Victor Borge+Marilyn Mulvey ,(by SUNNY RAINBOW)

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Victor Borge+Marilyn Mulvey Victor Borge was the man who said: "A smile is the shortest connectshen between too peeple ;-) You my watch his clip: "Inflatshonary Langwitsh" here on Why Tea: The words you´ll find at:


George Pendill : Did they meet during this performance? All her laughs seem natural and on the spot. But I must say, the characterization she ended up doing with him was even better. I love her voice.

Aleatha Vogel : Such a shame I wasn't born earlier to have enjoyed more of his live performances. I was only able to attend one of his live performances and it was the best live musical performance I have ever attended.

Hendarin Riandi : Although he played “jokingly” ...... the sound of the piano he produced is very beautiful... his touch so incredible ... Always love the late Victor Borge’s music .... and his jokes 👍

seanosomething : Voice on that girl.... my god!!!!!!

Dano Duncan : jeeze louise... that woman can sing !...

Clinton Kim : She doesn't lay her hand upon the piano this time. Lovely!!!

Mox_au : she's amazing....and we know how good victor was

janeyrevanescence12 : How did Marilyn Mulvey not bust a gut laughing while they were doing this? I don't think I would've been able to start singing without laughing my head off.

rawstarmusic : Amazing singing there Marilyn, really perfect high notes.

Rachel Demain : How did she keep a straight face? I would have lost it!!!

Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr : Such an amazing voice and talent. And such a really good sport to do with with VB.

TheMoonchild1969 : You can be in awe with a great pianist, violinist, cellist or any other musician, but when you listen what the human body can do, in this case the voice, the amazement is multiply ten times.

William Mawk : WOW!!! She can really do it!!!

U.V. S. : She will sing THAT piece by... by... By all means.

Cuan Wahana : He made the world full of laughter and joys. I Pay my tribute and salute. 

Robert Dizon : He was a master, master pianist, performer, comedian, all of the above and in of the nth degree, and Mulvey, she was lovely, great range, classic operatic voice, oh yeah, she was ideal with him, wonderful chemistry and timing. It really is fun to watch them and appreciate their flawless talent!

Salzburgerstiegl : Great Victor, but what a voice !!!!!

Philip R : Marilyn Mulvey sings "Caro nome" in spite of the accompaniment of Victor Borge. A priceless gem!

salah malik : the hardest jobs ever, comedian and pianist

Beer Monster : Wow, what a singer, they are perfect together, she's wonderful. he was a freakin' genius.

The Man On The Mountain : It seems that here is when these two started their romance with comedy together. They made a great comedy couple when did performance. Besides, there is a ridiculous huge amount of talent only in these two people. I just can´t find out why there are 52 people who dislike this. This is nothing but good vibes!

Chris K : Ms. Mulvey, spectacular! It also demonstrates the respect that artists of her caliber had for Mr. Borge that they would perform with him such demanding works. When I was in high school my mother (Northwestern Univ. honors music education and piano major), designed a comic solo piano routine with me to perform in an annual school fund raiser. Fun!

russmaleartist : WOW! Two great talents . . . doing obviously what they did the best, but with a laugh -- what medicine for the soul.

Mimi Andrade : made my day had a good laugh,thanks! :=)(July 3,2014.)

ke d : what an entertainer! soprano is amazing as well!

ronit y : Really wonderful voice. Made for this aria. Just pity I can't find her singing this aria "normally"

Jan Dixon : I am so very thankful for these videos so we can continue to watch, enjoy, laugh at, and be in awe of Victor Borge, long after he has been gone. I introduced my son to his talent and humor when my son was in elementary school. He is 28 years old today, and he still loves Victor Borge. We used to watch him together and laugh and laugh. What an amazing and talented man.

pault1964 : See where les Dawson and Shirley Bassey got it from

Classic Vocalist : Good singer Good joker

jeremy goodburn : Superb voice and hilarious accompaniment

Yselin Joconovich : He said : that a smile is the shortest distance between two people not (too as too short it's called two people but tank u so much for this upload

Mike Barnard : Amazing Caro Nome from Marilyn. She has a spectacular soprano voice and vocal range. Brilliant,. Victor is so funny and performs this in character, but I would love to have heard Marilyn perform this seriously with a full orchestra!

beotho : wow. that voice is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johannes Busch : This lady is very generously providing her excellent and precious soprano for this nice joke.

Clive Presley : What talent, such a clever man.

HUDISCOOL : Theses two one are genius !!!!!

Prince Harming : She was such an amazing sport to do this with him. What a voice!

Emilia graça : Tanto talento ,meu Deus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reise Keller : Absolutely brilliant!!!

Karl Hungus : Wonderful! This is a perfect example that comedy need not be filthy to be funny. Victor was such a fantastic musician and comic. Marilyn was amazing and beautiful.

Phil Swaim : I love how he makes a mockery of the making process

Rick O'Shea : Stunning Talent

SUNNY RAINBOW : You mean The Diva Dance Opera, Bob..?? * In reality it´s "Caro nome", Gilda`s aria from GuiseppeVerdi`s "Rigoletto

Bob Glidden : Opera scene of "the Fifth Element "


Spider_hip : I think something like "was that train again" :)

Christian Hankerson : What is that song at 2:30?

SUNNY RAINBOW : ;-) You can download this clip in 720 HD-quality with the YouTube downloader, Len. * It´s a firefox add-on. * Thanks a lot for Your brilliant comment:-) :-) <3

Len Maxwell : I have several DVDs of Victor Borge's work and I love the man and his talent. This clip, though, I've never seen and I missed quite a bit of it because I was laughing so hard I was crying.