Beaker sings

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Nubian Theologist : I love you beaker <3

AstronomieXXL Production : Mimi mi mi mi miiiiiii mimiii... mi mi mi miiiiiii mi mi mi miiiiiii mi mi mi mi mi mi mi miiiiiii [Hook] mi mi mi miiiiiii mi mi mi miiiiiii mi mi mi miiiiiii

David Beard : when I watched that as a kid I laughed myself silly

Skyline BIT H. : Damn Republicans!

K Russell : Very moving.

ANTS : me me big boy

AppleshyJedi : Animal was so nice to Beaker. That was rather touching.

Captain Fantastic : Thanks, Animal! At least you tried! You should've gone to beat up the audience when they got rowdy the second time!

Peter Clack : Poor beaker! ;)

Ext-Trex-arms : i love it when animal yells QUIET thank you

Gian Luigi : mememeeee Beaker the best

Martin Ortega : So self-centered...

Gildty : My child brain is telling me that these are actual people, but my adult brain realizes that these puppets are controlled by nuanced human hands, and it's brilliant.

Lachlan Richards : i think mr beaker is on meth

DeafKaliban : This is actually quite funny because he only sings "mimimimimi"

darchylde612 : loves me sum beaker!!!!

Mike Clarke : far out beaker, my young daughters name is mee mee,(nick name), and she thinks its about her, nice one

ksjoyjespeace : Animal knows Good Music , so he helps !! (beak-fires?! )

LakituLP : XD lol

makiavelli999 : QUIET!!! lol

FlyingJetpack1 : A me-me was born.

avalsifif : my aaaalll time faav

Miku. Vocaloid1 : good

Jey : O0o he can get sum girls wit that

Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon : Oh my - U sing me.

SeeMyEvil : go beaker! animal so nice to

DJOpaixMusic : me me me wtf

dj jaquin : mimimimimimimimimimimimiiiiiimimimimimjimimim

NellsStuff : "Feelings... nothing more than, feelings..." THANK YOU, Beaker, for making us love again...

Shoinie : OMG HAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAA this is so freaking funny!!! xD Feelings... ME ME ME...LMAO

amazing Pei : Look at this Entombed - Blessed Be / Beaker - Muppets

joeplatten🤑 : lol

Zyntia Van Goth : The best song for all Flamer xDD

Ivan Hernandez : Am I the only one that noticed this is Feelings by The Offspring?

Martin Joustra : Well, Beaker is singing Morris Albert's song "Feelings". The Dutch artist André van Duin changed the song into "File", which means "traffic jam".

Ember Waves : I get it, the song is all about you

Julia Arsenault : What episode of The Muppet Show is that from?

hoorahforsnakes : on the contrary, he's selflessly singing about 'mi' all the way

locked in the eighties : Go Animal go !

bobpeters61 : Hmmm. I guess memories are made of memes.

Lizayra : GENIUS!

LoneWolfGamer : now they made two more user names

dhog41 : Awww...Beaker and Animal....Two of my absolute favorite Muppets. Irresistable.

Michael Büchner : Ich muss immer weinen, wenn ich dieses Lied höre - so schön!

gingaddict : I was cheering for beaker the whole time!

godaz7777 : very entertaining moment from the [Muppet show]...early 80' : Stephen A Smith brought me here!

cynderella1990 : Love how he forgets the lyrics XD

Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff : This guy is legend.

Jon Favreau : mememememememememememememememeememeememeememeememememememememeemememeememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememeememememememememeemememememememememe!!!mememememememememememeememememememememememememeememememeememememem oooooh yaaaah memememeemememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememeeeeememememememememememememememememeememememmeemememememe