My Shoes Disintegrated at Walmart

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c88.rex : My Shoes Disintegrated at Walmart

Puppana : Local news: "Disgruntled man seen speaking by himself and leaving shoe debris all over Wallmart"

iphone player : Have you tried turning it off and back on?

SeSaGaming : Femenism: "Your a privileged cis-white man!" You: "No, My house is falling in on itself, i need shampoo, and My shoes are literally disintegrating..."

hobowithrpg : Walmart ass-blasts the floors with so much chemical shit it's probably dissolving the bonding agents in the plastics of your shoes. Either that or you're a working man like the rest of us "Privileged" folks and literally have to wear shoes down to the leather to save money.

Madam Clouds : Does everything in this mans life fall apart?

Human Dude : The floor is lava?

stylish keyboard man : why is every comment about white privilege

Frenzzy : I feel bad for this guy he seems so sad and his house is so run down, he probably doesn't have an excessive amount of money to pay for these unfortunate events

Saucy man Get the oil : New Alex Jones report, Walmart is now putting chemicals in the floor to eat peoples shoes

Andrewx8 88 : WOW THAT FLOOR IS SO RACIST, IT DESTROYS BLACK SHOES - every feminist in 2017.

M.C. gowan : typical monday

AXLEGREASEframeset : You have no sole.

Am3d3o : Wow. You forgot to buy Garfield!

GloryOrBust : You forgot to but some Clorox Bleach.

SuperWyattguy : 2:50 ow

Not Bad : why the hell do you have chicken mcnuggets in your walmart cart

RandomDudeWalkingDownTheStreet : Is your financial condition okay?

Redknight li : You know you can watch those movies online for free right?

DeyX : Black shoe gets discriminated by walmart

kedves csanád : you are like my dad lol

Khalid Faisal : At this point walking around naked and living in a cardboard box is an upgrade

Chang Zolo : I love your vids but are you poor?

Harambe Jr. : They're putting something in that floor wax bro......stay woke

Royal Hogues : Mama always said you can tell a lot by a mans shoes *forest gump

Kevin042606 : Lol the thumbnail shoe had a fidget spinner lol Edit:wow this is my first time that I hit 103 likes

ღ ᏦᎬᎥᏦᎾ ღ : Hey wait, this could actually be really helpful. Yeah, it dissolves your shoes but.. What if you have kids? You could get rid of them really fast.

Colin Insertlastnamehere : Just so much white privilege

NimmerNomma : His life is misery

Zthulu : Everyone is either making satire or literal quips and jabs about racism and gender inequality and stuff, but I just want to know where his chicken nuggets went

TheVirus3490 : Wal-Mart is Racist

Anonymous person : Its a shaym that your shoes are falling apart... Please kill me

Tyler Smith : Were the shoes bought from walmart

DDD Nzzz : Get your cat to get you some shoes instead of random wildlife.

Zthulu : Did he leave those chicken nuggets in the cart

Okur I’m AJ : I lost count of how many swears there even was.

_marie_ : aw BOB SAGGET

The one and only : *WHAT ARE THOSE*

Dohvahkiin is A cat : do more feminist videos. like if you agree

Widow's kiss : Your mad savage

Ice Dragon : *Takes shoes off* *Feet start disintegrating*

_ِ_ : It was probably *bleach*

Josh_with tha_sauce : Curse much?

Jacques : So this is society rn ?? If your shoes are falling apart you record them ??

BASStion : It's like the whole time your walking you see shoes just like yours on the shelfs.

T T : He sounds like Joe Gatto from Impractical jokers

JakeWithDank : He sounds like a depressed emo in a band

Graveeti : Grab the bleach while ur there 👌

Brennen Shugars Brennen : The real question is why do you have 10 piece nuggets from McDonald's in ur cart?

JuanEnrique Rodríguez Blázquez : I don't feel so good Mr. Foot.