Brooklyn Nine Nine - Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way

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Darklight 5953 : "Now number 5" 😂😂😂

zeinawali shaheera : *DAMN NUMBER 3 VOCALSSS*

Gianna Yost : " it was number five, number five killed my brother." " omg i forgot about that part " LMAOAOAOAOOA

Jnr Tui : Who the hell sings backstreet boys while committing a crime

Xx Supreme xX : *casually sings backstreet boys while killing a man*

Avery Lee : Who else keeps watching this over and over

lol ur mom gay : Are we gonna ignore the fact number 3 knows how to sing

〉〉Kuri[MU]〈〈 : Number 5 after getting caught: I regret nothing

Ivy Santos : Number 5 went into that song as if he wasn't the one who murdered her brother

Shame -less : *You’re my fire...😐 “ Number 2 keep it going” The one desire...😶 “Number 3” Believe...when I say...🤔 “Number 4” I want it that way😐 🎶TELL ME WHY🎶 Ain’t nothing but heartache...😐 🎶TELL ME WHY🎶 Ain’t nothing but a mistake🤔 🎶 now NUmBer FIvE..😝🎶 I never wanna hear you sayyy...😆 “WHOOO👏🏾” I want it that wayy...😐 “Ahhh Chills, literal chills👋🏾😀” “Who’s number 5, number 5 killed my brother😡” “Omg...I forgot about that part😵”*

IT Fan : *_I'll kill you that way_*

Colonel Doughy : Casually singing Backstreet Boys while killing someone😂😂

Inez Lok : Free replay button at 0:22

Nyla Scott : "ugh chills literal chills" "it was number 5, number five killed my brother" "oh yea I totally forgot about that part"😬

GreninDead : That is me as a CIA officer just: Me : chills literal chills Lady : number five killed my brother Me (Mind):shiiiiiit that's what we were talking about

Ilham Imran : I hate when people asks for likes Do nothing if you agree

Jake Green : I think Jake on purpose made everyone sing this song to get them all in the moment, that way the killer will use his real voice and not fake it. Even if he didn’t do this on purpose, it worked out very well for that reason lol

*Dead* *Glitch* : I came here from jay from the kubzscout who else?

UrMom Sassy : Season 5 ep 17

-Anonymous Six- : I was brought here by *T H A T D U D E*

Yay Hamlet : It was this clip that introduced me to Brooklyn Nine Nine (and I am now in love with the show) so thank you for posting it!

TDE 44 : I am fully convinced that none of the people who were playing the cons were told what they needed to do and their singing was fully improvised. No rehearsal or anything; those looks of sheer disbelief are too damn good~

Cecania cc : It was number5, because you can see he was enjoying singing the song😂 Music has no limit

rhys bailey : Number 5 got really into it

Cam : Number 3 & 4 are hot. Andy Samberg still looking fine as always, can you believe he's middle-aged?!

appreciate luna : Best part is how they all sound like theyre singing for a group project at school when they sing together

SuicideBunny6 : TeLL mE WAAIIII !!!

Queen Toad Foal : This would SO be me, idk how to explain but Jake is my spirit animal

jazzy ky : Watched this like 20 times😂

Abby G : "Chills literal chill" "Number 5 number 5 killed my brother" "Omg i forgot about that part" LOL😂🤣

tav finkelstein : I’d pay to listen to number 3. Someone give him a singing contract.

shadow dragon galaxy gaming : Slow it down all the way it's Freaking amazing LOL XD

LaRexx : Liked more than original song

Justin Shot : This is how people should convict criminals

Kunal Choudhary : "Oh God , I forget about that part!!" That's was lovely 😂😂

diyana vlogs : For some reason I really like it when number 4 sings 😍😍😍

Cora : Legendary😂❤️✨ they harmonized 😂😱😍

ice breaker : Number 5 thought to himself: If i am going to jail i might as well sing

The White Demon Hunter : TIK TOK, DAMN IT, YOU RUINED THIS.


That One slut : everybody in Brooklyn 99 is a big phat mood

SquidSempaiSama-Chan : Wait what brother and sister go into the same bar?

shadow dragon galaxy gaming : I Never Wanna Hear You Say Number 5 Killed My Brother

emperor sean : this is why i love this show NINE NINE!

Omar Elkoton : Number 3 has some smooth vocals.

Megan D. : I don’t know why this came up in my recommended, but I’m glad it did 😂

Erick Walker : The BADSTREET BOYS!!

Queen Mellobie : Funniest parts when He sung tell me why and they all follows without being asked or when he was like chills they literally chills it was him number 5 he killed my brother OMG I forgot about that part 😂😂🤣

Noob Gamer : "Oh my god, i forgot about that" Can't blame you dude.