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Clicky Crisp : This is so good, I love it Respect for such clean editing 👌

FRISHR : Thought this would be a Youtube Poop video, didn't expect to be drowned in magic instead.

Phone Girl : A bit of magic! -A bit of magic? It's easy! Say, You think, You.. wink, You do a.. double blink, You close Your eyes... *AND JUMP!*

Heewon Kang : This is the best thing that Youtube has had will ever have, I almost shit myself from the epicness. How can a human edit that well, seriously. Fantastic job!

ruoweii : 3 minutes and 27 seconds of pure satisfaction

Sierra Moore : Tbh this should be a Disney ad

Aali : how can i tattoo a video...

kensdmn : Im an editor and honestly ive never seen so much talent. Its so amazing how you managed to get the perfect scenes for the perfect parts of the song

Beethoven's Baton : IS THIS HEAVEN?

victor maphosa : This is straight up editing porn. There is no other way to describe it

Praying Patrick : 2:30 gave me absolute chills.

S Z : Anyone watching in 2018? Had to come back to appreciate this again!

Olivia Valentine : i hope a couple of the animators who worked on some of those movies saw this, it was really well done and i can imagine them appreciating the eye for transition. great use of the provided colors!

Adrian Huff : The editing is phenomenal, well done!

Finn H. : Anyone hear Its Dare from Gorillaz???

Batzoro : I clicked on this video by accident... I have no regrets.

Night Mazing : Since then, everybody is waiting for Lindsay's next mashup video

gladitsnotme : Lindsay McCutcheon is a GENIUS. She deserves ALL of the money and happiness.

Cellochicita : This is true editing goals! Someday I want to be this good (lol its not gonna happen)

Sunkist Jen : Fan.tasic

Colombian Cat : Disney should *REALLY* hire you

Crem2057 : Every now and then I get stuck in my adult head with the stress and anxieties of adulthood. My inner childhood and my memories of things that I grew up loving, being passionate about, drawing! Animation! Learning! All these burgeoning things that fuel a young mind--- when I watch this clip, I realize in the quiet moment of my awe that I can hear my childhood screaming at me from behind the walls of my adulthood. This clip-- every time I watch it-- throws that door wide open and I get to be a kid again, I get to be re-invigorated by all my youthful dreams and ambitions, my love for art and passion for life. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it because yes it's so well done with the music, transitions, color and points of interest, but it turns something I've always held precious into a breathing work of art that I can take in a single dosage by watching this clip and having my entire childhood returned to me. It breathes new life into me, literally and I can't express how much that means to me. I really hope you continue to make such amazing pieces like this in your future days. It actually would be spectacular if Disney picked this up to use in their World of Color production. I sincerely encourage you to extend this video to them in an effort to have this wonderful work displayed for many more to have their childhoods and magic returned. :')

DeadMasterMusic : Play this so you can get your stream audience pump

simplymaci : I could watch this forever omg

Lilia Chav : Disney rewind

Jack Roeser : Cryaotic sent us

Nuno Silva : From time to time I came here to check the most brilliant edit I've ever saw. To this day I can't imagine the masking work you have here. I'de love to see a screenshot of your project with all the "mess".

Laynalovers : One question. *how.*

NilsOfficial / Low Fidelity : Holy moly!! I'm totally blown away by the quality of this. Great Job! It's nice to see a "pop culture" comeback too

viddergrapho : *accidentally leaves settings at 1.25* Well that was interesting... *switches to 2.0 speed* I HAVE DISCOVERED WARP TRAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL

codde : A few years ago I went to Disneyworld and sure it was fun, but what stuck with me the most is this intense feeling of amazement I had when watching some of the shows there. It was like being a kid once again, one wonder after another and I couldn't stop getting amazed by all of it. Well this video had the exact effect on me, thank you very much for sharing your talent with us, best wishes from Argentina :)

Nova DragonWraith : These worlds.... they’re linked.... cause of us! We all are, and always will be, and always were, the keys of destiny!

Donald Trump : You got my approval boy

Philip Fazioli : has Madeon seen this yet?

Moth Ski : The editing skill in this is absolutely INSANE. I could watch this a thousand times and still get goosebumps. Well done my friend, well fricking done.

Jar of Salt : Been trying to watch all these Disney movies, but I don't know what movie 0:44 is. Anybody give me a title?

Disney babe : THAT EDITING

p u f f 86 : But perfection doesn't exi-

Salt : Pro tip: *JUMP*

Fear me hooman : This made me feel alive again 😁😁

Khoa Công nghệ Thông tin Thái Thanh Tùng : why is there like 1,000 dislike on this vid

Sasha Films Reviews : Amazing video, so how did the transition between kitchen sink videos to amazing video editing and composition skills happen?

honey : Guys, I didn't know God had a YouTube channel.

Mighty Doggosaur : This is awesome! The editing is so complex it must have been difficult great work!

Cloudhammer Royal Guard : Easily one of my new top favorite videos on Youtube. So happy to see someone giving Eeyore some love

just there mills : If this editing was a movie it would be the best movie in the world

Oussably : I created another account just to like this twice

P. Rourke : Lindsay. This was magical. Reminiscent of the Disney Channel montages I used to watch when I was a child. Thank you for this.

Spazzboy911 : GOOD LORD WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THERE? Disney magic DI .....Disney Magic? At THIS time of year? At THIS time of day? In THIS part of the country? Localized ENTIRELY in one video? Yes May I see it?

Madison Nelson : Nice, but not as good as the Flippy Lid trilogy.