Don't Get Scammed by these Pen Websites

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Peter Draws : So, I realize I may have got some of the quick maffs incorrect in places where I talk about the ink cartridges and stuff, but I think it's plain to see, the entire business model of a website like this revolves around waiting for sales, then buying the $5 pen from AliExpress and simply shipping it to the buyer for $50. Pretty smart, but also pretty scummy. Have fun out there, but be wary! I know you all probably wouldn't fall for this stuff anyways, but I just had to make a video because this website was so ridiculous.

Apocalyps : 10:36 *woah woah woah* This one is on SALE, and only for a 7% increase.

Larned Justin : I have a pen that is very chest of drawers and I use it all the time. It's also gluten free on Thursdays.

BlueDash8 : It must all be a coincidence

Uros Smoljanic : "And i speak french"-*reads russian*

ScottTK : *Don't Get Scammed by these Pen Websites* 5/5 good video - картофельный напиток - very good Peter!

5p3ck5 b3nw4nd4 : this video is are very chest of drawers , simply dressed <3

Say What : "There's no such thing as bad publicity" "Hold my pen" - Peter

Adriaan Ater : Passive aggressive and sarcastic Peter is great <3

Nathan Burton : Wow, Ink pen is lighter fluid. Chest of Draws and very постельное покрывало.

Jon Lock : Peter has clearly misunderstood both the admirable indenture and slag-shot of these pens.

Aaron Bratcher : I recognize a square space website when I see one.

carpo719 : There are so many knock-off pens out there, especially when ordering overseas. Anybody can put a name on a pen. I bought a set of Micron pens after watching one of your videos actually, it seems like a good deal but when I got them half of them didn't even draw a straight line without losing ink. I asked for a refund and they ended up disappearing from eBay.

How I Draw : Damn. That's some great sleuthing. Awesome. I could watch videos like these for hours. Thanks for the quality research.

Jennifer Bishop : That was hilarious. $33.99 for 6 cartridges? Maybe the ink is made of gold! lol

cFc FiRe : Very video. Good собаки happening мне в звездах. Much chest of drawers. помидоры. Very satisfied.

mitchell spendlove : Peter Draws: Investigative Pen Detective

spicydorito : Call 👏em👏 out 👏

Bits of Pulp : BIC Ball Point, used, 150.00 dollars. Craigslist

GhoulScout Cooki : 9:36 sounds like one of your wordles 😂 its 4 30 am and I'm trying not to laugh so loud. But dang you went ham dived deep. Good work! We may need another 7 parts to this.

fab.devon : All the reviewers names sound like when Japanese mangaka try to come up with western sounding names -- like Raye Penber, the American FBI agent in Death Note haha

Joshua Knudsen : Thank you Peter. You were given pens by this company and instead of conforming or selling out. You look out for us. That means a lot in this day and age... I speak for myself and probably many others saying "thankyou for looking out for us:) You're awesome."

mike z : This is a good PSA not just about pens, but everything online! It's because of the rise of 'dropshipping' in the last few years.

Natalia Dale : "Here's all the exposure they need" Good job, Peter. I love the honesty here. They really did need this exposure. This video is SOMETHING clip!

Revengence Raven : Hope the guy who contacted you gets shut down. I wonder if they could get sued as well. Good video Peter!

Rustybits : Well this backfired for the dude who tried to promote his pens.

Tom J : I liked this video very much Peter! Keep it up. Slag short.

meestaShin : Hey Peter, this is what dropshippers do. They take products from Aliexpress and then go to sites like shopify to make their own "store". Basically, since sites like Aliexpress don't advertise their products through social media, people make shopify stores and try to make a profit from it. Always check amazon, walmart, aliexpress, etc when buying unknown name brands because chances are, they're just dropshipping.

TraumaER : Create a new channel called _Peter Exposes_

MoralSupport : Peter Draws, please please PLEASE order yourself a Moonman M2 (~$15) and do a review or a doodle with it.

Pleasant Peasant : These people have no shame, can't believe they thought you'd promote them. Not only are they scammers, they're completely out to lunch.

Elio Rose : I hear BIC is making pens now too...I think you can get about 25 for $3 at Walgreens. Haven't had one fail me yet, these could actually last me about 10 years. Official Review: Great contio drawers, relaxed penactins and uptown very gellywan!!!!!!!!!!! ★✩✩✩✩

X Arnett : This was hilarious. Great upload. This was a chest of drawers! 5/5

LeighAnneNight Art : Thanks so much for this! I dedi lately got semi scammed on a 25$ pen that got off Amazon. The quality if it was pretty cheap. I ended going back and buying a pilot fountain pen for 13$ which is significantly higher quality. Definitely be careful guys!!! A lot cheap pens look fancy but are made very crappily.

Piedra Bonita gris : it is a dropshipping website and they sell things from aliexpress to take a part. It is only an ecomerce model


Shelby Hatch : whoa shots fired, good job Peter for the warning. I'll make sure to look out for these kind of websites

Leo's a nerd : THE TEA IS HOT 🍵

Eller Ikke : A time I bought from chinese sister site to Ali express and through Google Translate, the term chest of drawers came very often, I think it is a way to say the quality is very good, but it gets lost in translation...

Jamie Larsen : I love that you did this callout. I never stopped to think that there are places out there that do this specifically for pens. However I know that there are places that ripoff beauty products, purses, clothing and other things like that so I guess it shouldn't surprise me. Just no one ever calls them out like this.

Andrew Knowles : Peter Pen vigilante. Serving up some justice through exposure. Take that pen scammers.

TraumaER : *Thanks for exposing these frauds!*

Mr Lima Bean : Very Video and is Good Aperencia! good Plumin! and what a coming converter. SOMETHING! 5 stars

Barbara V. Collins : Nice video SOMETHING apariencia clip Сделаем Америку снова великой!

Johnathan Carr : Thanks Peter for exposing these shady practices. Maybe one day people will stop trying to scam one another and we can just draw lines. Have a good day!

blindabinda123 : You should write reviews saying how you got them for $7 at alixpress. Lol

Enter a name here : This video reactivarlad my Secas. Thanks!

geckonia : Dude. You’re an investigative genius.

Bammab : I have a feeling the dislikes are by the people that made the site cuz the only type of people that would dislike vids like this are the ones that did it...

Johnny Perez : Anything rated only 5 stars, is automatically suspicious. Comments on anything are always fun to read.