Airforce flying through Brisbane - Amazing!

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Unbelievable view from a building as an Australian Airforce C-17A does a fly by over Brisbane


Spidermansucks : Is this practise for anzac day?

Chikin Noodle : dat bank angle

Dylan Hugo : Surely this is illegal.

Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards : Very cool. Much skill. I'm sure the technical risk is small. But when taking into consideration pilot error (e.g. the U.S.A.F. test pilot who stalled a B52 under 1,000 feet) and wrongdoing (e.g. the Germanwings pilot who drove his flight into the Alps), is this really worth the risk? More than a thousand people are going to die if the plane hits that building. The sight of the plane coming at the building alone could give someone a heart-attack.