Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)

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SethEverman : 1:58 when you love funky tunes but you're dead on the inside

TheYellowBear 3 : Waiting for that Fire Flies music video now lol.

Rat : Who needs rhinestone eyes when you have flashlight eyes

Frosty Blobster : So, Cartoon Network won’t let Ace have sex or alcohol. But he can take LSD???


vinesauce : Can we keep Ace?

Bru Nette : 1st time : What the actual F 2nd time : ok ok, catchy synthesizer 3rd time : Do u dance like this, FoooOoRRRReeeeeeeVVVVVaaaaaHHHHH !!!

superfurball89onyoutube : 2:06 is when that LSD kicks in

Chicho Beats : me recordó temas antiguos <3 grande Gorillaz! respect from Chile

Reviewnivierse : 2Ds having an acid trip, Noodle is baked out of her mind, Russels buzzing on speed and Ace is enjoying sobriety.

Lynx : Ace is killing it

___- ___- : This is your brain on drugs

Badmamajama 101 : I think this song is supposed to show how they all act differently when they're high.

Baraka Williamson : Russel is so happy in this song and now I'm happy.

Hyren : snort some of that good music

NumberOne#1 : This album's music videos is gonna end with a badass knife fight between Murdoc & Ace, I'm calling it now.

Astrø bøi : I don't wanna sleep because I feel I might have just imagined this whole video and it's gonna go away when I fall asleep

Fam Septic Eye : 2D is 75% leg as always

End The Storm : **Priest watches video** Priest: Kinda messed up, but technically not a sin

Brandy Garcia : When Murdoc isn't here to boss everyone

monika kavaliunaite : Noodle with orange hair. Cool

Paul Smith aka ft foxy : This is why people never do drugs when you're playing a instrument

Broken Helmet : I think I've listened to this song atleast over 20 times today...

Cloaks : 2:48 *seeing a new gorillaz music video*

I.am.that.BiTcH . : 2D is on drugs Noddle is dead inside Russel is just doing his thing Ace is enjoying it

Aaron Harris : It happened. We reached Peak Hewlett.

guther the penguin : Huh. We finally see Russell actually in a good mood

Sebastian Bandiola : Who else thinks russel being “too happy” means something about the lore?

V A P O R S E T H : Sounds so 80s , love it

Paul Smith aka ft foxy : I never seen Russell Des happy

Paige : Who loves Gorillaz?

DIGEL _64 : Como es posible que él reggeton tenga más presupuesto?

BigMilky D : Sounds and looks like the old skool music!

Sebastian Rose : this is like the 50th time ive clicked this song this week...

bugabug lewis : 2:26 me when I wake up

DaFuq!?Boom! : Drawing and animation is amazing. But I was expecting some kind of story in the clip. Every Gorillaz video clip had it (except Sleeping Powder, but it was kinda minimalism). I was expecting something more of a Saturnz Barz kinda thing. Where characters would go into "Tranz" bar, accidentally got on stuffy old scene. Lights would turn on, they'd see that there are zombies waiting for them to start singing. They'd be like "well, we suppose to if we wanna stay alive", and so here's a clip, when at the end they'd try to escape the place, while zombies are "zombified" with the song. That'd be awesome. But it is how it is. Cool, but very basic.

alex 9159 : Me gusta más su otra animación antigua

lucas espinoza : Ale si vez esto chupaloo

The amateur keeper : 1.25x is so good

Aron Ívarsson : I think people are misunderstanding the point of this video. The song is called Tranz. It could refer to many thing: Transformation, Transition or Trance. All of these point to 2-D's experience and where he wants the band to be heading, finding his true ego and acting like a true frontman. He definitely wrote this song and gave Ace a huge part with the heavy baseline to antagonize Murdoc. Noodle seems...a bit distant, maybe hinting that she's sympathetic to Murdoc and feels the band has somewhat lost it's identity with him, but plays along. Though she might be just acting it cool to allow Ace to shine in his new role. Russel...guess is in his own world, at least he's enjoying himself after being somewhat grumpy at the end of Humility. This is a direct message to Murdoc while he's capturing the attention of the masses with his supposed plan for freedom. The band has transformed, in transition with it's new album, and 2-D is in a trance after escaping Murdoc's constant harassment. I actually enjoy they went to the regular music video format instead of some huge plot point video to further the story. Kind of reminds me of Tomorrow Comes Today, although much more animated, it is a simple style allowing the band's character to shine instead of it's massive plot. It has become one of my favorites, I for one am relieved that Gorillaz can make a simple video that might have deeper meaning than some huge spectacle to push the plot forward.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Gorillaz should replace their members with gorillas.


JackedPinata 64 : The background theme sounds like a vaporwave of the pizza game theme from Spider-Man

Thunder Strike : I don't know why, but the background reminds me of EarthBound and Mother 3.

Edward Topa : Q. Is that Noodle? Answer: Yes, she only dyed her hair " just for fun". Q. If that is Noodle, why did she looks so gloomy and tired? Answer: She is worried about 2D, cause she thinks he's possesed by something. He doesn't act like himself lately. Q. Where is Murdoc? Answer: he was in jail and he was in contact with Noodle by phone saying alot of stuff about he was hoaxed by someone called "El mierdas", but in the end murdoc was lying about everything. Murdoc was in jail only because he had too much unpaid parking lot tickets. Q. Where is Murdoc right now? Answer: who knows? Meaby dead by a shit flood tide trying to escape from jail. Right now he is Missing in action state.

Dio Drando : RIP Murdoc. May he rest in virtual band Heaven.

Matthrick O : Noodle's giving me a Kim Gordon vibes... thats a sexy ass band

dank orangoes : I miss his mom jeans

P P : Noodle misses Murdoc

keyuu : i really like the drums flashing the trans pride flag and the light Blue, Pink and White subtones in the guitars, rainbow colors, and overall pride colors!