Van Gogh's Starry Night painted on dark water by Garip Ay

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John Evans : this guy could probably make the most beautiful cappuccino of all time

Zenith : Paiting Van Gogh's Starry Night while listening to Beethoven's Piano Sonata. HOLY SHIT Is there a scan of this ?

Austin Barr : I love how starry night became the portrait...his art is within him.....

Edward Barber : What's to say that hasn't been said already, truly wonderful. Send the link to your best friends and make their day also.

Алексей Клименков : Это просто мегаохуенно!!!!

Alexandre de Lara : Congratulations, that's fantastic!

Hipper : i know how to draw a square :)

Lone Leøn : This is more than amazing!

pizza pizza : This is amazing!!

lidd thomo : What's the name of the song title being played in the background?

Layla Cordall : From the grand kids wow that is totally beautifully done thanks

Layla Cordall : Nice reflection also is to see oneself as a paintbrush and I wonder at times is this the reason we have hair on our heads lol, as I pick up my broom and whirl round the room or stack dishes or stir pots, all is witnessed as a painting being created of ones life and the part we play in adding colour, emotion , texture and feeling in to it, just saying! Peace and thank you

Pedro A.M. da Costa : amazing . Não Intendo

SirGraveson : this is awesome

TheLoneRedcoat : Hey, thats pretty good!

Daniel G : How did the artist get the painting on the paper without it being distorted?

GOAT WHITE : i used to sell lsd paper acid that was this painting

K Sunshine : speachless ❤

Hyeri Lee : What's the back ground music..

ImAFakePerson : Helal olsun

Paula Anna Maria : Brilliant!


ALEGA : what is the bgm's name? i always wonder

Jamie Sayers : Can someone please explain why he has the first bowl with water, which he then adds the black oil/ink. before moving it to another container. Why not just have the water in the end container... its like when my housemate cooks just using pots for the sake of it :D

Garotte14 : Something is wrong with this video. There is some type of trickery for sure. Doing a very quick start and stop at the moment he is laying the paper down on top of the water, there is a perfect shot if you can pause during the transition between camera changes where you can clearly see the head. The ear is on the same side as the painters right hand and the image is looking to the left just like we see as he is painting it. When he flips that picture up, the image is still facing left with the ear on the same side as the painters left hand. This image should be flipped, facing right, but it is not. Not sure what to make of that.

Perla Barreda : TRUTH First of all OOF. This man is no spoof. Of my intrigued soul, he doth raise the roof. His hair is all Floof. His mustache is poof His mind is so complex You gon need a slueth. 0:17 OOF

RicTic66 : Very impressive. I can't understand people disliking this amazing process, I would love ask them why?

Omega Mega Man : In going to call this splashy squirt water splash

Estrés Creativo : OMG this is awesome, the art is the inspiration of the life, love and creativity. beautiful!

Роман Рыжаков : Концовка внезапная. Я думал, что столько трудов потрачено только на видео.

Kiki : woooww 👏👏👏👏

Eckhart V : Awesome

Layla Cordall : I was just saying....about how it is, the universe being within, to my grandchildren who were wondering and then I started singing starry starry night and then we met you for the first time wonderfully explaining through the picture that paints a thousand words of thank you.

KsuDroid YouTube : КАК? Как так можно нарисовать? И что за дебилы поставили диз?

Coltin Anderson : Moonlight Sonata in C-Sharp Min or No. 14 1st Movement

oguz mil : this is EBRU the turkish name of the water painting art a very long history hundret years ago creatit from the ottomans

yash bhinwal : INCREDIBLE

Michelle Harvey : I had to do a painting in art class in 8th grade and i was terrible

Fath Aja : Why?

D Dolgos : A true Ebru master!

Derick Johnson : Chief be home if anyone needs anything from him(wonderful painting, I'm not Rock scientist but I do believe it mean something hidden in the picture 20 guess what it means (cough eggs for breakfast)

Ruth Zimmer : UNBELIEVABLE! Gorgeous. What an amazing talent he has!

Sachin Lamsoge : it's one the most beautiful things to see u paint this!!! lots of love from singapore

Irpanisme : My God, that's incredible.

João Pedro : BoredPanda, you're a genius, congratulations on painting!

melankolik bohem : It is wonderful

agnes daniella : Such a talented artist!! What a beautiful art...

Kaas Koek : i feel like im the only dutch viewer.... this proves how under rated Van Gogh was its sad if you know his life story...

Tasnim Mohd Hanafiah : This is incredibly amazing. My goodness.