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Lindsay McCutcheon : Wow thank you everyone for your kind words! This was just a project I did in my spare time to show my appreciation for these films. To answer a few recurring questions: The green lady is the Sprite from Igor Stravinsky's 'The Firebird' segment in Fantasia 2000. Go watch it if you haven't, it's incredible. 'Home on the Range' appears behind the Muse from Hercules playing the trumpet at 2:53. I know I cheated and used a clip from 'Lion King 2', but I needed that clip! I tried really hard to include Bolt and Wreck it Ralph but I didn't want to force them in at the expense of the video. This took about 5 months on and off and I used Premiere and After Effects. The reason I only used movies from 1989-on (excluding Mary Poppins) is because that's arguably when Disney's Renaissance period began, and also because those are the movies I grew up with. I have one other video (A Pixar Supercut) on my Vimeo channel that I haven't uploaded here because I rushed it and wasn't happy with the end result. If you'd like to take a look its here I have two other projects I've been working on for a while and I hope to finish one or both before the year ends. One is Studio Ghibli and the other a secret :P Thanks for watching!!

Jwen7836 : Wh... what just happened. I feel like I just got punched in the soul with a magical fist made of childhood nostalgia.

S Z : Anyone watching in 2018? Had to come back to appreciate this again!

RNWNK : I'm honestly convinced this is one of the best videos on this website.

EdunchiVEVO : I hear Kylie Minogue's WoW And Kesha's Take It Off

Clicky Crisp : This is so good, I love it Respect for such clean editing 👌


yikes! : this was a religious experience

smol bean : When Disney was still good (in the old animations)...don't get me wrong, the newer Disney movies are good, but they don't have that charm and feel to them as they did hand animation...

K VL : Imagine a disneyland ride modeled after this

Prettyfandomic : A bit of magic! -A bit of magic? It's easy! Say, You think, You.. wink, You do a.. double blink, You close Your eyes... *AND JUMP!*

Spazzboy911 : GOOD LORD WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THERE? Disney magic DI .....Disney Magic? At THIS time of year? At THIS time of day? In THIS part of the country? Localized ENTIRELY in one video? Yes May I see it?

AuroraKnux : Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from off of the floor.


Winster Chesty : I know I've already left a comment on here, but I just keep on coming back here and thinking about the amount of time that was spent editing everything. This isn't just perfect clips put together (which is already hard work) this is going through every movie, getting the best clips from each one, and then meticulously editing each clip by the second so that they all merge with each other perfectly. This is just so much dedication, and it turned out so damn good that I'm actually flabbergasted each time I watch it.

Happy Place : The editing is phenomenal, well done!

Audrey Kavanaugh : Everytime this is recommended to me I always watch it. I don't care how many times I've seen it

Vixen Draws : Doctor: you have 3:27 minutes left to live Me: *clicks*

Benji Does stuff : I didn't sign the permission slip for this feels trip

macncheese : This had to take a SHIT TON of effort man. Very well made

FRISHR : Thought this would be a Youtube Poop video, didn't expect to be drowned in magic instead.

avtuba13 : Who the hell clicked the thumbs down for this?

Mozzy & Maryssa : I wish I could like this 100 times! I've seen this video so many times and it never fails to amaze me. Such beautiful editing work! Thank you so much for making this. I'm sure it was a real pain but honestly it's a gift.

Lehmannation : 2:37 best part. Mother nature's movements line up with the rhythym.

kaleigh lewis : You didn’t have to do this, but you did. And I want to thank you for this magic

NilsOfficial / Low Fidelity : Holy moly!! I'm totally blown away by the quality of this. Great Job! It's nice to see a "pop culture" comeback too

AeroQC : *"That was totally WICKED!"* Not a Disney quote, but it sums up well how I feel about the whole thing. Absolutely amazing.


Wendy's : My childhood memories within 3 minutes.

Madhumanti Karmakar : The best 3:27 of my life 😍

P. Rourke : Lindsay. This was magical. Reminiscent of the Disney Channel montages I used to watch when I was a child. Thank you for this.

Whxyte : how many years and this is still one of my favorite things on the internet

alex : my eyes have been blessed, my skin is clear, my crops are watered and my bills have been paid

carter diserens : God I wish Disney still made 2d movies. It actuallyales me sad that we will probably never see another one.

NYCn1nja : I'm FAIRLY certain that if Disney saw this, they'd hire you for promotional purposes. I know I would

simplymaci : I could watch this forever omg

feel ok inc : i was literally about to click away when i heard "its dare" from gorillaz and then i was wait what

Sourest : This has to be some of the best editing I've seen in a while holy hECC

k SMH hcjchkx 9cxrzigxitz : Why did i find this on a cursed playlist

❤️ : Welp now this video makes me wanna watch all of the movies again😣❤

Dragz King : This is a true masterpiece, it is a representation of why we live, why we push on and continue living, we do it to see the beauty and wonder of nature and humanity, to see what we can accomplish and achieve. Life is not just a game of survival to us anymore, it is a test to see how beautiful we can make one thing, to see how we can draw inspiration from nature and others, to see what can happen when we come together to make something that we just look at and love. I thank you, not just for making a true masterpiece, but showing and expressing the reason we live, the true beauty in life isn't what's there, but what we see is there, and you saw a great amount and went to great lengths to show the world. Thank you.

S. S. : You gotta make a new one with all these new disney movies :D

Amber Chu : Can you do a how to make this? It’s really good

Madison Nelson : Nice, but not as good as the Flippy Lid trilogy.

JimmyCringe : Somehow this is amazing. This clean editing is surprising me so much.

Nadiah : Better than YouTube rewind 2016

Dr Strangelove : Yes. Thanks very much for remembering my personal fav Disney movie treasure planet. Lots of people seem to forget it.

Rose *i’mweirdandi’msorry* : Who else was here cause of Tumblr

RednasYo : Dear Lindsay, I've already commented on this video too many times but, I hope you realise the emotions you made millions of people feel, it's pretty damn nuts. I hope anyways people are feeling what I'm feeling because it's awesome. Thanks to Madeon for making the song, and thanks to you for the video. I love it.

Danica Disney : there are times when I just really need to hear this, it never fails to make me smile or even cry. Thank you so much.