My Shoes Disintegrated at Walmart

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Dude Lmao : Take a shot everytime he curses.

Save Geauga Lake : Wonder where he got those fine shoes.

Clorox Bleach : why is every comment about white privilege

Ryan Miller : Yeah White men have "privilege" what a joke if all white men have privilege why am I a drop out

DudeSpeak : Can you imagine seeing him in the store walking around recording his shoes falling apart? "Son of a bitch" You okay sir? "Shh I'm recording."

Puppana : Local news: "Disgruntled man seen speaking by himself and leaving shoe debris all over Wallmart"

Billy L : Y this nigga sound like the cockroach man from men in black

Human Dude : The floor is lava?

Sally Brack : Why the fuck is this so funny

Jewel Brava : See Walmart destroyed the black shoes but left your white socks fine. That's white privilege.

Famwich : If everyone of his subs donated a dollar, he could live in a better house with better shoes

Am3d3o : Wow. You forgot to buy Garfield!

Zthulu : Everyone is either making satire or literal quips and jabs about racism and gender inequality and stuff, but I just want to know where his chicken nuggets went

Dank Memes Give Me Wet Dreams : Is it just me or does his house look like a meth lab

Royal Hogues : Mama always said you can tell a lot by a mans shoes *forest gump

I can't Think of a Good Username : Fucking male privilege REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

xxx tentacion : What are those.

Khalid Faisal : At this point walking around naked and living in a cardboard box is an upgrade

Steak : PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY! Make your own sandals! Use those god awful fucking woods and vines growing on your house to make your own sandals! 👍🏼like this comment if YOU want to see him do this one!!'👍🏼

c88.rex : My Shoes Disintegrated at Walmart

Redknight li : You know you can watch those movies online for free right?

Lizerdspherex : I bought a pair of shoes from wal-mart. Shit fell apart on me in 3 weeks.

Mine Chaser : *_Count how many times he says "Fuck", "Shit" or "Bitch"_*

GloryOrBust : You forgot to but some Clorox Bleach.

West Side : Nigga you to heavy you squished that rubber to death

SKELETON LORD : White privilege in action

Chang Zolo : I love your vids but are you poor?

MyNameIsChef : At least you still have your White Male Privilege.

The Paranormalist : I bet if your shoes were white, you would've kept them! >:(

isreasontaboo : Notice how there are no female commenters. Oh wait, they're too busy earning top dollar from their cushy homes making vlogs about makeup or feminism.

Red Fox : Curse much?

turtlemannot10 : Take a shot every time he says fuck

Kevin042606 : Lol the thumbnail shoe had a fidget spinner lol Edit:wow this is my first time that I hit 103 likes

xxkillaxx : So this is society rn ?? If your shoes are falling apart you record them ??

Grayson2905 : Watching you walk without shoes was the best part

Below Zero : Why the fucking fuck do you fucking swear so fucking much you fucking piece of fucking shit?

bamboozled : Fucking wearing a shoe in a fucking mall, fucking white privilege

Sky4 The44 : I feel bad for him. Like his life is youtube and patreons and stuff but if that fails then its game over. Not to mention his house is practically falling apart.

Dave O : This hilarious writing, I love this channel!

Johnnyblack3 Reviews : This is a dumb fucking problem to have

Dr. Robo : quality entertainment

Experamental Reactions! : do more feminist videos. like if you agree

Juan Serrano : Why did this nigga carry around 10 chicken nuggets in a shopping cart

Shadow Butcher : Where the fuck do you live? In a bug/possum/spider infected house where you have rednecks for neighbors.

Panda Love : take a shot every time he swears

Tabu bean : Why you so fucking white 😂

TheHalfBlood Princess : Why the fuck didn't you get the fucking Garfield movie

Jordan B : Why is this so entertaining

Tydekan : Umm.. white privilege! You can afford to throw away a wonderful pair of boots in today's economy. What a waste

J M : My only question is how did you find 10 chicken nuggets from McDonalds in a Walmart?