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Clicky Crisp : This is so good, I love it Respect for such clean editing 👌

S Z : Anyone watching in 2018? Had to come back to appreciate this again!

EdunchiVEVO : I hear Kylie Minogue's WoW And Kesha's Take It Off

Jwen7836 : Wh... what just happened. I feel like I just got punched in the soul with a magical fist made of childhood nostalgia.

Sunkist Jen : Fan.tasic

FRISHR : Thought this would be a Youtube Poop video, didn't expect to be drowned in magic instead.

Crem2057 : Every now and then I get stuck in my adult head with the stress and anxieties of adulthood. My inner childhood and my memories of things that I grew up loving, being passionate about, drawing! Animation! Learning! All these burgeoning things that fuel a young mind--- when I watch this clip, I realize in the quiet moment of my awe that I can hear my childhood screaming at me from behind the walls of my adulthood. This clip-- every time I watch it-- throws that door wide open and I get to be a kid again, I get to be re-invigorated by all my youthful dreams and ambitions, my love for art and passion for life. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it because yes it's so well done with the music, transitions, color and points of interest, but it turns something I've always held precious into a breathing work of art that I can take in a single dosage by watching this clip and having my entire childhood returned to me. It breathes new life into me, literally and I can't express how much that means to me. I really hope you continue to make such amazing pieces like this in your future days. It actually would be spectacular if Disney picked this up to use in their World of Color production. I sincerely encourage you to extend this video to them in an effort to have this wonderful work displayed for many more to have their childhoods and magic returned. :')

Nuno Silva : From time to time I came here to check the most brilliant edit I've ever saw. To this day I can't imagine the masking work you have here. I'de love to see a screenshot of your project with all the "mess".

Disneyisms : I wish I could like this 100 times! I've seen this video so many times and it never fails to amaze me. Such beautiful editing work! Thank you so much for making this. I'm sure it was a real pain but honestly it's a gift.

Oussably : I created another account just to like this twice

Phone Girl : A bit of magic! -A bit of magic? It's easy! Say, You think, You.. wink, You do a.. double blink, You close Your eyes... *AND JUMP!*

Nova DragonWraith : These worlds.... they’re linked.... cause of us! We all are, and always will be, and always were, the keys of destiny!

Spazzboy911 : GOOD LORD WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THERE? Disney magic DI .....Disney Magic? At THIS time of year? At THIS time of day? In THIS part of the country? Localized ENTIRELY in one video? Yes May I see it?

viddergrapho : *accidentally leaves settings at 1.25* Well that was interesting... *switches to 2.0 speed* I HAVE DISCOVERED WARP TRAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL

Amber Chu : Can you do a how to make this? It’s really good

Happy Place : The editing is phenomenal, well done!

happy tobehere : this was a religious experience


Cloudhammer Royal Guard : Easily one of my new top favorite videos on Youtube. So happy to see someone giving Eeyore some love

Audrey Kavanaugh : Everytime this is recommended to me I always watch it. I don't care how many times I've seen it

Cellochicita : This is true editing goals! Someday I want to be this good (lol its not gonna happen)

Fear me hooman : This made me feel alive again 😁😁

carter diserens : God I wish Disney still made 2d movies. It actuallyales me sad that we will probably never see another one.

JimmyCringe : Somehow this is amazing. This clean editing is surprising me so much.

Madison Nelson : Nice, but not as good as the Flippy Lid trilogy.

simplymaci : I could watch this forever omg



jomar : i was literally about to click away when i heard "its dare" from gorillaz and then i was wait what

kaleigh lewis : You didn’t have to do this, but you did. And I want to thank you for this magic

Heewon Kang : This is the best thing that Youtube has had will ever have, I almost shit myself from the epicness. How can a human edit that well, seriously. Fantastic job!

K VL : Imagine a disneyland ride modeled after this

avtuba13 : Who the hell clicked the thumbs down for this?

Lehmannation : 2:37 best part. Mother nature's movements line up with the rhythym.

metric ton : 1.7k people pressed the wrong button

NilsOfficial / Low Fidelity : Holy moly!! I'm totally blown away by the quality of this. Great Job! It's nice to see a "pop culture" comeback too

Star vs las fuerzas del mal : My favorite video

macncheese : This had to take a SHIT TON of effort man. Very well made

Chinedum Josiah : This is the most beautifulest thing i have seen in sooooooooooooooooooooo long

Professor Bear : When you wish upon a star...

P a r s i f a l : But perfection doesn't exi-

U-endi Serket : My childhood memories within 3 minutes.

RNWNK : I'm honestly convinced this is one of the best videos on this website.

RaccoonPassingBy : I watch this everyday

Rebecca Hardman : Is it just me or is this video all of me childhood

Bernardino Igano : Whoever disliked this probably hates Disney which I think sucks.

bananaisgood : one of my favourite videos, the editing is just so clean and so good.

Madhumanti Karmakar : The best 3:27 of my life 😍

Winster Chesty : I know I've already left a comment on here, but I just keep on coming back here and thinking about the amount of time that was spent editing everything. This isn't just perfect clips put together (which is already hard work) this is going through every movie, getting the best clips from each one, and then meticulously editing each clip by the second so that they all merge with each other perfectly. This is just so much dedication, and it turned out so damn good that I'm actually flabbergasted each time I watch it.

Sarah S : You gotta make a new one with all these new disney movies :D