Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)

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SethEverman : 1:58 when you love funky tunes but you're dead on the inside

커비타일러 : *oh man, looks like i got too much of the cool shoe shine.*

Murdoc Niccals : Great track here but the only problem is IT DOESNT HAVE ME.

Youthy : So what effects do you wa- 2-D: Yes

TomPlayzGamez : White eyes: Happy Black eyes: 2d Red eyes: depression Flashlight eyes: ASCENDED

Sid Wilson : 2D has to stop drinking peppermint teas.

twenty øne ducklings : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Slav Star : When the bottle says “take two” and you take three

Sanaa Rapp : I can't help but smile whenever Russel is on screen. I mean look at him, he's having a grand old time.


MEGAGAURDIAN 6629 : Did 2-D take drugs again?

ETTEM : Animator: so gorillaz, what effects do you want on this video? Gorillaz: Drug effect. Animator: What? Is this your final- Gorillaz: *Y E S.*

Send Help : Everyone here is clearly on something. Except Ace. He's high on life.

LithaGames! : 1:51 his eyebrows are russian flags you cant unsee it

The Average boi 97 : T H O S E W E R E N T B R O W N I E S I A T E

Lynx : Ace is killing it

Zackneb : I found Some candies under the bathroom sink.

Riah Reviews : Noodle is so adorable omg

Fem : 2:29 when Gorillaz will be gone for 9 years until their next album but you don't care because you're patient enough to wait

JCRAM 64 : At least 2-D grew one of his two front teeth

CactusTeam : *Wacky inflatable arm flailing 2D: Coming Soon!*

Newby Ton : This is your brain when you have too much peppermint tea

Happy Homie : Do YoU dAnCe LiKe ThIs!?!? 2:48

DFishfunky DKillercontract : Depression.exe has stopped working

ETTEM : Fans will say Gr8 music! Memers will say *This is the effect of drinking too much peppermint tea* Epileptics won't say nothing They will get an epilepsy

NumberOne#1 : This album's music videos is gonna end with a badass knife fight between Murdoc & Ace, I'm calling it now.

lolita furry : Jesus Christ did he take all the drugs

Get the cool Shoeshine : Tranz the comedy tv show coming July 4! Staring.... Green pickles brother cucumber! Lamp eyes ESCEND Dead inside Mac & cheese! And finally... HAPPY BOI HOURS!!!

VoyagerSlav : When your explaining something really difficult to understand but someone cuts you off in middle of it... 02:48

Finngame 2 : Is this sleeping powder 2?

SemiSolid Snake : Noodle looks like she regrets shipping herself in that box

Roaster : I think 2D had too much peppermint tea

ArtsyDevil : 2D is White Diamond confirmed

Dustin Haney : 2ds teeth are growing back, his eyes are white, and his nose isn't flat anymore. Now that Murdocs gone the damage he's done to 2d is going away, Murdoc was probably holding everyone back all this time from being who they want to be

Quiet Mousey : They’re all skinny legends except Russell.

Osmiphos : Noodle? more like Macaroni Cheese!

Anshal Jain : Am I the only person reminded of "Dont Hug Me I'm Scared" by the claymations and all-around 3D weird stuff happening?

Papa Andru : When You mix fuel, metal oxide and metal powder in just the right way, it burns at 2000 degrees Celsius. Hot enough to cut through nearly any barrier know to man. Throw some Peppermint Tea into the mix and you've got one hell of a drug trip.

SUPERNOVA 1357 : I love Russell, he is perfect

CHuBByCaT7 * : 2-D : i can add another? Murdoc : Ok *epileptic music video appears*

PowahSlap Entertainmint : It's not the same without the booty shorts.

Luis Corona Jr : When you take 3 vitamins instead of 2

13th : Everytime I watch this video, feel like I'm on drug. I'm addicted and want more of this.

Zogil Ferobonow : Похоже это была не аскорбинка

Swiss Cheese : Well, he *did* have sunshine in a bag.

Our Founding Liars : Singer has no pupils, bassist has green skin, they’re singing about tranz, aka transformation. This band is halfway through completing their reptilian conversion process. From gorillas to lizards... I guess. Keep asking questions.

the-total boss : I was suffering an anxiety attack till I listened to this and it helped me push through

Just Drift : When you drink a energy drink

Maddy B : Can I get what he’s having

MomoTheBellyDancer : I love how it says "Little She" on Noodle's guitar while the writing on her top says "big." Got a bit of an identify crisis going on there, girl? I especially love it how her guitar is a Gibson Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker. That's some attention to detail there.