggang

David Hues : "I wish I knew your instagram so I could @ you on that motherfucker" WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF THREAT IS THAT?! 😂😂😂😂😂 These kids need to be put on Ritalin or something.

Supreme Doge : Everyday, we stray further from God.