Beaker sings

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FlyingJetpack1 : A me-me was born.

Gildty : My child brain is telling me that these are actual people, but my adult brain realizes that these puppets are controlled by nuanced human hands, and it's brilliant.

Nubian Theologist : I love you beaker <3

K Russell : Very moving.

Aries Lasagna Boy / : [Lyrics:] Mi mi Mi mi mi mi mi mi Mi mi mi mi mi mi Mi mi mi miiiii Mi mi Mi mi mi mi mi mimimi mi Mi mi mi mimi mimi mimi Mi mimi mi mi Mi Mi Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi Mimikimumumumum Mimimimi Miiii mIiiiii mkimmumumumim mymumumimimm (Quiet, thank you) Mi mi Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi Mi mi mi mumimimimmiii Mi mi mi miiii MIII MIIII MImimimmii (ArgehrhL) Mimim mimi miiiii (jaEhhrARRGH) Mi mi mi miiii Mimummuummmmmm (You're welcome!)

mikeward1701 : Still better than Ed Sheeran

David Beard : when I watched that as a kid I laughed myself silly

Gian Luigi : mememeeee Beaker the best

Thebearcat66 : Beaker is THE BEST

ANTS : me me big boy

SeeMyEvil : go beaker! animal so nice to

Mike Clarke : far out beaker, my young daughters name is mee mee,(nick name), and she thinks its about her, nice one

Skyline BIT H. : Damn Republicans!

godaz7777 : very entertaining moment from the [Muppet show]...early 80'

Jey : O0o he can get sum girls wit that

Sirena Roberts : Alexa this is so sad...

avalsifif : my aaaalll time faav

NellsStuff : "Feelings... nothing more than, feelings..." THANK YOU, Beaker, for making us love again...

gingaddict : I was cheering for beaker the whole time!

Emilie Kwiatkowski : Mimiiiiiii

locked in the eighties : Go Animal go !

Foxy cat : good

IEF4 : Sing along if you know the lyrics!

Kurtis Ryan : Poor guy

Hollie Black : Lol at least he’s trying

Batmite TheImp : This is the best song ever : Stephen A Smith brought me here!

tim priddy : I need a lyric sheet

notanfningain : Meep

Andrea mel Murphy that my father : Had this on VHS taped loved it so much it still as good today

Portrait in Black : What a tough job this must be for the voice over artist!! 🤣😆

ZerroTheDragon : Song name?

Axel Carlstedt : Bara låt

wobbly nostrils : LOOOOOOL

Martin Reid : the shows were made in England

Alan George Barstow : This needs to be adopted as the anthem of the soft and self-absorbed 'Me Me Me' millennium generation. Nothing would be more fitting to describe them.

Charles Maturi : I'm having a laugh attack

SubFak : does beaker only learn say miiiiiiiiiiiiii

CatoMinor : Keith Animal Moon...:)

Dora Mijalković : love a brekdeans good veri good

Robert Parsons : Is this the new Sam Smith song?

Rachel Brudenell : couldn't of meme'd it better memeself 😁😂🤣

Tennis19999 : Der singt ja so abwechslungsreich wie Modern Talking.

michaeljfiorito : <3

Илья Кочура : Oh, my gob.

Liz : Meep!

Jim Boland : It’s so bad it’s good! :-)

Joe Platten : lol

Lizayra : GENIUS!

Lachlan Richards : i think mr beaker is on meth